Savagely Sexed in School...4

Charlie was now slamming into my butt so hard that Daniel and Bruce was having trouble holding my shoulders down with their feet. My knees were aching, from being rubbed raw against the floor, my butt hole was screaming in pain as Charlie's big cock slid back and forth.

Bruce was now jacking his cock fiercely, suddenly he begin to shoot another load of baby making fluid from his cock. His substance landing on my back Daniel laughed.

Charlie didn't even take notice as he kept up a ready pace of sexing my butt. The two of us grunting, groaning and moaning in lust and pain. I couldn't take it anymore and was crying loudly as Charlie made sure that I could never again say I had not been well fucked.

I felt Charlie's cock get firmer and Charlie lunged deep into my butt and pulled my hips tightly to his crotch as he grind his cock deeper into my anal cavity. I felt his cock as it erupted it's substance deep into my rectum, I begged, whimpered and pleaded 'please, let me go, I can't take any more, I promise I wont tell any body, please take it out and let me go'.

Charlie just grunted with each explosion of his fuck juices in my rectum, I thought that he would pull out. Instead Charlie continued to grind his semi rigid cock into my anus, crushing his pubic hair against my buttocks.

Whimpering and sobbing, from the punishing sex session I had just had from Bruce and Charlie, I thought it was going to be over. I felt Charlie's cock begin to firm up and get harder in my butt, I groaned 'OH NNNOOOOO'.

Charlie half whispered and half gasp 'this pussy so good, I'm going for two nutts'. Charlie pulled about half his shaft from my butt and slowly sunk it back in my butt. This he did several times as I moaned and groaned from his painful actions.

Charlie slowly and deliberately worked his semi rigid cock back and forth in my butt till it firmed up into a rigid tube. Than once again Charlie rammed his cock deep in to my bowels.

Openly weeping, I begged him 'please take it easy', I surrendered myself to the fact that Charlie was going to sex me again and I could do nothing to stop him. Charlie would alternate from ramming his rigid cock into my butt to grinding deep after he was lodged deep into my bowels.

The fuck juices from Bruce and Charlie was no being expelled from my anal cavity and streaming down the insides of my thighs. With each movement of Charlie's solid cock churned more of the fluid from my rectum.

I found myself wondering 'if I was in this much discomfort from having a cock in my butt, how do females feel with one in their cunts.

Charlie was greatly enjoying himself as he sexed my butt, air was beginning to be expelled as he worked his fuck tool in and out of my ruptured butt. Charlie increased his pace and soon was exploding again deep in my butt. Each eruption of his fuck tool struck my anal walls like a small hammer till Charlie finally said 'damn, that's some mighty good pussy, It's all yours Danny'.

I glanced up as Charlie rapidly pulled from my forever stretched anal opening and got a good look at the monster of a fuck tool that Daniel was stroking.

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2 years ago
Will Daniel be able to do it without seriously damaging him???