I can't believe this happened...but it did!!!

I was in a group session and it came my time to till of my experiences. I introduced myself and begin to talk:

'Hello I am David and I'm here because I was gang (sexed) by three high school bullies that started an event of sexual contact that lasted well past college.'
{I had to use "sexed" instead of ****d so that the censors would not ****it out}
I went on to tell in explicit detail as to how I was sexually assaulted and how many times it was done by more than one guy. I did not know at the time that there was one guy present that had other interest on mind.

As the meeting broke up and we left the hall, one of the guys that were present asked if I needed a lift home. He introduced himself 'Hi I'm Thomas and has just started attending, may I offer you a ride home. I want to know how I am to respond when it's my time to speak'.

At first I thought better of it, but I came here to find others that was sensitive to similar plights and be able to come to terms with what had happen to me.

As we left Thomas told me of his particular plight...'I heard you as you told of bring attacked by those three hoodlums and what they put you through. I want you to know, David, that that should not have happen to you'. I replied 'thanks, but I've come to grips with it and have found ways to deal with the residual effects'.

'Oh', Thomas said 'and what residual effects are you referring to'. I looked at him as he kept his eyes on the road and said 'I don't think that I should say anything about that out side of group...'. Thomas cut me off 'don't worry, what ever we discuss here want be repeated in group or to any one else'.

'Well, I'll just say this', I begin 'there are times that I crave to be taken advantage of and I go searching for guys to have sex with. Some times it works out fine and other times it get's dangerous and I have to do what I don't want to'.

Thomas looked at me and said 'my, my, that's a damn shame. You mean guys actually makes you have sex with them or make you suck their dicks'. I was getting uneasy and tried to change the subject 'you need to take the next left and go down three streets to my home'.

Thomas looked at me and went past the turn I asked him 'didn't you here what I said, you missed my turn, you need to go back'. Thomas lifted his hand from the side of his seat and laid a hand gun in his lap 'I didn't miss no turn we going into the country and you gonna give up that ass, right'.

I panic and tried to open the door, the handle didn't work. I tried to lower the window, Thomas laughed and said 'do as I say and I want hurt you, just fuck you and give you a ride back. Don't do what I say and you will have a long walk'.

I thought my life was over as we drove out into an apple orchard. Thomas looked at me and said 'no one is working the orchard this time of year so we should not be disturbed'. Thomas drove deeper into the orchard and stopped the car.

'Alright David, come out this side. Do as I say and we can have fun', Thomas said. I slid across the seat as he exit the car and stood there waiting as he went to the trunk 'David, come back here with me, hurry up, I don't like repeating myself'.

When I reached the rear of the car Thomas step away from it and the trunk popped open 'take out that sl**ping bag and blankets spread them on the ground than get naked. My problem is I just like to take boi pussy when it;'s available'.

I did as asked and Thomas said 'get on your knees with you ass in the air'. The air wasn't cold but I felt really undressed out in the middle of nowhere. Thomas moved behind me, he tossed his pants to my left and suddenly I felt his hand as he spread a gel between my buttocks and inserted two fingers into my bung hole.

Thomas crouched behind me straddling my butt, Thomas slid his cock head through the crack of my buttocks. I could tell that his cock was huge by the feel of his cock head. When he poised it over my anus I trembled at the thought that my butt was going to ruptured out in the open like this.

With a steady pressure, Thomas entered my butt hole and started to fuck my ass with slow deliberate motions. I groaned as his huge cock head entered my butt hole, it had been almost a year since I had some one enter my anal canal.

Thomas said 'boy you are tight, you don't get fucked much do you? I knew that you would be the one as soon as you open your mouth. I just had to have this ass'. I gripped hold of the blankets and sl**ping bag as Thomas worked his cock in and out of my butt. This was a first, I don't think I can remember anyone crouching over my butt and sexing me in such a fashion.

Thomas didn't miss a stroke as he worked my upturned butt 'David, I like this ass it's tight and gripping me like it wants a dick in it. I think I'll lay you down and fuck you right'.

Thomas pulled from my butt and took his foot and pushed me down to the mat, kicking my feet apart Thomas knelt between my thighs and pressing his pistol flat between my shoulder blades he guided his rigid cock into my butt hole with his free hand.

With a ferocity that he had not yet shown, Thomas attacked my prostrate body like a man possessed. Slamming into my butt so hard that I was nailed to the ground as he fucked me so savagely that I cried out like a a****l in the wild.

Thomas had as much of his cock buried into my butt as he could and worked it for twenty minutes before he let loose a stream of baby making fluid that flooded my anal cavity and gushed out around his huge cock.

Thomas laid on top of me grinding into me for a few minute before getting up. Grabbing his pants and tossing them into the trunk, Thomas retrieve a pair of shorts and slipped into them. He looked at me and said 'get dress or I'll leave you here'.

Quickly I dressed myself as Thomas tossed our make shift bed into the trunk 'get in on the passenger side and be quick about it', Thomas commanded. I walked around the rear of the car, to get a good look at his plates, he had a drive out tag.

I tried the door and it opened easily, Thomas got into the drivers seat and we drove back into town. Not the same road but another one that came through the warehouse district.

Thomas pulled over and ordered me 'you get out here, the bus will be coming around the corner in a few minutes. I said 'the door want open', Thomas said 'you ain't tried it'. I reached over and opened the door, I got out and Thomas tossed me a couple of folded bills and some change 'that's your bus fare, and something for the ass'.

Thomas drove off as I bent down to pick up the money, the door slam shut as he weaved down the street and around the corner there came the bus which stopped right in front of me. There was a dollar and fifty cents for the bus and fifty dollars in folded bills.
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2 years ago
Good Story......
2 years ago
im sorry this happened to you but its really hot
2 years ago
I love your stories...