What you name it...

Susette and Brenda, were two shemales that would come by the burger joint just before closing on Saturday nights. I would always work the drive through window on those nights and got to know our regular customers well. Susette had thick brunette hair and Brenda was a dirty blonde.

This particular night they arrived just as I was leaving, around twelve-thirty, they slowed down as I crossed the parking lot and called out asking 'are y'all closed already', I smiled and answered 'for about forty minutes, you got here a little late to get anything'.

Susette was driving, as usual and quickly pulled along side me 'you don't even know what we were gonna order'. I smiled and said 'one vanilla shake, one coke and an order of fries'. The two of them laughed and asked 'if we ordered something else would you be willing to serve it up too'?

Confused I stopped and said 'that would be my job, to see that you are pleased'. Brenda chimed in and said 'hop in and we'll give you a lift'. Not thinking I climbed into the back seat and off we went.

About three blocks from the burger joint Brenda turned around in her seat and said 'we waited for you to get off so we could ask you to come home with us and have some fun. I bet you ain't never had two horny girls have sex with you before, have you'?

I answered 'this might be fun but I have to get home before daybreak'. Susette made a quick turn and headed for the other side of town. Once we arrived at their apartment we quickly went into the ground floor unit.

The place was sparely furnished with a blue light on in the bedroom. As soon as we entered they locked the door and took me by both hands and led me to the bedroom. Once inside I saw a huge bed, latter I learned that it was two twin beds pulled side by side.

The two of them had me stark naked in no time at all and had gently lowered me to the bed. Brenda was sucking on my cock while Susette undressed, once she was undressed, except for her panties, Brenda begin to strip.

Susette and Brenda both new how to suck a cock, they were deliberate and sure as to how to manipulate my cock and testicles. They were so good that I was caught unaware when Brenda suddenly pulled on a rope and I found myself spread eagle on the bed.

Fear and anger spread across me as I tossed and tried to free myself. The two shemales stood and removed their panties allowing their cocks to fly free. Both were magnificently endowed with eight inches of rock hard man hood, both their cocks were cut and throbbing as they crawled up on the bed besides me.

Both laying so that their head was at my crotch and their cocks were at my head they instructed me very surely 'suck'. Their cocks across my lips, their lips working my cock, I did as commanded.

Susette moved up and begin to suck my nipples and giggle, Brenda said to her 'you think it's about time?', Susette looked at me smiled and said 'we gonna make you come till we get what we want.' I was more confused know,what do they think I got that they wanted...I soon found out.

Susette knelt by my head and feed me her cock while Brenda suck expertly on mine. It didn't take long before my cock was throbbing and ready to shoot. Moaning from lustful pleasure I called out around Susette's cock 'I'm gonna come'.

Susette dived next to Brenda and they both milked my cock of it's substance. I thought that it was over but it wasn't, Susette continued to suck my cock till I was withering and begging her to stop. Brenda knelt beside my head and stuck her cock in my mouth saying 'all you need to worry about is sucking this clitty, now suck.'

The two of them sucked and jack my cock causing me to shoot twice more, I was now crying like a little baby. My cock tender to the touch and being sucked or jacked and cocks stuck in to my mouth, my hands and feet restrained against my will I was made to come three more times and still that was not enough.

I looked down at my cock as Susette was licking it and could see that it had turned an angry dark red. Brenda working my nipples would slid her cock across my lips and face. Then they would trade places torturing me to no ex tense.

I was begging them to stop when Brenda leaned close to me and whisper 'you ready to give up that boi pussy now?' Weakly I nodded my head in the affirmative.

Susette un did my legs and lifted them over her shoulders rubbing her cock across my anus, Brenda squatted over my face feeding her cock into my mouth. When Susette entered my anal opening I captured Brenda's cock and begin to suck honestly on to her cock head.
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nice story!
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