Sex With A Friend...

The weekend was over, I had to return to school, I was afraid the some one new about what Daniel, Bruce and Charlie had done to me. I decided at the spur of the moment to play hooky and not go to school.

I ran in to acquaintance of a friend, I knew he didn't know me well and hoped that he didn't know Daniel , Bruce or Charlie. Willie E. is his name, we both was close to the same height and weight, Willie suggested that we go over to a local park till his folks got off to work.

We sat in the swings, walked the paths and talked about nothing particular, we found a basketball and I tried to shoot a few hoops with him. It was almost instantly known that I knew nothing about what I was doing, but we did have fun and work up a sweat.

It was near ten in the morning that we finally got to Willie's home, his folks were gone and we had the house to our selves. Willie said 'we need to get a shower and get out of these stinking clothes before they stink up the whole house'. Willie rummaged through his dresser and tossed me some pants to wear and a t-shirt.

Willie went into the shower first, after he finished I went into the shower. Once I had finished I dressed and came back into the living room. Willie had tossed both our clothes into the washer and then into the dryer. He had turned on the television and was reclining on the sofa.

He had tossed some of the pillows on the floor by the sofa and said 'if you want you can sit here and watch the television, I'm gonna get a nap'. I sat down on the pillows and soon heard the gentle snoring of Willie as he drifted off. It wasn't long before I too had drifted off.

I don't know how long I had nodded, I awoke with Willie crouched over me my head tilted back and Willie trying to lodge his stiff cock pass my lips. Panicking I scampered up on to the sofa Willie followed after me pinning me to the sofa.

I realized than that the pants he had given me had been cut up the inseam, they were nothing more than a two legged skirt now. Willie was naked from the waist down, his rigid cock sticking out like a tree limb. I asked 'what are you doing, are you crazy'.

Willie said to me 'I didn't bring you here for nothing, we gonna fuck or fight'. I tried to reason with him 'Willie I ain't no sissy, get up I want to go home now'. Willie laughed and said 'fuck or fight, it's all the same. If you can't beat me, you still gonna get fucked, so why fight'.

In our struggle I had placed one leg on the back of the sofa trying to leverage myself away from Willie. Willie had captured the other one and his body was now between my legs and my naked butt was exposed.

It was no doubt that Willie was stronger than I and was going to get what he wanted. After a few minutes of wrestling and struggling, Willie's rigid cock was poised at my butt hole.

'Alright David', Willie said, I'll fuck you dry and rip this little tight ass or you'll let me put some oil on my dick and in your ass'. Reluctantly I ceased struggling, Willie had proven his point, he had hunched two or more times into my anus and it did hurt like hell.

Willie oiled up his cock really well and did the same for my anus. Lifting my legs up he once again poised his rubbery rigid cock head against my anal opening. Whispering to me 'now David I want you to relax and let me get into this tight ass of yours, relax and it want hurt nearly as bad'.

I braced my self and gritted my teeth as Willie slowly worked his long thin rigid cock into my anus. once his cock head had popped in, I stiffened and tried to close my legs. Willie held them apart and say the tears from my eyes and said 'take this dick like a man, you ain't no punk ass bitch'.

I whimpered and whined with each stroke of his cock, once Willie had gotten balls deep into my anus he started to stroke my butt with passion. By now I was consolable and crying profusely.

Willie pulled from my now ruptured anus and standing with one foot on the floor and the other on the sofa he ordered me to 'turn on to your stomach'. I begged him 'no Willie let me go now you've got what you wanted'.

Willie twisted my legs roughly around till I flipped to my stomach, straddling my legs, Willie poised his stiff cock along my butt crack right over my anus, taking the bottle of baby oil he squirted some right into my butt crack.

'NOOOO', I cried as I felt his stiff cock head slid right back into my sorely tender anus. Willie laid down on my back and once again said 'shut up that crying, you gonna take this dick like a man'.

With my legs crossed at my ankles Willie fucked my anus for nearly an hour and half before hie erupted and filled my butt hole with his baby making juices. I was whimpering and sobbing as Willie laid on my back barely moving as he emptied his load into my aching butt.

Terrified I felt Willies cock twitching and harden again, I begged 'no Willie not again please take it out please'. Willie grunted as he savagely attacked my butt 'you want to act like a bitch, I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch, now shut up and take this dick like a man, bitch'.

I was openly crying now and Willie savagely fucked me, it was almost four in the after noon and Willie had been in my butt for almost five hours. I was no longer crying but I grunted and groaned with each thrust of his savage attack till he once again flooded my anus with his substance.

This time he pulled from my butt and tossed me a towel, told me to clean my self up we had to go. I thought that he was through but we just had to leave his house before his folks got home. From there we went down by the stream and into a thicket of under growth where Willie once again resumed his assault.
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2 years ago
umm do you ;like when guys do this to you or do you just have very bad luck