Weird Sex With Gloria...

I was heading for the gym when Gloria suddenly grabbed my arm and asked 'want to go to my house and get real freaky???' I looked at her as she smiled and started to walk towards the exit.

I decided that running was not as interesting as having sex with Gloria. Gloria is on the cheer leading squad and as sexy as hell. She had witnessed part of my initialization for the track squad and blacked mailed me into having sex with her. It really didn't make no sense, all the guys in school would have sex with her if she asked or allowed them too.

Gloria did not live to far from campus, it did not take long for us to arrive at her home. Standing on the porch was another young man, I did not recognize him and he paid little attention to me. Gloria walked up to him and kissed him on the lips and said 'ready for some hot fun'.

She unlocked the front door and called back to the two of us 'come on in, we've got the house to our selves tonight.' I looked at the guy as he looked at me and went in, he followed and closed the door behind us. We both stopped in the living room and sat down. I was in the chair he sat on the sofa, Gloria had disappeared into the back of the home.

It was about twenty minutes latter that Gloria reappeared, she was wearing one of her old cheer leading outfits. The skirt was so short you could see the bottom of her butt cheeks. Gloria walked across the floor and bent slightly over exposing the fact that she had on no underwear.

The guy looked over at me, I glanced at him and quickly looked back at Gloria. The guy stood up and declared 'I ain't here for no games, see you latter'. Gloria turned and said 'you ain't going no where, the two of you owe me a fuck session and I'm gonna get what's owed'.

The guy turned ashen and looked at me sort of weird, Gloria continued 'Both of you are alike and I know it for a fact. The three of us are going to have fun my way or I'll tell all I know about you. You leave, your secrete leaves with you. You stay and we will have the best of fun and keep our secretes to ourselves.'

Th guy and I looked at each other, Gloria introduced us 'David, that's Troy. Troy say hi to David.' We both said hi at the same time, Gloria lifted her skirt and said 'I want both of you to come and lick my cunt. Don't be shy, you suck dicks you can lick pussy.'

We looked briefly at each other and both moved almost simultaneously, Gloria held her skirt as we knelt before her. She looked down at us and moved her feet apart and said 'don't keep me waiting, get those tongues working.' Troy and I both moved to her cunt from opposite sides. Our tongues meeting at her cunt slit, Gloria squealed with delight and exclaimed 'damn, that's good.'

Troy and I worked our tongues in and out of her vaginal slit tasting her juices as they began to freely flow. Gloria dropped her skirt and stepped away from us saying 'shit, wait a minute. I didn't know it was going to be that good. Y'all come with me and get out them there clothes, I want my show before y'all drive me crazy.'

We looked at each other and followed Gloria to her bedroom. It was all decorated out in pink and fluffles, Gloria clothes the door as soon as Troy and I entered. She locked the door saying 'just in case some one comes home. Now y'all get out of them clothes and be quick, I don't want to wait.' Troy and I started to undress and shortly we both was standing at her bed as naked as we came in to the world.

Gloria said to us 'I want to see y'all suck each other, you know a sixty-nine. Go on get busy.' I looked at Troy, he was almost my exact duplicate. No chest hair, not to muscular, penis was close to the same size. We both was flaccid, Troy was circumcised and I wasn't. My foreskin moves easily back over my penis glans and could be pulled back exposing my head as if I was cut.

Gloria was getting impatient and said 'David, I saw you sucking and fucking the entire track team and didn't back away. Troy, I caught you with my b*****r fucking you like a little bitch. Now the both of you get on my bed and start sucking each other like crazy or else.' Reluctantly, Toy and I got up on her bed, after a couple of blunders we settled in, my head at towards the foot of the bed and Troy's head towards the head of the bed.

Gloria said 'I want you both on your sides sucking dick so I see.' Troy and I both took hold of each others cock and timidly started to lick the head of our cocks. Gloria demanded 'I want to see you sucking not licking, now do it.'

I pulled Troy's cock to my lips and enveloped his cock head with my lips, Troy moaned softly. His cock twitched and started to harden, Troy sucked my cock into his mouth an began to passionately suck my organ. We both was getting into our oral manipulations when Gloria said 'O. K. that's enough let me see some fucking.'

'Troy I want you to fuck David from the back. David I want you to turn over to your stomach and let Troy fuck that ass.' I looked at Gloria, she turned to her dresser and produced a tube of lubricant. Tossing it to Troy she said 'don't worry David, I ain't gonna let him hurt you.'

Gloria climbed up on the bed and positioned her self at the head of the bed. She looked at us and said 'while Troy is fucking you in the ass, I want the both of you to eat my pussy.' I looked at Gloria as she sat there fingering her clit, Troy was smearing his cock with some lube. Gloria said to Troy 'make sure you lube David's ass hole good. I don't want him to bite me.'

