A Hard Weekend At School...

My room mate, Daryl, had left for the long week end and would not be back till Wednesday night. He and his girlfriend had went to her folks home for the holidays.

Grants Hall was almost deserted, only a handful of students remained on campus anyway. It was late Saturday night, I laid on my bed in the darken room, looking out the window at the stars.

There was a gentle knock at the door, three raps for sure. I sprung from the bed and flung open the door, there stood Jarvis. Jarvis was at one time Daryl's male lover, we met one night and hooked up and I liked the way Jarvis sexed my butt and we became sex partners.

Jarvis brushed past me, slapping my left buttocks saying 'damn David, I thought for sure you had left for the weekend, I'm glad you didn't. I missed hitting that boi pussy of yours. Come on over here let's get busy'.

I closed the door and watched as Jarvis started to remove his clothes. The light from the quad lit up the room just enough for us to see what the other was doing.

Jarvis's cock was standing out like a tree limb , as he lowered his pants. All I had on was a pair of shorts, no t-shirt nor underwear, just a pair of shorts. I shed them quickly and moved back to my bed.

I laid down on my back, Jarvis climbed up and over me slipping down between my legs and gently sucking on my penis. As Jarvis sucked my cock I slowly lifted my legs while holding him gently by the head. Jarvis now I like to have my cock sucked and that once that happen I was putty in his hands.

My cock was stiff and throbbing in Jarvis mouth, he slowly slipped off my cock head and kissed my navel, his huge tongue licking up my body till his lips reached my nipples.

Taken his time, Jarvis kissed/sucked each one till I was squirming beneath his manipulations. Lifting my legs up by my thighs Jarvis positioned his rock hard cock at my anal entranced. I moaned in anticipation as Jarvis slowly grind his rubbery hard cock head against my pucker anal opening.

I gasped frantically 'Jarvis, wait, let me get some lube down there', 'hurry up', whispered Jarvis as he kissed gently at my lips. I reached over and retrieved my tube of lubricant and applied a generous amount to my horny little butt hole.

Squeezing an equal amount in my hand I stroked Jarvis rigidly hard cock as I applied the lubricant to his fuck tool. Once Jarvis tool was sufficiently lubed I guided his cock head to my anticipating anal opening.

Seating the head of Jarvis massive cock at my butt hole I took hold of Jarvis sides and held on to him as he slowly entered my anal cavity. Slowly and steady Jarvis eased into my anal canal, slipping past my outer anal sphincter muscle ring, letting it slip over his cock ridge and closing around it as his cock head entered my fuck tube.

I gasp short quick breaths as Jarvis sunk his huge fuck tool deeper into my willing butt. Once Jarvis had sunk his entire ten inches into my butt I slid my hands up to his shoulders and pulled him closer to me kissing his chest as he hunched into my body.

I really liked the way that Jarvis would take his time sexing my body allowing me to get all built up and than slowly taking advantage of my lust. Moaning so softly I cried in his ear 'OOOHH Jarvis, damn you're good', Jarvis whispered 'this pussy makes me good'.

Grunting like a pig I tried to hunch up to meet his thrust 'UUUNNGGHUH,UUUNGGHUHH, get that pussy baby, get like you want it', I moaned in to his shoulder. Jarvis worked his man meat like he had all night, lust had taken over me and all I wanted was to have Jarvis deep in my butt.

After nearly an hour of us tangled up, me on my back, my legs wrapped around the trunk of Jarvis body, Jarvis pulled from my horny butt and rolled me over to my stomach. I gathered my pillows and blankets and stuffed them beneath me lifting my butt higher into the air, giving Jarvis an easy entrance angle.

I spread my legs and trembled as Jarvis re-entered my anal canal, I stretched my arms out and gripped the end of the mattress as Jarvis worked his cock in and out of my butt.

Jarvis slipped his hands under my chest and twisted my nipples in his fingers driving me crazy with lust. For another hour Jarvis sexed my butt like this all the time I was whimpering like a little puppy from his administrations till I felt his cock throb deep in my bowels and Jarvis unleashed a torrent of baby making fluid flooding my innards with his substance.

I reached up and took his head in my hands as Jarvis sucked gently on my neck and ears emptying out all his man spunk into my anal cum receptacle. I laid there thinking 'boy this is going to be a great weekend after all'.

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2 years ago
Good, but bottom never gets to blow a load.... poor thing..... Jarvis and others need to serve the boy better by letting him cum as well.....