Savagely Sexed in School...epilogue

After the first assault by Daniel, his b*****r Bruce and their distant relative Charlie, it became and almost weekly session. They would find me some where and take me against my will to be their sex toy all through my high school years.

After a few of these sessions I was hardly able to define what was normal or what was abnormal. I never had been in a sexual relationship with males or females before I was attacked by the those three hoodlums.

There was nights I woke from nightmares craving to have Daniel enter my aching butthole with his enormous cock. When Bruce and Charlie was having sex with me I could not wait till Daniel took over and ravage me with his gigantic fuck tool.

When Charlie introduce me to his Uncle Harry and I found out his nick name, Horse Dick Harry, and saw that it was well deserved, I craved having Harry have sex with me. Many times I went to Harry's home and allowed him to sex me till he was satisfied.

Over the years since high school and through out college, I sought out huge monster size cocks to invade my anal canal. I never considered myself to be gay or abnormal, I just crave having huge male cocks inside my butt.

Perhaps if Daniel, Bruce, and Charlie had never took me in their basement or in the woods I may have turned out different. But know all I want, when I get horny, is to have as many huge cocks as possible to invade my body.

I decided to tell my story here, maybe some one can help me, either find myself or aide me in seeking sexual satisfaction.
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