Fall Semester...continued..

Slowly I eased down allowing Chris's cock to invade my willing bung hole. As his cock head entered my bung hole I sighed deeply and raised slowly back up off his stiff cock. This I repeated about four time, each time letting more and more of Chris's throbbing cock enter my bottom.

Chris allowed me to have my fun for a little while, than Chris raised and turned us over till he was on top and I on the bottom. I raised my legs up, Chris adjusted his arms till my legs were were inside his arms. Chris's harden cock was still lodged in my butt as he lowered his upper body down to mine and cuddled me up to him. Slowly Chris begin to have passionate sex with me. Slow and easy did he work his body, like he was playing a delicate instrument.

I felt his thick cock begin to throb and soon a flood of hot fluid filled my anal cavity and seep from around his tight fitting cock lodged in my bung hole. Chris kissed and sucked gently on my neck and chest while his cock throbbed and emptied out the last of his substance, we laid together caressing each other.

Chris raised up and slid his limp cock from my anal opening, his substance following after him. Chris looked down at me and said 'nothing I like better than a tight fat piece of boy pussy. Give me a minute and I'll breed that ass right'. I watched as Chris went over to the desk and poured himself another cup of wine.

I started to raise up and Chris said 'no, don't you move. I want that ass cunt to be well lubed for me when I finish my drink'. I laid back down and watched as Chris finished his wine. When he put the cup back on the desk, he turned back to face me. His cock was again hard as a rock and bobbing up and down as he walked.

Once he reached the bed he took me by the upper arm and my ankle and rolled me over to my stomach. I don't really like being sexed like this, it took away my efforts to keep from being seriously hurt.

I started to object when Chris climbed over my body and lifted me up by my waist. Pulling me as far back as I could go, Chris began to rotate his cock head around my anal opening. I could not help but moan as his cock head worked further and further up into my anus.

Once his cock head had slid into my butt hole Chris whispered to me, 'I'm going to breed this ass like it ain't never been fucked before'. My body trembled as Chris slid his cock back and forth in my bung hole ever so slowly.

Than with warning Chris pulled back till only his cock head was still in my butt. With a savage thrust Chris sunk the entire length of his rigid cock into my rectum. I howled as he pulled back and rammed forward again and again.

I screamed out for him to take it easy Chris just growled back, 'take this dick. Just like the dick whoa you are'. I fell forward and stretched out my legs, Chris fell with me and captured me in his arms. I could not break his grasp.

With the savageness of a man possessed, Chris rammed and slammed his cock into my prostate body. Moving his legs between mine, he kept me from closing them, preventing him deeper entry. The viciousness of his assault caught me totally by surprise and un prepared for his attack.

Chris continued to taunt me with his verbal assaults, 'take this dick, I'm riding this ass now bitch'. I countered, 'Chris, NOOO, take it easy man, NOOO, you're busting my ass, man slow down take it easy, you bastard, take it easy'.

I cried and begged as best I could as this wild man attacked me, it went on for so long that I could do nothing but whimper and whine as Chris rode me mercilessly till I felt his cock explode in my anus and pump another load of his baby making fluid into my rectum.

Chris whispered 'that's how I like to breed a good piece of ass. I fuck it till you beg me to fuck, so start begging , bitch'. I said nothing as Chris started to grind into my butt again and his cock started to harden.

I thought to myself 'what have I gotten into, this bastard is gonna fuck me again so soon'. My butt hole and Chris's cock was making all kinds of wet, slurping, smacking sounds as he continued his ravage attack.

Whimpering and groaning was all I could do as I laid there defenseless to his attack. I could hold back no longer and begin to cry openly as Chris kept up his pace of ramming into me with all his might. His cum and my ass juices flooding out from my anal orifice like a torrent.

Chris continued 'bitch, you better beg my to fuck you or I'll tear this ass up all night, beg me bitch'. I bit into the sheets and mattress and gripped the bed in my clenched fists as Chris held true to his word and savagely work my butt like it was a hole in the mattress.

Chris shot another heavy load of his spunk into my rectum. I was so full of his cum that most of it was flowing back out as fast as it went in. Chris slowed down to a steady grind, deep and tight into my bung hole. His cock soften to a degree that that it almost felt good.

Chris didn't let up and soon I could feel his cock harden again 'OOOHHH NOOO,' I cried. 'Please don't I can't take any more,' I whimpered. Chris harshly 'growled beg me to fuck you bitch, or I'll bust your butt wide open'.

Viciously Chris pulled his rigid cock back and rammed in to so hard that my head shot up off the mattress and I yelled for mercy. My anal sphincter muscle rings were invaded and could not help hold Chris back any longer. His cock was so far inside my rectum I feared that he would do me harm.

Finally I cried out 'Damn Chris, please, please, fuck me baby, fuck me'. Chris kissed the back of my neck and whispered as he slowly grind up into my butt 'now see, that wasn't all that bad, was it'.

Chris continued to grind into my butt as I laid under him moaning and grunting soon his cock twitched and again I fell his seed emptying into my anal cavity again.

Chris continued to lay on my prostate body grinding slowly, he whispered to me 'tell me what you want me to do to you.' I whimpered softly 'fuck me Chris, please fuck me again'. Chris giggled and answered 'yeah, but this time I want to fuck you real slow. Tell me what you think about that'. I whimpered 'yeah baby, do it like you want, I want you to fuck me'.

It was nearly four o'clock in the morning when Chris finally got off me and wiped his cock on my t-shirt and left. I picked up the t-shirt and wiped the substance seeping from my ravaged butt hole as I slowly raised up I saw some thing laying by the door. I managed to get over to it and pick up what appeared to be some aspirins.

Upon closer inspection I found it to be a blister four pack of Viagra,two of them gone. I could imagine where they ended up and how I was the recipient of their results.
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hows your ass hole now
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Nice Story.