Savagely Sexed in School...5

Charlie was greatly enjoying himself as he sexed my butt, air was beginning to be expelled as he worked his fuck tool in and out of my ruptured butt. Charlie increased his pace and soon was exploding again deep in my butt.

Each eruption of his fuck tool struck my anal walls like a small hammer till Charlie finally said 'damn, that's some mighty good pussy, It's all yours Danny'.

I glanced up as Charlie rapidly pulled from my forever stretched anal opening and got a good look at the monster of a fuck tool that Daniel was stroking. I trembled in fear, for Daniel's cock was enormously huge, long thick and bluish black.

Mu joints were stiff from being held in such a compact, refrained position for so long a time. Daniel ordered Charlie and Bruce 'pick the bitch up and bring him over here'.

Following instruction, Bruce and Charlie lifted me by my arm pits and half d**gged and or pulled me across the floor to an old desk. Daniel stood to one side stroking his massively huge cock, his cock head looked so large that I thought it to be the size of a tennis ball.

I knew from looking at my anus in the mirror that my butt hole was the size of a dime. After the sex sessions from Bruce and Charlie I imagine it to have expanded to the size of a golf ball. It was sore and swollen, I could feel this as my buttocks coaxed it close.

Bruce chided Charlie 'see I told you, you always act like a sex frek lover when you fucking a bitch'. Charlie looked over at me and smirked saying 'that ass wont be so tight after Danny finish with it'.

Daniel said 'hang that pussy over the desk, Bruce take his left wrist, Charlie take his right hold him over the desk and don't release him till I finish'. I struggled to free my self from their grip, but only managed to infuriate them both. Bruce and Charlie angrily yanked me across the desk till my feet barely touched the floor.

Daniel was behind me pushing my feet and legs apart, no matter how hard I tried I could not get my legs close. Daniel was now between my thighs and his mammoth cock head was sliding down my butt crack. Inverting his hands, Daniel pulled my buttocks apart.

My sorely used anal opening was exposed to his desire, he let it be known by allowing his enormous cock head to slowly slide across my anal opening. I twitched in pain as Daniel's large cock head passed roughly over my anal opening. Daniel grunted and pushed more of his gigantic cock against my tender and sorely aching puckering anus.

Sobering and weeping openly I could care less what they thought of me, my butt hole had been gravelly assaulted and used for Bruce and Charlie's sexual satisfaction.

Daniel's enormous cock head nudged into my anus slowly but it's rigidity some what startled me back to reality. Even though my three ravagers had assaulted me before I was no less terrified from the thought of being impaled upon such a huge penile shaft.

Daniel did have a mean streak and when his cock erupted it had enough substance to not only flood my oral orifice but also cover my face and he had just done so merely an hour ago.

Daniel didn't seemed to be in any hurry to enter my anus, he slowly rotated his monstrous huge cock head parting my anal sphincter muscle ring enough to allow him ti ease into my anal canal with ease.

I cried out as more and more of Daniel's enormously huge cock head slipped into my tight little anal opening. With a steady push, Daniel's gigantic cock head popped into my anus. His enormous cock ring passing my anal sphincter muscle ring and closing tightly behind it.

Daniel moaned in ecstasy as my anal sphincter muscle tighten around Daniel's throbbing cock head. Daniel slowly started to rotate his hips causing his huge cock head to twist in an opposite direction.

Bruce and Charlie, naked from the waist down both of their cocks dripping spent fuck juice's, held me tightly across the desk not allowing me to adjust for comfort.

My butt hole was so sore and tender that with every little movement of Daniel's huge cock my thighs and legs trembled and shook violently and uncontrollably. Daniel's huge cock head, slowly and deliberately, inched painfully further into my anal cavity.

I could not take full breaths due to the pain of my anal muscle being stretched wider than it ever had been. I found my self clawing at the air, since Bruce and Charlie firmly held my wrist, I could only claw at the air.

Daniel pain stakingly worked his cock, a little at a time deeper and deeper into my anus. My inner anal sphincter muscle ring put up a vibriantly defense but suddenly surrendered and opened allowing Daniel's giant cock to seat it's self deep into my rectum...


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2 years ago
Oooh you meanie dragging it out and teasing me!
2 years ago
love it