Sex Among Friends...

Brain is a guy that worked at the same burger joint that I worked, his friend Doug was nothing but a hustler. He always had some scheme to make money or trick some one out of something.

One evening as Brain and I was leaving work, Doug showed up and asked if we wanted to hang out for a while. Following Brain's lead I went along with them to Doug's home. Once inside Doug offered us some punch and begin to tell us about how much money he had made during the day while Brain and I was at work.

'Man I made two hundred dollars before lunch today', Dough begin. 'Those old guys was a buying these little blue pills like they were candy'. Brain asked Doug 'what pills are you trying to sell'? Doug dropped three pills on the table and said 'take one and see what happens'?

Brain picked up one of the pills and popped it in his mouth and swallowed a drink of punch to wash it down. I watched to see if there was any adverse action to Brain. There appeared to be none but I still waited.

Doug came over and sat beside me and asked 'are you a pussy boy, scared to try new things'? I looked at him and answered 'hell no, I ain't scared to try new things'! Doug replied 'I took four of those pills just before I came to get you and Brain, I wanted to see which one of you was a pussy boy'.

'Look at Brain see how his cock is getting hard, he wants to fuck. Look at my cock it's hard already and I'm gonna fuck'. Doug stood and undid his trousers and produced a rather huge rigid black cock and stepped out of his pants and stood in front of me.

I leaned back out of the corner of my eye I saw Brain stand and drop his pants showing his cock beginning to get hard. Doug said 'you should have taken the pill, they ain't nothing but Viagra'. I said rather defiantly 'I don't need no pills to fuck'.

Doug smiled and said 'you right, all you need is to get naked, cause we gonna fuck you good'. I started to stand, Doug pushed me back and slapped me across the lips with his steel rigid cock. 'Bitch we said we gonna fuck you like it or not. We don't care about your pussy ass'.

By this time Brain was as naked as Doug and stroking his rigid cock, Doug reached for my belt and loosen it. Taking hold of my pants at their waist, Doug skilfully pulled them to my ankles and removed them and my shoes.

Kneeling between my knees Doug lifted my legs and pulled me to him, my butt hanging slightly off the sofa. I started to protest but thought better of it considering that I did not know how the pills had affected the two of them.

Swiftly Dough applied some lube to my anal opening and poked two fingers into my butt hole. Removing his fingers Doug scooted up to my butt and position his steel hard cock right up against my anus. (I admit it gave me a rush to feel a super hard cock head probe my anus.)

Doug was so gentle as he slowly edged his cock head into my anus, his cock slipped into my anus and quickly snapped tight around the neck of his throbbing cock. Reaching his hands behind me and gripping my buttocks Doug pulled me to him and begin to fuck my anal cavity with passion.

The two of us was panting heavily and moaning as I allowed Doug to use my anal canal as a fuck toy. Doug fucked me for at least twenty minute like that before pulling out and turning me over on my knees. As he re-entered my anus I grimaced in pain as his steel hard cock head slipped farther into my anus then when I was on my back.

For another twenty minutes Doug sexed my butt till Brain spoke 'alright move out the way and let me get in that pussy'. Doug slowly pulled his cock from my anus and moved away. Brain knelt behind me and entered my butt with a ferociousness. Gripping both my hips, Brian rammed into my butt with extraordinary passion.

I cried out in lust fill passion as Brain roughly entered and exited my anus with no regard for my comfort...

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2 years ago
Look forward to pt2
2 years ago
Hot and horny story. Am looking forward to your continuation.