Fall Semester...

I had returned to school earlier than required, and had settled back into Grants Hall. It is an older dormitory, full of history and character, the showers were common showers, meaning all the residents had use of the showers. Sometimes we would go to the lower floor or the next floor above. my residence is on the fourth floor of this historic building.

My room commands a view of most of the campus and part of this old structure. Grants Hall was built with a bend to each end that made it look like it was closing in on it's self. I had finished orientation and had met with my assigned counselor and been informed that I was on a list to be a student counselor.

I was in the shower around eight o'clock when a strikingly handsome fellow strutted in. His towel was hanging from one shoulder as he survived the shower area. Our eyes met, he smiled and turned and exited the shower area. Thinking that that was strange, I continued to eye the shower entrance.

The young man returned, minus the towel, and walked towards me. He stopped half way and said 'hello, my name is Christopher,every one calls me Chris, just transferred here from state.' I smiled and answered,'I'm David second year here, if I can be of assistance let me know. I'm in room 411'.

Chris, turned and started the shower, I could not help but admire the curvature of his body. Chris wasn't no hunk, but he was well defined and had an air about him that said I am special. He turned around and I looked instinctively down at his crotch.

Chris wasn't particular hung, his cock was about average and uncut, Chris reached down and took hold of his cock and started to manipulate it. Chris pulled his foreskin back across his cock head effortlessly. That was when I looked up and saw him smiling at at me.

Embrassed I lowered my eyes and mumbled, 'sorry'. Chris chuckled and answered, don't worry about it, I was checking you out also'. I quickly finished and exited the shower area and went to my room. I slipped into my pajamas and started to read on of the many novels that are on our required list.

I was nodding off near ten o'clock, when I heard a small knock at the door. I went to the door and looked out the peep hole, there stood Chris. I opened the door and he asked, 'mine if I come in for a minute, I brought a bottle of good wine we could share'.

I stepped aside and said, yeah, you better come in, there isn't to be any alcohol in the dorm. Chris came in rubbing across me as he entered. I motioned him to the desk and took out two plastic cups. 'Best I can do for glasses', I said. Chris answered, 'they'll do just fine'.

He poured two cups and begin to ask about the campus and what there was to do on campus in the evening. After about a couple of drinks we were laughing and talking like we had knew each other for years.

The subject came around to sex and Chris looked at me and said, 'I'm not gay, but I like to have sex with guys'. I looked at him wondering which this conversation is going. Chris looked straight at me and said, when we were in the shower I could not help but admire how cute your butt looked. I don't want you to be offended, I really want to fuck you!'

I sat there looking at the cup, Chris stood slowly and walked over to me. He took hold of my hand and pulled me to my feet. My head was swimming as Chris moved closer, he reached out and slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me to him and kissed me gently on the lips.

Chris took my hand that he was holding and rubbed it across his cock. He held my hand there as he kissed my lips again. I squeezed his cock and felt it throb in my grasp. I lifted my other hand and softly held the back of his head as we kissed deep and passionately.

Chris released my hand and started to un do his belt I started to remove my pajama shirt and slid my pajama bottoms off. Chris was rock hard and his cock was throbbing against my stomach. I kissed Chris about the neck and shoulders working my way down his chest till I reached his crotch.

With Chris's cock staring me in the face I slowly sucked his cock into my mouth and heard Chris moan ever so sweetly. After a few minutes of sucking his cock and tasting his pre-cum I stood and lead Chris to the bed.

I retrieved the tube of lube from the night stand and applied a generous amount to Chris's throbbing cock. I applied a similar amount to my anal opening and climded on top of Chris. He laid back stroking his rock hard cock, I took hold of his hand that held his cock and guided his cock to my anal opening.

Slowly I eased down allowing Chris's cock to invade my willing bung hole. As his cock head entered my bung hole I sighed deeply and raised slowly back up off his stiff cock. This I repeated about four time, each time letting more and more of Chris's throbbing cock enter my bottom.

Chris allowed me to have my fun for a little while, than Chris raised and turned us over till he was on top and I on the bottom. I raised my legs up, Chris adjusted his arms till my legs were were inside his arms. Chris's harden cock was still lodged in my butt as he lowered his upper body down to mine and cuddled me up to him. Slowly Chris begin to have passionate sex with me. Slow and easy did he work his body, like he was playing a delicate instrument.

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