How Do I Continue...

It was the next day after Daniel, Bruce and Charlie had their way with me, after I was coerced into taken all three of the on one after the other. I woke up in a terrible sweat, panic driven as I rushed to the bathroom and found a hand mirror.

Awkwardly bending over, I was able to focus the mirror to show my neither regions. My buttocks appeared to be quite shapely and firm, my butt hole was an angry red and swollen, I could not bare to examine any more of my anal Region.

I remembered how Bruce had held my arms and squatted over my head and neck. How Charlie had ran his rock cock into my butt and brutalized me, how Bruce had replaced Charlie and banged my butt till he also filled my anal cavity with his baby making fluid. How Daniel had taken his time and lodged his massive cock deep into my well, seminal fluid, lubed anal canal.

I could still feel how each one of them had entered me and rode me till they filled my butt hole with their slimy substance, not just once but three or more times. How my butt felt as I struggled to dress my self and scrambled away from that basement.

I could even feel their combined quantities of copious amounts of seminal fluid leak from my swollen anal opening and streamed down my thighs. I went back to my room and laid under the covers absentmindedly stroking my semi erect penis...
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