A Savage Sex Session...

It had been almost a month since Jerome had his marathon sex session with me. From early Wednesday morning till almost five o'clock Wednesday evening, Jerome used me as his cum receptacle.

I had not ran into Daniel, Bruce or Charlie...which I took as being a good thing. I wasn't comfortable being a sex toy for guys after all I am a guy also, so why would I want to let another guy use me as his bitch.

All of these thoughts ran through my mind as I walked home one Thursday evening. As I passed an alley way some one called out 'David, come here', at first it didn't register than it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Back in the alley way stood Jerome in the shadows, I thought about running, but Jerome know where I lived. I glanced around me quickly than went in to the alley way.

Jerome was standing there looking very anxious and nervous, as soon as I was near to him he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me under the over hang of the building. Knocking my books from my hands, Jerome snatched my belt loose and pulled my pants down.

I tried to stop him, he only slapped away my efforts and spun me around and push me over a metal box. He spit in my butt crack and clamped one of his huge hands over my mouth. Fear gripped my as I tried to struggle free.

With his free hand Jerome guided his rock stiff python length of a cock into my still sore anal opening. My cries were muffled by his hand as Jerome rammed his elongated cock deep into my butt hole.

With a vengeance Jerome slammed into my butt not caring whether he injured me or not. For almost twenty minutes Jerome rammed his man hood deep into my anal canal till he finally erupted deep in my rectum.

Panting like he had ran a marathon, Jerome slumped across my back, his mammoth of a cock throbbing deep in my bowels emptying out copious amounts of his baby making fluid filling my guts like they were a vessel for his enjoyment.

Once he was satisfied he pulled his still rigid cock from my rectum and left me sobbing hanging over the metal box. I slowly gathered myself together and pulled up my underwear and pants.

Than I saw Jerome bend over and pick up his "works", a needle and spoon. I panicked when I realized that Jerome was on d**gs. And he had just sexually assaulted me while in a d**g induced stupor.

I said nothing but quickly retrieved my books and backed out of the alley, Jerome looked through me saying something like 'I'll be better next time'.
I ran the rest of the way home and filled the tub with warm water and slid down into it.

My pants and under wear laying on the floor I could see where some of Jerome spunk, had leaked from my anal opening and, soiled my underwear, they were soaked.
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