Sex With Strangers...

In the city, where I attend college, there is a very huge urban park with walking paths that wind through a heavily wooded area. It is possible to walk through those paths and find people engaged in all types of sexual encounters. On certain paths, if you are up to it, you could find ready sex partners at your disposal.

It was on one of those fall nights, when I felt exploring, that I went down into the park. I was dressed for the park, wearing shorts a t-shirt and running shoes. I fitted right in, except I was in the woods looking for dick(s). I didn't have to search long a very handsome fellow walked past me and turned around.

Upon catching up to me has he past he pinched my butt, I grabbed his hand and he turned and walked down a side path with me in tow. We went down till we were well off the beaten path and afforded some privacy. The hunk turned to me and fished out his member.

I must say that he was well endowed and hardening as I watched. I dropped to my knees and greedily sucked on his purplish black cock head. After a few minutes of steady sucking he whispered 'I really wanted to fuck some body tonight'.

I stood and as I was raising I undid my shorts and let them fall to the ground. I turned my butt to him and took hold of a tree trunk, bending slightly at the waist I waited for him to enter my bung hole.

I heard him spit and felt him part my buttocks, next came the cool bulbous head of his wet penis poking right onto my anal orifice. He gripped my hips and pressed his cock head into my anus. I poked my butt back to him and the two of us fell into uni some together.

It didn't take long for him to quicken his pace and soon I felt the warm flood of male ejaculate flood my rectum. With a few more humps and grinds my unknown lover pulled from my butt hole and disappeared into the night.

As I bent down to retrieve my shorts I heard some one coming up behind me, turning quickly I was confronted by a middle age gentle with his cock in his hand.

He said 'didn't mean to startle you. But it seems like you didn't get what you wanted.' I looked at him and down at his cock and turned back to my tree, before I could bend over he was at my back and sliding his stiff cock right into my well lubed bung hole.

He did last a little longer than my first, but not as long as I thought he would. Again this guy picked up the pace and soon flooded my butt with his baby making fluid. When he finished he pulled from my butt and patted me on the hips.

I turned around as he too went off down the path, I watched him for a little while till I remembered that I had my shorts in my hand. It was getting dark so I decided not to put my shorts back on and hung them over my shoulder and started down the path.

I had not gone five feet when I encountered three young guys about my same age. One of them said as I past 'damn, look at that fine piece of ass, come on lets get some'. The three of them caught up to me and quickly begin to feel and pinch my buttocks.

The first one eased up behind me and slid his rock hard cock straight into my slippery bung hole. He told his friends 'this bitch is wet, y'all got to get this too'. I could barely make out their shapes in the dark, the one in my butt was thick and solid. One of his friends held me as he bent me over and rammed his cock into my butt.

The one holding me fished out his cock and guided my head to his crotch. I opened my mouth and started to suck as his friend rammed my butt. His other buddy exchanged places with him so I could orally satisfy him. For about twenty minutes or longer the first one sexed my butt till he shot a copious amount of fluid into my anal orifice.

Once he pulled out his partner replaced him and quickly slid his cock into my well lubed and stretched butt hole. His cock head was a little thicker but went right in causing me to grunt around the cock in my mouth. It took him about the same amount of time before he too flooded my butt hole.

The third one just twisted me around, I braced myself with my hands on my knees as he slipped his cock into my dripping anal opening. You could hear his cock and my boy cunt making wet slurping sounds and his thighs slapping against my butt. Soon he too let loose a stream of baby making juices deep in my by butt and pulled his cock from my gaping anal opening.

The three of them went off high five-in each other as they walked off. I was literately tired and exhausted now and thought as to how I was going to extricate myself from the woods. It was then that two more guys accosted me, one dropped down and started to suck my cock the other one was behind me so quick that he startled me.

His cock felt like a baseball bat as he slid in and out of my butt. I gripped the guy's had that was sucking my cock as his friend rammed my butt. My cock was not getting hard from his sucking, he was helping his partner by holding my buttocks opening allowing him to twist both my nipples with his forefingers and thumbs.

The guy sucking my limp cock had all of it in his mouth and felt like he was trying to swallow what he had. His friend was now grinding deep in my butt as he held me steady, his friend pulled back a little and rammed hard in to my anal cavity. I grunted as he did so and felt his cock throb and ejaculate a strong stream of his stuff into my butt.

I now had six loads of man spunk in my butt as he pulled out. The guy sucking my cock stood up and turned me around, I tried to look at the guy that had just flooded my butt but could only make out a silhouette. The guy that had been trying to swallow my limp cock was unzipping his pants.

He reached around my waist and grabbed my limp cock and pulled me to him, his cock head was huge. I instinctively reached back, to feel his cock to make sure it was real, it felt like I was hold a pulsating arm. He whispered 'guide me into that pussy'.

I trembled with fear as his enormous cock head pushed against my little opening. I shook my head and mustered 'no, no, you're too big.' I barely had gotten it out when his enormously huge cock head popped through my anal sphincter muscle ring.

I audibly groaned 'HHHHUUUUNNNNNN,' as he entered my butt hole and started to work his shaft back and forth. My butt hole felt like it was getting ripped opened, he had hold of my testicles and penis in his grasp as he sexed my butt.

I was now standing on my tip toes as his massively huge cock worked up into my butt. I reached back over my shoulders and caressed his head as he continued to fuck my bottom. 'Please, Please, cum,' I begged as he worked my butt faster, my feet was being lifted off the ground with each thrust of his hips.

His partner was standing off to one side as his friend worked over my butt, it must have been forty minutes before he finally shot his load of baby making juice into mt rectum. My legs were hanging limp like as he emptied his testicles.

Once he was through he let met fall to the ground, on my knees I watched as the two of them walked away giggling to each other. I quickly got my shorts on and ran from the woods and back to my dorm, where I emptied out the numerous loads of spunk from my rectum. I showered and went to bed where I quickly drifted off into peaceful slumber.
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