Savagely Sexed in School...2

Daniel pulled back just enough to finish flushing my face with the rest of his substance. Gagging and coughing I dropped limply to my knees, Bruce and Charlie lifted me up and Daniel kneed me in the stomach so savagely that all th air in me gushed out and I fell to the closet floor.

In Pain and out of breath, I couldn't even put up a feeble fight as Bruce and Charlie stripped me of my shoes, pants and underwear. Wiping the sticky substance of Daniel's baby making fluid from my lips and face, I tried to scream, it came out as a weak croaking sound.

Bruce and Charlie quickly removed their pants and underwear, their cocks sicking straight out from their bodies, Daniel slowly removing his trousers his huge cock hanging limply between his legs. I tried to crawl away from them but they corralled me with their feet and legs as Charlie and Bruce argued over who would fuck me first and for how long.

Fearing what would happen I tried to hide myself with my hands, finally Bruce told Charlie 'you fuck too long, like you fall in love or something. I don't want to wait while you make love to the bitch, I just want to nutt and be done with it'.

Charlie looked down at me as I quivered and cowled beneath them and said 'you right, I want to take my time in that ass, you go first'. Bruce quickly grabbed my ankles and pulled me around like a little rag doll. I tried to not make it easy for him as he positioned me on the floor.

Charlie stepped on my back and held me down with his feet saying 'let me help you out baby boi, get in that ass and lube it up for me'. I trembled as Charlie applied more pressure to my back almost grinding me into the hard floor.

Bruce parted my legs so wide that my butt poked up in the air, maneuvering between my thighs, I felt Bruce as he dribbled his spit into my butt crack. Then I felt the warm rubbery rigid ball of his cock head as it slid up and down my butt crack.

'NOOOO', I whimpered as Bruce poised his cock head right over my anal opening and begin to apply pressure. I tried to clinch my buttocks tight, Bruce had spit generously into my butt crack and his cock was oozing copious amounts of pre-cum.

The combination of both substances was enough to lubricate my butt hole and allow Bruce to enter my clinching butt. 'YEEEAAHHNNNHHUUHHH' I groaned as his cock head slipped pass my outer anal sphincter muscle ring.

As the ridge of Bruce's cock popped into my anus, I balled my fist up as tight as I could to help ease the pain. Once Bruce had entered my anus with the head of his cock he did paused a second and said 'that's right bitch, tighten that ass hole around my dick, I like it like that'.

Slowly and deliberately Bruce worked his stiff penis back and forth in my anus, pulling back till just his cock head was left in my butt than sliding forward till he was able to sink the entire eight inches of his rock hard cock into my rectum.

'PLEEESSE SSSTTTOOOOPPP' I begged as Bruce picked up his pace. Almost slamming into my butt, I thought that he was trying to punish me or was mad at the fact that I was whining and begging him to stop.

After almost thirty minutes of him pounding my butt, Bruce rammed as far into me as he could and grind deep into my butt. I felt his cock harden and twitch and erupt a stream of fluid that struck the walls of my rectum.

His stream of baby making juices was powerful and strong and caused my bowels to spasm around his cock head. Bruce exclaimed 'I'm coming and this bitch is coming too, damn it's good'. Bruce grind deep into me for another five minutes before he finally pulled from my butt.

I could feel every inch of his cock as it exited my anal ring, and felt his juices as they seeped out from my anus as he exited.

Charlie took hold of my shirt and pulled me up to my knees and said 'move your ass over here out of that mess, I ain't fucking in another mans spunk'...


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2 years ago
You're a tease!
2 years ago
you gave me a hard on but you should finish
the story>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.shooter