A Hard Weekend At School...Epilogue

As I laid there under Jarvis, I felt his huge cock as it twitched and throbbed in my butt. I stroked his head while he nibbled on my ear and kissed/sucked my neck.

I had almost drifted off when Jarvis raised his upper body from my back and begin to grind deep into my butt. His cock started to firm up again and his girth widen. I could feel his huge penile shaft as it took on the mass of a rock hard cock.

Jarvis said from above 'David, you're just a cock slut'. I moaned as Jarvis worked his cock deep into my butt 'HHHHHHHHMMMMM, damn Jarvis don't worry about me, I like the feel of a good hard dick in my butt. I don't like to blow a load until you've been well satisfied'.

Jarvis lowered his body back to mine and asked 'what if I wanted to you to come while I fucked your good ass'. 'Then', I said 'I would not want you to continue. I don't know why, but if I blow my load I don't want to be fucked any more'.

Jarvis said, almost apologetically 'do you think it's because you were attacked sexually so often while you were in high school that you are like this'. 'Could be', I said 'many times I was assaulted sexually and made to endue multiple sex sessions and no one cared if I came or not'.

'Now I like having a big hard dick deep in my butt from time to time and no that my sex partner is happy getting what he wants'. Jarvis asked 'what is your favored position than'. I answered 'I like to be on my back with my legs wrapped around your waist'.

Jarvis pulled from my butt and turned me over to my back and lifting my calves said 'in that case let me make you happy'. I reached up and embraced Jarvis biceps as he positioned his rock hard cock at my anal opening.

With a steady strong lunge, Jarvis sunk his ten inches of rock hard cock into my butt and started to grind so sweetly into me that i pulled his head to my lips and kissed him deeply as I gasped for breath.

Jarvis was so sweet, he took his time and slowly sexed my butt so sensuously and erotic. Jarvis lifted from my lips and watched me as he screwed his rigidly hard cock into me. I laid there alternating wrapping my legs around his waist and spreading my legs wide to give him complete access.

Jarvis lifted m,y legs up to his shoulders and worked my butt causing me to moan and groan as he worked his cock in my butt. Just before Jarvis blew his load he slipped his hands under my shoulders and gripped them tightly and hunched quickly and deeply into my rectum till I felt his cock explode in my bowels.

We laid there nestled in each o0thers arms till we drifted off in peaceful slumber.
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