Savagely Sexed in School...3

After almost thirty minutes of him pounding my butt, Bruce rammed as far into me as he could and grind deep into my butt. I felt his cock harden and twitch and erupt a stream of fluid that struck the walls of my rectum.

His stream of baby making juices was powerful and strong and caused my bowels to spasm around his cock head. Bruce exclaimed 'I'm coming and this bitch is coming too, damn it's good'.

Bruce grind deep into me for another five minutes before he finally pulled from my butt. I could feel every inch of his cock as it exited my anal ring, and felt his juices as they seeped out from my anus as he exited.

Charlie took hold of my shirt and pulled me up to my knees and said 'move your ass over here out of that mess, I ain't fucking in another mans spunk'. As Charlie pulled and drag me across the floor, the fluid Bruce had deposited into my anus was leaking and in some instances being expelled from my ruptured butt hole.

'Charlie', I begged 'please don't do this I can't take it, I ain't no bitch, please don't make me'. Daniel looked at Charlie and said 'how you gonna fuck that bitch'. Charlie looked at Daniel and smiled 'I like the way the bitch look on his knees'.

I tried to turn with Charlie as he maneuvered around me, I kept my facing him hoping he would get discourage. This only angered him and Charlie slapped me viciously across the face and said 'bitch, bend your ass over, put your face to the floor and keep it there'.

I crumbled to the floor, Charlie lifted my hips and parted my feet and legs. Kneeling between my legs, Charlie took hold of my hips and spread my buttocks apart. I was know crying openly from the pain of being so viciously slapped and fearful as to how much pain I was going to be in when Charlie entered my butt.

Charlie's cock was rock hard and standing straight out from his body, he was larger then Bruce and much more vicious. As Charlie held my buttocks apart, I could feel his huge cock head as it poked around my anal opening.

Once his cock connected with my anus it was like they were locked in place, his cock didn't waver as he steadily pushed against my tight little anal opening. Even though Bruce had sexed me for almost forty minutes my butt hole had closed back to nearly it's original size.

I tried to crawl away from Charlie's impaling cock shaft, Daniel and Bruce, each, placed a foot on my shoulders and held them to the floor. Charlie readjusted my butt and with a savage lunge sunk his big cock head and a third of his huge cock shaft into my up turned butt hole.

I screamed out as best as I could in pain from the savage entrance into my already tender ruptured butt hole. Charlie eased back and rammed forward again sinking more of his ten inches of rock hard cock into my rectum.

I didn't think I could take any more, but Charlie started to work his cock back and forth, just like Bruce had done. I could feel my anus splitting with each movement Charlie made.

Daniel laughing said 'look how that bitches boi pussy cling to your dick, man'. Charlie said not a word but grunted in uni-some with as he worked more and more of his huge cock in and out of my butt.

Tears streaming down my face I tried to look up at Daniel and Bruce. As I raised my head I could not but recoil at the sight of Daniel' gigantic cock head that was mare inches away from my face.

Compared to Bruce, Daniel's cock was enormous and purplish black. It looked like another arm with a one eyed head. And Daniel was slowly stroking his foreskin back and forth over his gigantic cock head.

Charlie was now slamming into my butt so hard that Daniel and Bruce was having trouble holding my shoulders down with their feet. My knees were aching, from being rubbed raw against the floor, my butt hole was screaming in pain as Charlie's big cock slid back and forth.

Bruce was now jacking his cock fiercely, suddenly he begin to shoot another load of baby making fluid from his cock. His substance landing on my back Daniel laughed.

Charlie didn't even take notice as he kept up a ready pace of sexing my butt. The two of us grunting, groaning and moaning in lust and pain. I couldn't take it anymore and was crying loudly as Charlie made sure that I could never again say I had not been well fucked.
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