Savagely Sexed in School...6

My butt hole was so sore and tender that with every little movement of Daniel's huge cock my thighs and legs trembled and shook violently and uncontrollably. Daniel's huge cock head, slowly and deliberately, inched painfully further into my anal cavity.

I could not take full breaths due to the pain of my anal muscle being stretched wider than it ever had been. I found my self clawing at the air, since Bruce and Charlie firmly held my wrist, I could only claw at the air.

Daniel painstakingly worked his cock, a little at a time deeper and deeper into my anus. My inner anal sphincter muscle ring put up a vibrantly defense but suddenly surrendered and opened allowing Daniel's giant cock to seat it's self deep into my rectum.

I screamed out in horror as I felt Daniel's enormous cock head enter my inner anal sanctum. I was lost in disbelief as Daniel's abnormally huge fuck tool worked it's way deeper and deeper into my bowels. I could barely breath as Daniel slowly inched farther and farther into my body.

I could not speak nor formulate any coherent words, I was gasping and muttering nonsense as Daniel took his time and sensuously sexed my vulnerable, susceptible anal opening, I could do nothing, but cry and whimper as Daniel had his way.

Bruce and Charlie had released my wrist and was stroking their cocks as they watched Daniel's huge fuck tool enter my tightly clinching anal opening. I could not move my entire body was now shaking something awful.

Daniel was now pulling half his twelve inch cock out and pushing it back into my anus. I knew Daniel started to increase the pace of his fucking, slowly working his cock faster and faster in and out of my butt.

I gripped the other side of the desk and held on for dear life. Bruce move in front of my face and pushed his now rigid penis into my face and said 'suck bitch'.

Daniel was now breathing so hard that his body quake with each breath. Bruce had his cock in my mouth and I was being battered back and forth by Bruce and Daniel. Bruce came first, flooding my oral orifice with his substance, Charlie quickly grabbed my head and roughly entered my mouth and started to ram his cock into my mouth.

Each time Charlie would ram the back of my throat, I would gag and my butt muscles would tighten around Daniel's enormous penile shaft. Daniel grunted a few times like a wild bull and released a torrent of baby making fluid into my rectum that immediately squished out around his massive penile shaft.

Charlie held my head and let loose his load of baby making fluid. The two of them was now flooding my body with their substance, one in my mouth and the other in my butt. Charlie pulled from my mouth and staggered back, Daniel rammed hard into my anus causing me to swallow some of Charlie and Bruce substance as he too let loose his massive load.

When Daniel pulled from my anus I slipped to the floor in a heap exhausted and tired. I did not know being sexed could take so much from the receiver I drifted off into oblivion.

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2 years ago
You should write some more about these characters they interest me.
Good series :)