Savagely Sexed in School...finish

Charlie held my head and let loose his load of baby making fluid. The two of them was now flooding my body with their substance, one in my mouth and the other in my butt. Charlie pulled from my mouth and staggered back, Daniel rammed hard into my anus causing me to swallow some of Charlie and Bruce substance as he too let loose his massive load.

When Daniel pulled from my anus I slipped to the floor in a heap exhausted and tired. I did not know being sexed could take so much from the receiver I drifted off into oblivion.

I don't know how long we had been in that coat closet of the school class room, I can't remember how long I had been u*********s. I do know that when I came to again I was once more hung across that desk. Bruce and Charlie was holding my wrists again and Daniel had his gigantic mammoth of a cock buried deep into my rectum again.

I tried to move my feet and found that they had been fastened to the legs of the desk. Daniel was not taking his time now, he viciously pulled and pushed his enormously huge cock head in and out of my sensitively sore, tender butt hole.

I was crying passionately from the painful fucking I was receiving and getting no sympathy from any of my three attackers. Charlie would try to stick his harden cock into my hands and get me to jack his cock, I would just hold my hand open and not allow it to close.

Bruce would take my other hand and slide it back and forth over his stiff cock simulating me jacking his cock. Daniel held my hips open and rammed deep into my bowels like he was trying to split me open.

My waist was sore from being rammed into the edge of the desk, my arms ached from being pulled across the top of the desk. My moaning and begging had no effect at all.

Daniel spoke as he grunted and snorted from ramming my butt 'David, tell me to come in your ass bitch'. At first I didn't understand what he was saying, I could barely understand anything except the pain in my butt. Daniel made sure I understood that with no exception.

Daniel slammed deep into my butt and held my hips tightly to him and grind his monster of a cock deep up into my rectum. I was now on my tip toes trying to alleviate some of the pain. Daniel spoke again this time and I understood him well 'bitch I said tell me to come in this pussy'. I didn't want to comply I wasn't no bitch, but here I was being sexed by not one but three of the schools young refrains.

Through clinched teeth I whimpered 'come in my butt', Daniel pulled back and slammed deeper into my rectum so hard that he knocked my feet from the floor, the only thing that kept me from going over the desk was the restraints that held my ankles to them.

Daniel's cock was so deep into my butt that his pubic hair was crushed between my buttocks. Daniel angrily whispered 'No David, tell me to come in this pussy, cunt'. I whimpered 'come in my pussy', Daniel grind his cock harder into my butt and said 'bitch, I want you to beg me to come in this pussy'.

Crying angrily now I had no hope of getting loose and wanted him to stop tearing my butt apart. The combined fuck juices of Daniel, Bruce and Charlie was streaming down my thighs and puddling on the floor. Sadly I could do nothing but whine 'Daniel, please come in my bu...' I caught myself and corrected 'Daniel come in my pussy, pleease'.

Daniel said 'now that's more like it, every time I hit this pussy, David, you better tell me to come, you hear me'. I nodded my head in agreement, Daniel pulled back his huge cock and slammed forward 'OOOHHH Daniel come in my pussy' I yelled.

Again Daniel pulled back and rammed into me again 'HUNNHUH Daniel, please come in my pussy'. Suddenly I felt an enormous squirt of fluid strike the back walls of my rectum and Daniel went berserk as he slamming, ramming and grinding deep in my rectum 'OOOHHHH DANIEL COME IN MY PUSSY PLEASE', I yelled as loud as I could while he emptied his baby making fluid into my ruptured butt.

Daniel pulled from my aching anus I sort of collapsed over the desk Bruce came behind me and entered my stretched wide anus and rode me as I clung to the desk. Once he had shot another load of come into my dripping butthole, Charlie entered my anus and pulling me to him he rammed his rigid cock up into my butt till he flooded my anal cavity with another load.

When Charlie pulled his flaccid cock from my butt, my knees buckled and I fell to the floor in the pool of male spunk. I looked at them as they gathered their clothes and exited. I undid my restraints and crawled away from the desk my hands and knees sliding in their substance.

I retrieved my clothes and tried to walk, my legs were so unstable and aching I could barely make head way. Down the stair well I stumbled till I reached the ground floor and freedom.
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