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I had many encounters with Bruce, Charlie and Daniel during my high school years and freshman year in college. Over time I became used to being used by the three of them. Some times they were rough and cruel,and sometimes they were kind and sweet.

I found out that it was after some of their escapades had went wrong that they were rough and cruel, attacking me viciously and savagely. When everything went well, they would look for some one to have wild sex to celebrate.

The three of them had been in juvenile detention more than once and had found out how to take sexual gratification from other males that they could intimidate, or dominate.

Our first encounter was rather violent and abusive. I was an unfortunate participant and taken advantage of rather savagely. The three of them took my virginity and when ever they wanted more they would trap me and take what they wanted.

It was on a late Thursday night, I was on my way back home from my Aunt's house when I saw the first police car with lights flashing pass by. Thinking nothing of it I continued on my way, when the second and third car came flying by it got my attention.

Looking back the way I just came, I wasn't thinking as to what or who was ahead of me. On the corner was an empty apartment building that was recently vacated. The doors and windows on the bottom was boarded up, and the top floor, of this two story building was still intact.

Just as I turned back around I was startled to see two forms lounging in my path. Before I could react, my arms were seized and my mouth covered as hard as I could struggle, I was still carried into the building and up the stairs to a back apartment.

I had not recognized my captures and dismayed that the two of them had seized me so easily. I was thrown on an abandoned mattress and as I got myself together I realized who my assailants were.

Daniel was by the window, Charlie was at the door removing his shirt, Bruce was standing at my feet kicking off his shoes. Daniel spoke slowly and masterfully 'David, good thing we saw you. Twelve is riding and we can't leave yet.' I asked rather silly 'what that's got to do with me???'

By now Bruce was dropping his pants, his cock rigid and bobbing up and down, spoke 'since we can't leave you gonna entertain us and keep us occupied.' Charlie moved towards us removing his pants, his cock stiff and waving as he walked saying 'understand we are going to fuck you and you better not make too much noise!!!'

Daniel said 'now Charlie, don't be so mean. David's going to let us have some fun, he knows what will happen if he don't go along with the plan. Don't you, David?

I was kneeling on the mattress as Bruce and Charlie stepped up on it. Charlie was behind me and cradled my head in his hands. Bruce stood in front of me holding his rigid cock in his hand and slid his cock head across my closed lips. Daniel said menacingly...'suck his dick, bitch'.

The tone of Daniel's voice caused my to tremble, I had reached up and was holding on to Charlie's hands as Bruce swiped his cock across my lips. The next time, Bruce placed his cock against my lips and steadily pushed Charlie pushed my head to Bruce's mid section.

Re-actively I dropped one hand and took hold of Bruce's throbbing cock and held the shaft in my grip. Daniel again commanded in a harsher tone 'suck, bitch.'

Startled I gasped and Bruce cock head entered my oral cavity, I closed my lips around his thick shaft to keep him from going further into my mouth. Bruce started to rock back and forth, fucking my mouth with his cock.

Bruce moaned and place one of his hands on top of my head, Charlie still held the sides of my head. Daniel said softly 'see guys, all you have to do is let a bitch know who's boss and the bitch will do what you want...

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