A very savage affair...

A few weeks had passed and no one had seen or heard from Bruce, Charlie or Daniel, the entire school seemed to breath a breath of release. I was no longer looking over my shoulders or traveling with numerous friends.

School was out for some teachers study session, and I like most of the rest of students, was euphoric. I had just left the corner store and was enjoying a candy bar when I heard a voice that chilled my very soul.

'HMPF, HMPF, HMPF, I likes the way your lips wrap around that piece of candy'. Frozen in my tracks I slowly turned to see my three antagonist an arms reach from me. My first instinct was to turn and run, Charlie reached out and gripped my arm tightly and assured me 'break and run, we'll catch you and beat your ass senseless.

Trembling and visibly shakeing, I stood there as Bruce pulled the candy bar from my grasp and my mouth. Damn, Charlie, I show would like to see this bitch suck my dick as well as he did this here candy bar'. Charlie turned pulling me along and lead me through the alley way to an old shed like structure.

Once in side Charlie threw me to the floor and pushed Bruce to me saying 'you heard what my cousin wants, now do it'. Bruce steadied himself and placed his hands one on each side of his hips, his feet slightly parted.

Daniel kicked me in the back and said 'Get on with it, I want see you sucking that dick'. I landed between Bruce feet and slowly raised up on my knees, I could see the imprint of Bruce cock through his jeans and saw his cock as it twitched and throbbed.

I timidly reached up for the zipper that was on Bruce pants, Bruce took his left hand and cupped the back of my head with it. Bruce took his other hand and undid his belt and loosened his pants. 'There bitch, I made it easier for you, fish my dick out and start sucking on it.

I was shakeing so violently, from rage, I quickly reached into his underwear and retrieved his hardening cock. Bruce pulled my head to his musty crotch, his cock twitching as my face got closer to his man hood.

I parted my lips as the musty member brushed against them and took his penile glans into my mouth. I sucked on Bruce's cock as generously as I could, trying to keep him from pulling my head on to his cock and chocking me. Bruce sexed my mouth with gusto as I sucked his rock cock.

After about ten minutes of sucking, Bruce started to moan and undulate his hips quicker. Charlie came closer behind me and snatched my head from Bruce's cock and slammed me against the base boar of the near wall.

Charlie said, you ain't getting off that damn easy, I want a fuck, Daniel said 'yeah that's what we gonna do to, so get them clothes off that dick sucking bitch'. Bruce and Charlie laughed so loud that I was sure some one heard them, but no one came to investigate.

Bruce and Charlie tussled with me removing my clothes till I was laying naked on the floor. I was in a fetal position, my hands cupping my manhood, Daniel and Bruce grabbed me by my arms and wretched them from my crotch.

Charlie called out, 'look a there, David's little dick is trying to get hard'. Bruce said 'I bet you the bitch like what we are doing'. Daniel chastised Charlie 'bitches don't have dicks, just spur tongues', the three of them broke out in laughter.

I tried to break away and kicked at Charlie as he tried to get hold of my feet. Charlie managed to get hold of one of my feet and wrapping it around his waist managed to move his body between my ankles.

I knew what was about to happen and I did all I could to prevent the inevitable. Charlie's hard cock head was sliding up and down my butt crack as I tossed and turned. Daniel gave Bruce my wrist that he was controlling and helped Charlie subdue my feet and legs.

Pulling my feet and legs back over my head, they lifted my butt up off the floor exposing my defenseless bung hole to the wills and wilds of Charlie. Charlie poised his steel hard cock right at the orifice of my rectum and slowly pushed his cock head into my dry anus.

The pain was so intense I begin to cry, Charlie held his cock head with just the tip of his cock protruding into my anal opening. Charlie said to Bruce and Daniel 'since this bitch has this big old clit, I'm gonna play with'. 'Yeah,' replied Bruce 'you played with Joyce spur tongue till that bitch came all over your dick', the three of them laughed.

Charlie roughly stroked my semi hard cock slowly, he spit down on his hand and my cock for lubricant. To my despair, my cock harden from Charlie's manipulations. Charlie would pulled my cock so hard that he lifted my butt higher and his cock head worked further into my anus.

I whimpered 'please, don';t do that, let go, please let go, I don't want you to...to...' 'To do what bitch', demanded Daniel. Charlie lunged and his cock head popped into my aching anal opening. I cried out in surprise 'don't fuck me'. 'Don't fuck me', I weakly said as I realized what I had said.

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