Troy pushed me to my stomach and squirted some of the lube on to my butt crack and started to work it into my anal opening. Gloria took hold of each side of my face and scooted down under me and pulled my face to her sweet smelling cunt. I slowly stuck my tongue into he cunt slit and found her clit. I sucked gently on her clit till Troy placed his cock against my bung hole.

With a steady strong push, Troy entered my butt hole. His slick head popping into me and sliding about a third of his cock into me. I gasped, and as my mouth opened Gloria scooted up so that I had a mouth full of her cunt. Gloria cried out 'OOOHHHH SSSHHHHIIIIT, that's good.' Then she said Raise up Troy I want to see your dick in his ass.' Troy raised up and Gloria seemingly went wild, she started to buck and grind her cunt in to my face in complete abandonment.

She said to Troy 'let me see you fuck that ass. Yeah, that's it just like my b*****r fucked your ass, pop that booty.' Troy hunched into my butt with passion causing me to muffle my whimper of joy into Gloria's cunt. Gloria reached up and took hold of Troy's head and pulled him down to her cunt and demanded 'suck his tongue while its in my pussy, suck his tongue.'

Troy did as best he could, Gloria was now laying on her back, her cunt perched up as Troy and I both sucked and kissed her gushing cunt. Gloria was producing cunt juices like a faucet and groaning and moaning like a mad woman. She kept crying 'tongue fuck me, tongue fuck my pussy.'

She had hold of my head and Troy's head and humping up to our faces with great f***e. Suddenly she let loose a flood of fluid and went almost limp, panting like a runner out of breath she pushed our faces away. After a while she recovered and said to us.

Alright time for you two fuck boys to trade places. I want to see David fucking you now Troy. Toy pulled slowly from my prostate body, I rolled to one side as Troy exchange places with me. I took hold of the tube of lubricant and applied a generous amount to his butt hole and to my stiff cock.

I slid my cock into Troy's butt hole, Troy sort of pushed back until my cock head popped into his butt. Troy gave out a little yelp, Gloria said 'yeah, your butt still sore from last night ain't it.' Than it came clear to me that she caught Troy and her b*****r William fucking last night.

Gloria now shifted her position and was now laying on her stomach. She called back over her shoulder eat out my ass and cunt. I want both of you to eat out my ass and cunt.' Troy and I both started to lick and suck her cunt and butt hole. Gloria was freaking out like a woman possessed.

She had her mid section poked up in the air so that the two of us could get at her holes unabridged. She started to convulsed again and started to tremble all over. After a little while Gloria pulled away from us and got off the bed. She commanded us 'now come over here. One of you sat here in the chair and the other kneel down in front.

I sat in the chair, my cock standing straight up in the air. Gloria came over and positioned her self over my cock and eased it into her cunt. She told Troy 'come lick my pussy and David's dick while we fuck.' Troy came over and as Gloria slid her cunt up and down on my cock, Troy lick my cock shaft and Gloria's cunt. Gloria grabbed hold of Troy's head and began to hump violently till she came again.

Gloria pushed Troy away and slid off my cock to the floor. She turned around and took hold of my cock and sucked it passionately deep into her mouth tell she started to gag. She pulled my cock from her lips and said 'whew, I may not be able to handle all this.'

Troy moved up behind her and started to caress her breast from behind Gloria said over her shoulders. 'Yeah, we ready for round two aren't we.' Gloria found the tube of lube and knelt down with her butt stuck up in the air. She squeezed out a generous amount into her hand and smeared it into her butt.

Troy made it to he butt first, Gloria said wait a minute, David I want you laying here under me.' I laid down on the floor as She climbed over me and slid my cock into her cunt. She said to Troy 'now stick your sweet dick in my butt. I want you both to fuck me. David you hit this pussy hard, I want you to try and knock Troy out of my ass. Troy, I want you to drive David into the floor till I tell you to stop.'

With my cock up in her cunt Troy entered her butt. I could feel his cock as it slid down into hr butt. Gloria gasped and clamped her mouth around mine, Troy started to pound her ass as I hunched up as hard as I could.

Gloria started to whimpering and talking babbling incoherently saying things like 'yes fuck this bitch...bust my ass...ram my pussy...get it all...I want you to get it all.'

Troy was fucking Gloria so fast that he couldn't hold back and burst his nutt. He grind a couple of times and then pulled from her butt hole, Gloria rolled off my cock and into a fetal position. I turned over and took hold of Gloria and laid her onto her stomach. She kept grinding the floor with her hands under her cunt.

I parted her buttocks and saw her anal opening, it was winking and puckering at me so inviting that I positioned my cock right over it and as soon as my cock head touched her butt hole. Gloria rammed up and took almost half of my cock into her rectum. She squealed as my cock head slipped deep into her butt, I rode her like a cowboy riding a bucking horse.

It wasn't long before I too shot my load of baby making fluid deep into he behind. I collapsed down on top of her as she withered and convulsed under neath me.

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