Sex With Friends...4

Doug pressed my thighs back to the trunk of my body lifting my buttocks up from the mattress, Doug positioned his steel hard cock to my anal canal opening and slowly slid his cock head up and down my butt crack till his rigid cock found my anus.

With a steady, firm and continuous push Doug entered my now well lubed anal cavity once again. My butt hole was so tender that the pain was of such intensity that I could only managed to open my mouth and gasp in very short burst, for breath.

Doug continued to slowly enter my anus, pushing three quarters of his steel hard cock into my rectum. Than slower than he entered, Doug pulled most of his cock from my anus and re-entered, this time sinking balls deep into my rectum.

I gripped frantically at Doug's shoulders and back as he once again repeated his previous movement. My eyes were bucked wide as Doug repeated his movements time after time, I could see my toes as they opened and closed as if gripping on to some unseen passage.

After numerous repetitions of his previous movement, Doug lowered his lips to my gasping parted lips and kissed them gently. Softly Doug muttered 'see this is how good pussy should be treated. Damn your ass feel like a velvet glove clutching my dick'.

I could feel my anal muscle gripping Doug's massive cock shaft, as his cock head rotate inside my bowels like a huge ball brushing across my inner sphincter muscle ring as it struggle to keep from admitting him entrance to my inner sanctum.

Doug could feel his cock head as it passed over my puckering inner anal sphincter anal opening and would press harder each time his cock head sensed the opening causing his huge penile glans slipped off of the entrance way.

As Doug continued to grind deeper and harder into my guts, I knew it would only be a matter of seconds before his enormously hard cock would enter my deepest orifice.

Doug's huge tongue explored my mouth playing tag with my tongue till he captured it in his sucking lips. Pulling my tongue deep into his mouth Doug pulled back an slammed through my inner anal sphincter muscle ring. I opened my mouth and cried out in an agonizing silence cry as Doug's massive cock head invaded my last anal refuge.

The heels of my feet drummed into Doug's hips as he grind his cock in my butt, my hands grasping frantically at the close cropped hair of his head as he passionately kissed my opened mouth.

Doug took his sweet time sexing my butt just like he said, slow, easy and steady...


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