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I had met Jerry in an online chat room, he had an avatar of a f******n inch cock. I sent him message asking if I could come bay and jack him off, he sent me directions to his place. When I got there he was standing by his car and invited me to aid him in a task. He promised it would not take too long.

Once in his car we left and as we traveled Jerry offered me a bottle of soda. Not thinking I accepted and had d***k half the bottle when I started to feel very drowsy.

When I finally came too, I found myself tied, spread eagle, to king size bed. Jerry had his cock sunk balls deep into my aching anal orifice. I tried to protest as Jerry slammed deep into my butt.

I tried to get free, but I was too securely restrained, and Jerry's cock wasn't f******n inches, thankfully, but he was as had as a rock and horny as hell. I don't know how long he had been inside my anal cavity and I surely wanted him to pull out and get off my body. For what seemed like forever Jerry rode my butt till he erupted and filled my cavity with copious amounts of his baby making fluid.

Just as Jerry was pulling from my anus and sound from the other room caught my attention. Through the door came a huge black guy, he looked at Jerry and over at me. My face was streaked with tears and twisted in a painful grimace.

Jerry spoke to the intruder 'Hi Doug, work hard, come on over and hit this ass pussy. I've got it all open and slick for you'. Doug said nothing as he walked over to the bed and parted my buttocks with his finger and thumb. Without a word, Doug pushed four of his fingers deep into my rectum and twisted his hand back and forth.

Grimacing in pain I cried out in anguish as Doug folded his fingers clothes and tried to insert his balled fist into my anal opening. Doug snatched his fist from my anus so fast that my anal sphincter muscle ring stood open letting air rush in.

Doug said to Jerry 'his ass ain't that tight, but it will do'. In panic fear, I watched as Doug stripped out of his clothes and was terrified by the sight that I saw. Doug's cock was the f******n inch avatar that Jerry had used and Doug's cock was as big around as my arm.

The bed sunk to one side as Doug climbed up on the bed, I begged and pleaded for him not to assault me. Dough climbed between my stretched legs and grumbled to Jerry 'you always get me a d**gged up bitch with a cunt full of come, but you'll always be my bitch. Now come on over here and stick your dick in the bitches mouth. I don't want him screaming too loud'.

Jerry scrambled under my face and roughly twisted my face and head till my mouth was poised over his semi rigid cock. Doug pushed his huge cock head against my anal opening, I tried ti clench my teeth as tight as I could to ease the pain.

Doug's cock head was larger than any that had invaded my butt hole. With a powerful push Doug's penile glans plopped into my rectum. I started to yell, Jerry pushed my head down and stuffed his cock into my gaping mouth into my throat. My yell quickly turned in to a gagging, chocking, gasping fight for air.

Doug wasted no time as he started to fuck his huge tool back and forth into my bowels. Jerry said to me 'he's in your ass cunt now, you just as well let him have his way. Now make my man happy and let him see you suck my dick like the bitch you are'.

Doug added 'if you don't want me to rip your ass apart you better suck that dick like it's the last one you'll get'. Doug is a huge semi muscular man in his mid to early twenty's, and was riding my butt something fierce. I tried to suck Jerry's cock and as I managed to get hold of his cock, with my lips, Doug slowed his pounding down to a sensuous slow grind.

Jerry's cock responded by firm up, Doug could see from the side of my dace that Jerry was responding. Jerry reached out and took hold of Doug's head and the two of them started to kiss very passionately. sniffing, whimpering and whining I suffered through the most horrific sex session.

When Doug shot his load into my butt, he just laid there, his enormous tool throbbing in my butt.

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