Surrendering to my Fate...

Jerome had flooded my anal cavity with so much cum it was flowing out from around his monstrous elongated fuck tool and I could feel it seeping down around my testicles.

Jerome seemed to be pleased with the results, without removing his flaccid cock, Jerome laid on my back and drifted off. I could hear him gently snoring in my ear as we laid there.

Jerome took about an hours nap, when he awoke he patiently pulled his cock from my anus and told me to 'get in the toilet and clean your ass up, we ain't near finished'.

I scampered off the bed and painfully walked to the toilet and ran a tub of water. I eased my aching butt into the warm water and relaxed from the warm soothing feeling of the water as it comforted my aching anal opening.

I was there for almost thirty minutes when Jerome called 'alright bitch, I ain't gonna wait all day. Bring that pussy back here now'. I quickly dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist. I exited the toilet and walked to the bed.

Jerome reached out and snatched the towel from my body saying 'yeah, you look cute in a skirt, but now we gotta finish our fucking so you can get home at your time'.

Jerome took hold of my hand, I said 'Jerome, my butt is so sore I don't think I can take you any more'. Jerome smiled and said 'good, I wanted to know how well you can suck a dick anyway'.

My mind went crazy at the thought of having his musty cock in my mouth, especially after he had just had most of it ion my ass. I started to protest, Jerome pulled me to the bed and immediately started to push my head to his crotch.

His enormous cock was beginning to revive itself, Jerome said 'go ahead lick the head no my dick'. I shook my head no, only to have Jerome push my face to his cock. His giant cock head rested on my lips and Jerome moved my head around smearing his seeping spunk across my lips.

'Now go ahead and lick my dick like I ask. Than suck it like I want you to'. I slipped my tongue through my lips and let his cock head slid across my extended tongue.

After a few minutes of having my tongue hanging out of my mouth I decide to go ahead and suck just the tip of his cock into my lips. Jerome cautioned 'watch your teeth, if you bite me I want be happy and if I ain't happy you want be either'.

I stretched my mouth as wide as I could to accommodate his mammoth cock head. His penile ridge was engorged and raised to form a barrier between his cock head and penile shaft.

Once it had past my teeth I could not pull my mouth off of his huge cock head. Jerome slowly humped up into my mouth all the while holding the back of my head to keep me from raising to far up.

This went on for ten more minutes, mucus from my mouth as I was choking on his cock head. Was flowing down his cock shaft mixed with the spunk that oozed from his cock.

Jerome pulled my head from his cock causing my lips and his cock to make a sucking sound as they parted. Jerome said to me 'yeah, you did that just right. Now I want you to lay on your side. I'm gonna fuck this pussy some more before you have to leave.

With a swift move Jerome pulled my left wrist and flipped me to my left side, guiding his huge monstrous snake of a cock, he entered my aching butt hole with very little effort. I groaned out in pain as Jerome snaked his cobra size cock deeper into my rectum.

I could not escape from what was happening, my left arm pulled over my right side acting like a restraint to keep me from scooting away from his assault. One of his legs slung across my thighs, I could do nothing much but allow Jerome to slide back and forth in and out of my now non virgin butt hole.

My mind reeled at that thought of a thirty something year old man sexing my butt like some whores cunt. With Jerome now rigid hard cock buried deep in my butt he continued to ram more and more of his man hood into my anus.

Jerome held me close to him as he turned on to his back, lifting my buttocks Jerome held me up impaled on his elongated monstrous fuck tool. I tried to brace myself bay reaching back and steadying myself with my hands on the mattress.

Jerome raised me up and down on his massive fuck tool, sliding more and more into my anal canal. My feet barely touching his thighs as he worked me up and down like he was lifting weights.

My outer anal sphincter muscle ring felt like it was being ripped apart as it slid up and down on his massive meat pole. I cried out 'Jerome please I can't stand this, I can't take any more, please stop'. Jerome suddenly released my buttocks at the same time slapping my feet from under me.

'YEEAAAHHHIIIIII', I yelled as I sunk down impaled upon thirteen inches of rigidly stiff man meat. Jerome lifted my trembling legs up and started to hunch ferociously into my impaled anus.

Jerome rammed up into me like a savage gone wild till he erupted again filling my ruptured anal cavity and bowels with copious amount of his man spunk.

Turning to his left, Jerome slowly turned us over to our stomach, as my mind begin to understand what was about to happen. I tried to brace myself and prevent Jerome from completing his movement.

Jerome was too strong and turned us with little effort till he was once again on my back. This time the entire length of his man meat impaled in my savagely abused anus.

Like a man possessed Jerome rode my butt paying no attention to my screaming, crying, begging and protesting till he flooded my butt hole once again with his substance.

I could only lay there and tremble, convulsing in painful agony as Jerome emptied his man spunk one more time in to my anal cavity. His mammoth cock expanding and contracting with each throb of his engorged cock.

I never had been so abused sexually like that and shuttered at the thought of having Jerome with his entire length of cock buried deep in my bowels. Whimpering and moaning I succumbed to the thought that until my folks moved from this town Jerome was going to fucking me when ever he wanted to.

93% (10/1)
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2 years ago
Wow i think you are going to have his baby
2 years ago
Sounds like he's got himself a new boyfriend!