Beware of Old Men...2

For a week I met the old janitor in the boiler room, on one day I would jack his cock till he came. The next he would make me suck his cock till he comes, it was Wednesday when he finally decided to stick his cock into my bunghole again.

I was waiting in the stairs when he walked by, he opened the boiler room door and stepped to one side. I that was my signal that the hall was clear and I would scurry inside.

I walked behind the huge furnace and turned to face my tormentor, 'drop your pants and bend over that desk,' the old janitor ordered. I stepped out of my pants and underwear and bent over the desk, from some where the bastard smeared a slick substance into the crack of my butt and into my anus.

I gripped the far side of the desk and braced for what was to come, without a word the bastard struck me across my exposed butt with a small plank. The pain and suddenness of the attack caused me to howl and jump up. As soon as I landed I was pushed back down on the desk and he pushed his stiff cock into my butt hole.

Unrelentingly he rammed back and forth into my butt, slamming my mid section into the desk with great powerful thrust. Till he flooded my rectal canal with his substance. As he pulled out of my butt another voice said softly 'keep that pussy just where it's at.'

Startled I tried to raise up, the old janitor just moved to one side and held my shoulders down and said 'come on get in there. It's all wet and standing open for you.'

I could not see who it was but from the musk it had to be another one of the janitor staff. His bulbous cock head was larger than the old man and his cock was more firmer and longer. I could tell by his body movements that he was much younger than the old janitor and more vigorous.

I tried to reach back and brace him away from my butt with my hands, but to no avail could I hold him off. His cock was too long and firm and his thrust sure and true. I felt him come in my butt and not slow down his thrusting and his cock didn't loose it's stiffness.

It was like he caught a second breath and alternated between ramming my butt and grinding deep into my anal canal. My toes were barely touching the floor, he held me firm by the hips and manipulated my hips at his will. The bells sounded there times and then the buzzer, that signaled all students to leave the building, sounded.

It was well after six when the two of them finally released me and allowed me to leave.
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2 years ago
Getting better and better
2 years ago
This one is super hot! Thax.
2 years ago
lovin the storie
2 years ago
Tell us some more
2 years ago
well hot
2 years ago
hot read