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Charlie placed his bare foot in the small of my back and laughingly said 'now you gonna get fucked right.' Daniel knelt over my legs and parted my buttocks with his fingers. Some trapped air escaped and Bruce and Charlie laughed out loud. Bruce said 'look at that, that pussy is blowing kisses already at Daniel', Charlie added 'yeah it's usually after Daniel has fucked that ass that they blow kisses.' The two of them howled in laughter.

Daniel told Charlie 'you can move your foot, this bitch is gonna love what happens next.' I shook with fear and tried to raise my head. Bruce pushed my head back down and Daniel slide his heinously huge cock head up and down the crack of my butt. Painfully torturing my swollen anal open each time it slid across it.

I tried to twist my body away from Daniel's obscenely large cock, but no matter which way I twist I could not escape. Finally Daniel poised his mammoth size cock head right against my aching butt hole. I grimaced in pain as Daniel slowly pressed against, I pleaded and begged as my anal opening stretched to accompany the enormous girth of Daniel's cock head.

Bruce kneeling at my head held me firm, I clawed at his thighs and knees as Daniel steadily pressed more and more of his huge cock head into my rectal orifice. Bruce scooted closer to my head and lifted my face to his crouch and holding my head by the ears rubbed my face around his sweaty flaccid cock and testicles.

My thoughts were concentrated on the damage that was being done to my savagely ruptured butt hole. Suddenly Daniel's enormous huge cock head popped into my anal cavity and my outer muscle ring snapped tightly around around the neck of his cock. I confess, I squealed like a little bitch when Daniel's obscenely large cock head invaded my anal cavity.

With his huge cock head lodged tightly in my butt Daniel groaned softly..'damn this bitch's ass is like a vise, it's tighter than my girls cunt. I'm gonna enjoy this fuck.' Daniel started to pull his massive cock back out of my anus, I had to raise my mid section to counter his action. Daniel then lunged forward sinking another two to three inches of his long massive cock into my bunghole.

Again I screamed out in agony, Daniel spoke soothingly 'just relax and take it, soon the pain will be gone and I believe you will enjoy it.' Whimpering like a little puppy I gripped the mattress and cried into it as Daniel continued to alternately hunch and grind into my anal canal.

Daniel, in lustful ambition, worked his cock masterfully back and forth into my butt hole. My body began to shake and tremble uncontrollable as Daniel slowly continued to sexually attack my defenseless butt. Tears streamed from my eyes and mingled with mucus from my nose and mouth.

In agony I groaned and moaned with each thrust of Daniel's giant phallus. With no escape, Daniel's cock lodged deep in my butt, Bruce rubbing my face into his crotch and Charlie now stroking my legs and thighs, I surrendered myself to being taking advantage of from the three of them the rest of the night.

All through the night Bruce, Daniel and Charlie took turns inserting there male members as deep into my butt hole trying to see who could get me to cry out the loudest and from what position it would occur.
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hot storie
2 years ago
I wish that my asspussy would be used like that I'd luv every inch of cock and load of cum