Savagely Sexed in School...

I had just left an after school meeting with my counselor, and had retrieved some books from my locker and left the building. I saw my three attackers coming towards the school and turned to re-enter, but the doors locked as I exited.

I quickly ran to another door, it too was locked, quickly I ran the length of the building to the far end. Thankfully the door was unlocked, I scampered in and tried to pull the door close. It would not lock, IK could see Charlie and Bruce as they rounded the corner.

I stashed my books behind the radiator and took the stairs three at a time. I heard the door open and Bruce and Charlie 'which way did that bitch go', Charlie said, Bruce answered 'when we catch that ass I'm gonna fuck him good'. Terror filled my heart and I tried to silently climb the steps.

As I reached the final landing I slid quietly through the doors and eased them close. As I turned I was shocked into fearful realization as I came face to face with Daniel.

Daniel grabbed me by throat with one of his huge hands, I gripped his wrist with both my hands and tried to dislodge his grip. Daniel smiled at me and maneuvered me around till his back was to the door, he pushed open the door and little and called out 'we on four, I got the bitch and his ready'.

Gasping for air I tried to fight my way free, Daniel only laughed at my feeble attempts to free my self. Once Bruce and Charlie arrived they took hold of my arms and pulled me to one of the class rooms.

They dragged me to the coat closet and barred the door, holding me securely Bruce and Charlie stood me up right. Daniel walked right up to me and not saying a word, he undid my belt, I tried to cross my legs to keep him from removing my pants.

Charlie giggled a snidely said 'I believe David wants to suck dick today instead of giving up that boi pussy'. I looked at him in panic as Daniel took hold of my head in both hands and pulled my head down to his crotch.

I tried to resist, Bruce and Charlie helped Daniel push me down. I found my self on my knees with Daniel's rigid cock brushing across my lips, Bruce and Charlie holding my arms in an awkwardly fashion up behind my back and pushing my head down with their free hands.

Daniel's huge cock head was already oozing pre-cum as it swiped across my lips, Bruce said angrily 'open your mouth bitch, or we will fuck you till you beg'. I didn't want to let Daniel or either of them to put their penis in my mouth.

Daniel gripped my head by my jaws and held my face steady, his rubbery rigid cock head pushing against my clinched lips. Taking one hand and gripping the back of my head and the other holding his huge rigid cock Daniel rubbed his huge cock head across my lips.

Charlie and Bruce at the same time lifted my arms up so high that I had to cry out in pain. Just as my lips parted Daniel shot a load of his spunk right into my parted lips. Pushing against my lips his cock head tip was against my clinched teeth and erupting so savagely that the torrent of fluid flushed threw my teeth and between my teeth and jaws.

Daniel pulled back just enough to finish flushing my face with the rest of his substance. Gagging and coughing I dropped limply to my knees, Bruce and Charlie lifted me up and Daniel kneed me in the stomach so savagely that all th air in me gushed out and I fell to the closet floor.

In Pain and out of breath, I couldn't even put up a feeble fight as Bruce and Charlie stripped me of my shoes, pants and underwear. Wiping the sticky substance of Daniel's baby making fluid from my lips and face, I tried to scream, it came out as a weak croaking sound.

Bruce and Charlie quickly removed their pants and underwear, their cocks sicking straight out from their bodies, Daniel slowly removing his trousers his huge cock hanging limply between his legs. I tried to crawl away from them but they corralled me with their feet and legs as Charlie and Bruce argued over who would fuck me first and for how long...

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