Trapped by Three...2

My anal sphincter muscle ring acted like a cheap whores cunt and relaxed allowing that gigantic huge cock head to enter my anal canal. My eyes bulked at the thought of what could happen as this huge monster worked slowly in and out of my butt.

All I could do was to open and close my fist with each stroke of his mammoth cock head. The brute reached through my legs and gripped me by the waist holding me firmly as he worked his cock back and forth.

His massive shoulders pushing apart my feet, I was able to scratch his shoulders with my finger tips but not hold on to them, they were just out of reach.

I could feel the bulbous huge cock head as it worked it's way back and forth in my anal canal. Just coming to my anal sphincter muscle ring yet not passing out of it. Then repeating it's torturous journey back into the depths of my obscenely stretched anus.

With a ram of his slim hips the brute slammed into the depth of my rectum and unloaded a strong fierce stream of man spunk into my bowels. Howling like a mad man the brute emptied his substance into me and snatched his enormously huge cock head from my butt hole.

With the gag in my mouth I could only shake my head from side to side in excruciating pain. The second brute loomed between my up stretched legs and smiled an eerily gruesomely smile.

Positioning his equally massive cock head at my now dripping anal opening, he worked his huge cock head into my very sore and aching anus. My outer anal sphincter ring trembling at the thought of what was about to take place.

The bastard slowly inched his monstrously huge cock head into my painfully screaming anal opening,the enormous amount of baby making fluid that had just been deposited made my butt hole quiet smooth, the pain was so intense that I almost passed out. His cock ring was so huge that My anal sphincter muscle ring didn't snap around it, it creep slowly over and down the back of his cock head stopping only at the neck of his rigidly stiff cock shaft.

I could feel each pulse of his bl**d as it surged through the pencil size veins of his massively huge cock. Thankfully he too took his time working his enormously huge cock into my distressingly tortured butt hole.

This tormentor kissed and licked my feet and ankles as he tortured my butt hole. Tears of shame and pain flowed from my clinched eyes as this bastard enjoyed his agonizing torture of my ruptured butt hole.

My fingers were spread as wide as possible from the painful insertion of this new malformed piece of man meat.

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