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True Confession...

I had never even thought of sex before that awful day...had I not cut classes, had I not ran with Bruce, Daniel and Charlie, had I not tried to be so helpful...all these things past through my mind the days after Daniel, Bruce and Charlie had savagely took advantage of me and engaged in sexual intimacy.

I had never known that one males penis could penetrate the body of another, I never thought two males could have anything near intercourse. Thinking about what happened to me in the basement was at first terrifying and frightening.

Thinking back about my experiences, I wanted to have the excitable experience again. To feel a rock hard cock throb and squirt deep inside of my butt and feel the warmth of his jizz flood my rectum was some how unexplainable.

But to have three vibrant horny studs take advantage of me and ravage my butt till they were satisfied was mind blowing. Many times after their assault I found myself where they would be, sometime absentmindedness, other times on purpose.

All times I got what I wanted, their attention and a butt full of their come...One more thing, it gave me the craving for bigger, longer thicker cocks. Through out the years that followed I sought out huge cocks or multiple sex partners or longer sex session.

I've sucked more cocks than I can remember and have been sexed by more and more cocks than I can think of. Charlie and his Uncle Harry was the first two guys to sex me all night and most of the next day...and I enjoyed every minute of it...

Posted by d4david 2 years ago
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