After School Sex...

It was after fifth period that I bumped into Alan, It was totally by accident and there was no ulterior motive, Alan was a senior and I was in the tenth grade.

Alan looked at me all annoyed and aggravated, 'watch where you are going, dumb ass', Alan said. I looked in to his eyes and sudden there came over me a strange weird feeling. Alan's eyes were full of hate and then slowly turned into a kindness glaze.

Alan spoke 'I know you, you're that k** name Davy', 'No', I answered 'I am David and don't call me Davy!' Alan smiled and looked around us to see if we were attracting any attention. With a determined touch Alan led me down the hall by my wrist.

Like a little rag doll I was towed along till we reached a class room at the far end of the hall. Alan opened the door and as we entered he closed the door and locked it from the inside and pulled down the "test in progress curtain".

Alan pushed me over to the far end of the class room, by the bank of ceiling high windows. He spoke in a quiet sure tone 'we're on the fourth floor and class is in session. No one is going to disturb us for at least forty minutes when classes end'.

I wasn't scared or afraid but I was very well aware that Alan was going to do what he wanted even if I did not like it.

Alan reached out and gripped my left chest and pulled me to him 'I have heard that you can suck dick like a pro, and that you don't shy away from a good hard dick up your ass'. Shocked I tried to remove his hand from my chest, but was surprised to find that Alan was a lot stronger than he looked.

Alan said to me in a threatening whisper 'rub my cock'. Stunned I looked quizzically at him and Alan made it perfectly clear 'take your hand and rub my dick till it's rock hard'.

Timidly I reached out and placed my hand on his crotch and followed the contour of his semi erect cock down his left leg. I stroked slowly on his cock and was rewarded with strong throbs from his man meat.

Alan squeezed my chest that he had hold of with each throb of his cock. Than in his authoritative tone Alan commanded 'get on your knees and suck me off'. I looked at Alan but was helpless to refuse. Alan still had hold of my left chest and his grip was solid.

Alan pulled me down to my knees and I unzipped his pants and reached in and fished his throbbing cock out. Alan's cock is huge, his penile shaft is so thick that I thought it was another arm, his cock head was huge, yet tapered down to a blunted end.

I parted my lips and sucked slowly on his cock head as Alan slowly undulated his hips pushing more and more of his penis into my mouth till I had his entire cock head in my oral orifice. I sucked his cock letting my tongue message the underside of his penile glans.

Alan held my head in his hands allowing me to manipulate his cock the way I wanted. Moaning, very audibly, Alan held my head more firmly and let flow a strong stream of cock juice in to my mouth. So much so that I could not swallow fast enough and gagged on the over flow but managed to get most of his fluid down.

Alan pulled from my lips and cradling my head in his hands smiled at me and said 'meet me tonight at Twelve and Elm my folks will be at a concert and we will have the house to our selves. Don't disappointment me'.

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2 years ago
Very nice, looking forward to the rest.