A Private Sex Session...

Daniel's cousin, Jerome, was fascinated by the sex session we had. Before we all left Jerome pulled me to the side and whispered to me 'you let all four of us fuck you, you should not do that. Play hooky from school Wednesday and come here alone, it will be just you and me'.

Daniel, Bruce, Charlie and I left Jerome apartment, Bruce and Charlie wanted to take me some place else and continue our session, Daniel wanted to get on with what was left of the day and go make some money(?), Bruce and Charlie reluctantly went with Daniel.

I was glad they did, my butt had been fucked raw by the four of them and I wanted to get home and soak in a tub of warm water. When I got home I did just that, all the while I could not get the memory of what Jerome cock looked liked.

Jerome had spent seven years in prison for something they all did together. Jerome was the only one to get caught and he would not give up the other three. Daniel, Bruce and Charlie took me over to Jerome to show their appreciation for what he had done.

No one told me that Jerome was deformed in the penis and was thirteen inches long. I had never seen a cock that long nor had I ever been penetrated by such a monster. It was another year before I would meet Daniel and Bruce uncle Harry, better known as Horse Dick Harry.

All I could think of each day was being sexed by Jerome and his hugely malformed fuck tool.

Wednesday came and I got ready for school as usual, I left at the right time. But instead of heading for school, I headed for the apartment of Jerome. I got to his apartment about seven forty-five in the morning. I knocked gently at the door and was thrown back by the fact that Jerome jerked the door opened and snatched me inside.

Jerome looked at me and asked 'did you tell any one you were coming over here today?' I silently said 'no, I didn't tell no body.' Jerome looked out the window than turning to me me snatched me to him by my waist band.

'You did just like I said, I had a feeling that you wanted more of this dick'. Not knowing what to do I slowly reached out my hand and gripped his flaccid cock. His cock came alive as soon as I touched it and started to throbbed.

Jerome said 'get rid of those clothes, you want need then the rest of the day'. I started to remove my clothes, Jerome looked in the closet and produced a full slip and told me to 'put this on and go to the bed room, I'll be there in a minute'.

I put on the slip and went into the bedroom, I sat on the edge of the bed for a minute than slid up on to the bed it self as I waited for Jerome. Ten minutes latter, Jerome came in with a bottle of wine in a five gallon paint bucket filled with ice.

he poured two glasses of wine and passed me one, I timidly sipped some of the wine. Jerome looked at me and laughed 'you think I have to d**g you to fuck you. All I have to do is let you play with my cock and you will let me fuck you all day long'.

I trembled at the thought of being sexed by that giant python of a penis, my butt was excited by the thought yet feared the pain that I knew would accompany the sensation.

Jerome eased on the bed and took away my glass of wine, placing it on the floor. Pushing me back and spreading my legs, Jerome started to lick the insides of my ankles and work up to my thighs and cock.

A quick kiss/suck on my penile glans and Jerome was lifting my legs over his shoulder. I placed my right hand on his chest and started to ask for some lubricant. Jerome smiled and beat me to it 'I ain't gonna enter your butt dry, I just want to play with you a little.

Jerome took hold of his enormously long cock and rubbed his naked cock head up and down my butt crack. Each time his massive cock head crossed my anal opening I could feel the pre-cum as it oozed from it's piss slit.

Jerome poised his huge penile glans right over my still tender butt hole and with gentle f***e pushed against my outer anal sphincter muscle ring till it started to give way.

With an audible pop, Jerome huge cock head plopped into my anal canal, I gasped and held my breath as this huge membrane slid neatly into my anus.


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