Two Men Play thing...

Being in high school is no fun, the other students are very vicious when they find out that you are different than they are. Word had spread through out our high school that I had been sexually assaulted by Daniel, Bruce and Charlie. Some believed that it was true others had their doubts, knowing what great lairs those three were.

I made sure that during physical ed class, I would not enter the shower area or find myself alone if the coaches were not there. I hurried and left school when there was at least two to three hundred other students leaving also.

When school let out we had to ride public transportation to get home, school buses were not part of our separate but equal system of education in those days. I had to disembark and walk another six blocks to my home through some of the worst neighborhoods in the city.

There was a storm that was brewing and the sky was dark and heavy with rain, the wind was beginning to pick up, a sure sign that rain was on the way. I exited the bus and started to walk through the streets to my block.

There was two grown men standing between the houses drinking from a brown paper bag as I passed by. There was a bright flash and a very loud clap of thunder that startled me. I made the mistake of running to the only refuge I thought would be safe, I ran head long into the arms of one of the men drinking in the alley way.

One grabbed me, the other said ;'boy what be wrong with you', the other said 'I know that boy, John says he's a bitch boy'. The other on reached down and gripped my butt lifting me from the ground, mu feet flailing in the air.

'Come on let's find out which one he is', said the one holding me. The other said take him back there to the shed, I'm gonna get his books'. I couldn't get loose from my captures grip as he toted me back to the shed. Just as we entered the sky opened and a deluge of water begin to fall along with thunder and lightening.

The d***k that had hold of me tried to feel my butt, I kept fighting trying to get loose. The other one came in saying 'Damn Fred, it's raining cats and dogs out there'. Fred said 'Brent get your ass over here, help me strip this bitch'.

Between the two of them my pants were stripped from my body along with my underwear. Fred still held me up of the ground and was now probing my buttocks with his hands and fingers. It seemed that every time I tried to scream or yell there was a clap of thunder that muffled my cry.

Brent said 'if you hold him, I show will fuck him', Fred said 'if I hold him, I'm gonna fuck him first'. 'You can't hold him and fuck him at the same time, it ain't no way you can do that', chimed Brent.

Fred said 'watch this and learn something', holding me away from him Fred slapped me across the face twice and said 'bitch boy, stop your fooling around or I'll get tough and beat your little ass'. I fell to the floor of the shack whimpering and crying from the slapping I just got.

Fred said 'that's better and lifted me from the floor and laid me across an old trunk. Fred stood behind me. I heard him as he unzipped his pants and spit, no one had to tell me what it was I felt next. Fred spread my buttocks with one hand and guided his old d***k cock between my butt cheeks.

Fred caution me 'boy I know you been fucking all the guys in school so you better let Mr. Fred get some of this little boi pussy, if you know whats good for you'. Brent and Fred begin to laugh, Brent said 'after to day he gonna know what's good for him, some real men dick'. The two of the broke out in a d***ken laugh that sickened the air with their alcohol laden breath.

Fred's cock head found my tight little butt hole with little effort and he wasted no time pushing past my outer sphincter muscle ring. I cried out just as the thunder roared 'YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH, NNNNNOOOOOO', it was no use Fred's huge cock head was lodged into my rectum and he was already working it back and forth.

'UNGH, UNGH, UNGH,' I moaned as Fred hunched into my butt. Fred stopped hunching and started to grind his old man's cock deeper into my butt hole. I cried openly than 'WWWWAAAAHHHHH, WWWWAAAHHHHH,' I cried. Fred paid me no mind and kept up his pace for about ten minute before he shoot his load of d***ken man spunk into my butt.

Once Fred pulled from my butt, I tried to raise up off the trunk. Brent slapped me across the back of my head and said 'you ain't through yet boy'. I cried out 'NOOOO LET ME GO, YOU CAN'T DO THIS,' Brent said 'yes we can and we gonna do it know'.

My poor little butt hole had been ruptured and was standing open and well lubed from Fred's fucking. Brent placed his huge cock head against my anal open and rammed with such vigor that his entire cock shaft sunk balls deep into my butt.

I screamed with all my might from the shock and pain of his violent entrance 'YEEEEAAAAAA, HEEEELLPP,' Brent said 'boi you don't need no help it';s just Fred and I and we gonna help you be a real bitch'. Brent fucked me violently twice as long as Fred before he finally shot his load of stinking d***k sperm into my butt.

Once he pulled from my anus Fred was hard again and entered my butt with no problem. The two of those d***ks fucked me for hours till it stopped raining and than told me to get dress and take 'your pussy ass home, we be waiting here for you tomorrow boy'.

Fred grabbed me as I bent down to get my pants, 'just so you understand, tomorrow when you get off that buss you bring that pussy you call an ass back here to this shack and bend your ass over this same trunk till we get here. You here me boi'. Still crying I said 'YEEESSSS SSSIIRR, I HEAR YOU'.
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Superb story!