Sex with Gloria...

Troy was fucking Gloria so fast that he couldn't hold back and burst his nutt. He grind a couple of times and then pulled from her butt hole, Gloria rolled off my cock and into a fetal position. I turned over and took hold of Gloria and laid her onto her stomach. She kept grinding the floor with her hands under her cunt.

I parted her buttocks and saw her anal opening, it was winking and puckering at me so inviting that I positioned my cock right over it and as soon as my cock head touched her butt hole. Gloria rammed up and took almost half of my cock into her rectum. She squealed as my cock head slipped deep into her butt, I rode her like a cowboy riding a bucking horse.

It wasn't long before I too shot my load of baby making fluid deep into he behind. I collapsed down on top of her as she withered and convulsed under neath me. Troy was standing over us, he looked at me and said 'let me show how to fuck a bitch in the ass'.

Gloria was so caught up in her orgasm that she barely noticed Troy lift her butt into the air and position her how he wanted her. Troy had Gloria's knees under her b**st, her hands and arms extended between her knees and thighs, fingering her cunny hole. Gloria was moaning in acceptance as Troy poised his cock against her anus.

Gripping Gloria, by the hips, Troy slid his huge cock into Gloria's anal opening. Gloria groaned and grunted as Troy continued to ease his man hood into Gloria's up turned butt. Trot stopped and started to grind his huge shaft into Gloria's butt, Gloria's eyes suddenly came to life.

Her head snapped from side to side, she glanced at me in a frantic plea for help. She raised her head and screamed like some one was slicing into her with a dull knife. Troy pulled his cock back a little and rammed forward, Gloria screamed again and half way through her bl**d curdling scream Gloria suddenly went limp.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and she started to gasp for air, Troy held her hips up and kept slamming into her butt. Gloria was not with us as Troy worked her butt hole, I looked at Troy and said 'she's out man, let her rest, let her rest'. Troy grinned and said 'when I bust my nutt the bitch can rest all she wants'.

Gloria was moaning and mewing like a pussy cat as Troy viciously worked her butt hole. She was grasping and clawing the carpet as Troy worked his huge cock in and out of her stretched anal opening. For the next twenty-five minutes Troy punished Gloria's Butt till they fell to the floor and Troy grind maniacally into her prostate body.

As soon as Troy had emptied his load he laid on top of Gloria's bucking body till he finally raised and pulled from her quivering butt. Troy looked over at me and said 'the ass is all yours now, if I was you, I would plow that bitch like there was no tomorrow. If you don't want it, give me a minute and I'll ride that ass again'.

I started to move and Gloria jumped at me causing me to fall back on my butt. My legs stretched out Gloria scampered between them and captured my semi rigid cock in her mouth and started to suck my cock with wild passionate abandonment. Troy laugh and said 'see the whore likes to be fucked rough', Gloria suddenly grabbed my ankles and powerfully pulled me her. My butt sliding along the floor, Gloria latched her lips to my anal orifice and started to lick and suck my butt hole fiercely.

Troy snatched Gloria back by her feet and said to me 'bust the bitches ass like there's no tomorrow'. Quickly I flipped over Gloria's head and was straddled her butt. I parted her buttocks exposing her dripping anal opening, I poised my cock head against her anal opening and pushed till my entire penile shaft had sunk balls deep into her rectum.

Gloria cried out and started to hump back to me with great f***e, getting as much of my cock into her butt hole as possible. I slammed into Gloria's anus with as much f***e as I could till Gloria started to babble and beg to be fucked like a bitch.

After fifteen minute I flooded Gloria's butt hole and pulled my still shooting cock from her still gripping anal opening. Gloria wasted no time in turning around and licking and sucking our mingled fuck juices from my cock. Troy knelt beside me and Gloria, with out encouragement, took hold of Troy's cock and sucked it as well.
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