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Yelling as loud as I could didn't help nor cause Jerome to stop his assault. Jerome took hold of his stiff cock and guided it between my clinching buttocks to my anal opening. With a quick lunge Jerome sunk his enormously huge cock head into my dry butt hole. I screamed like a banshee as Jerome pushed more of his rigid cock shaft into my anus.

I almost passed out from the pain of having my butt hole ripped open, I cried out 'YEEEAAAAAGGGHHHH'. Jerome hunched frantically sinking more of his obscene long cock into my anal canal. Jerome half whispered in my ear 'that's it keep moving just like that, I'm liking this already.'

Gasping for breath I begged Jerome 'please,stop you're hurting me, let me go please let me go.' Jerome did stop hunching into me and start to grind slow and deep into my butt. 'Yeah bitch', Jerome said 'you right I don't have to hurry there aren't any guards here to spoil my fun'.

'When I finish fucking this tight ass you'll be my bitch and have my baby too, won't you punk'. My mind didn't get what he was saying, I can't have a baby, I thought. Jerome continued 'I'm gonna fill you up with so much cum you'll make history, bitch'.

'Your ass gonna get pregnant with my spunk or we'll fuck you till you do, cause i like the way you whine and wimp just like a real hoe. We gonna be good together, just watch and see. Now take more of this dick bitch'. Jerome pulled slightly back and rammed as hard as he could bursting pass my last resisting blockage and deep into my rectum.

At this particular time in high school, I had not had a cock larger than Daniel's in my butt. Daniel's cock was ten inches long and thick as your wrist, Jerome cock was thirteen inches long and his cock shaft was as large as a fist, his penile head was the size of a softball.

I don't think a full week had past since Daniel, Bruce and Charlie had assaulted me in the woods and had sexed me repeatedly. The three bastards, I should have reported them, my pride kept me from going to the authorities and having them arrested. It gave them license to attack my butt hole at their pleasure and make me do their bidding.

Jerome was a distant relative of theirs and had been released from prison only a few weeks when I encountered him. With a viciousness that I had not experienced before, Jerome had his monstrous cock bedded deep in my butt and was riding me like a sex mad bull.

I was hoarse from yelling and crying out in pain, Jerome didn't seem to be bothered by my yelling, it seemed to have the opposite effect and only excite him more.

Maybe ten minutes had passed, it seemed like a life time, since Jerome entered my butt. He was exuding pre-cum something awful, my butt hole and his cock was making all types of wet slurping sounds as Jerome sexed my anus.

Tears flowing from my eyes, I could only make whimpering sounds like a love sick puppy seeking it's master. Jerome had worked his forearms and hands up under my body and had me in a prone full nelson. Both his hands clasped behind my head keeping me from scooting away from his savage penis as it sunk deeper and deeper into my bowels.

With each thrust of Jerome pelvic, I could hear my self going 'UNNNGGGH, UNNNGGGHH, UNNNGGGHHH,' as he continued to sex my helpless butt. The pain was intense and radiating from my anal cavity as each of my inner anal sphincter muscle ring relinquished and allowed his enormous penile head to enter farther and farther into my body.

My thighs and legs were shaking violently from the sexual assault and now my entire body was beginning to respond like wise. I was just a mass of quivering flesh that was speared by a huge meat spear up my butt.

It seemed like hours had passed since Jerome had entered my butt, but now he suddenly sped up his movements and let go an enormous load of man spunk, that quickly spit from around his tightly fitting penile shaft.

Laying there on my back for another fifteen minutes, his huge cock twitching and throbbing deep in my butt, till he had expelled most of his baby making juices.

Pulling his elongated cock slowly from my butt took all of five minutes. Than he moved around to my head and tossed me over and finished shooting the rest across my face and upper body.

I laid there weeping and wiping the spunk from my face as Jerome exited the room. As I tried to get up from the bed Bruce and Charlie came barreling through the door.

Diving on to the bed, they both tackled me around the waist and twisted me about like a rag doll till I was once again on my stomach with Bruce trying to enter my butt and Charlie trying to open my mouth.

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