After Shool Detention...

It was during my third period class, Larry was sitting behind me, when our teacher would turn away to the point at the charts Larry would pinch my side. It seemed that the teacher would turn around just as I was turning back to face the front of the class.

She sent me to the councilors office, there I was giving four hours detention for the week, it was the next thing to being suspended. I had completed two days of punishment and was leaving the building. My math book was still in my locker on the fourth floor, I had to return to the building and retrieve it.

As I entered the stairwell and there coming up the stairs was that old perverted janitor, the one that had taken advantage of me in the shower savagely took my butt sexually.

I stopped and looked at him, the expression on his face caused me to recoil in horror, without him saying a word I knew instantly what was on his mind and what he wanted. I was transfixed as he moved to one side and continued to climb the stairs towards me.

Once he was on the same step as I he reached over and gently brushed my forearm saying 'I thought that I saw you come back into the building. Don't you know you ain't to be in here without a pass'. I tried to explain to him 'I had detention and forgot my math book', 'likely story' , he said.

'I'm gonna have to take you back up here and see if you broke into any of the class rooms', he said gripping my arm in a strong vice grip. He pulled me along as he went from door to door checking the locks, half down the hall we came to a janitors closet.

Turning the knob the door opened 'well look a here, seems like some body done open my room door, boy you in deep trouble now if things ain't right in here'. I muttered 'I don't know what you talking about, I didn't even come this far down', I explained.

He pushed me through the door and quickly came in behind me, the janitors closet was a long narrow passage way that made a sharp left turn into an larger area with windows half way up the wall.

The janitor said to me 'now I remember you, you that bitch boy in the shower that sucked all those dicks and let the boys fuck you'. I looked at him and said 'no, you've got me mixed up with some one else', he smiled as he rubbed a huge bulge in his trousers.

'No, boy', he said 'I don't forget the asses I fuck and you be one I fucked to remember'. I tried to move farther back into the room but there was no more room to go anywhere. The old pervert came up to me and took my books and placed them on a shelf, placing both hands on my shoulders he pushed me down to my knees.

Holding me down he directed 'unzip my zipper and find my dick boi, you gonna give me some head today'. I tried to struggle away but his grip was too strong 'now, now we ain't gonna have none of that, do as I said and we will be out of here soon'.

Slowly I reached up and unzipped his trousers, an musky smell waft from the opening, I reached into his zipper and felt his old cock shaft, it was rigid and stiff I had trouble getting the cock loos from it's prison.

Once I had freed it, his cock sprung out and almost slapped me in the face. 'That's it boi, take and jack it slowly now, come on you know how you do it'. I slowly did as told and his musty cock twitched and throbbed as I slipped my hand from his penile glans to his crotch.

The old bastard groaned with ecstasy as I slowly worked his cock with my hand, his cock was huge and my fingers barely encased his rock hard fuck tool. 'Now kiss the tip of it with your lips, come on now, don't make me wait', I kissed the tip once and as I tried to pull back he gripped my head with both hands and ordered me to 'suck my dick now boi'.

I parted my lips and captured his cock head and begin to suck on his cock. I could taste the pre-cum as it oozed from his piss slit. He said to me 'that's the way, just like you did those little dicks of the track team. Come on get it real wet now I'm gonna bust a nut in that tight boi pussy of yours'.

I tried to get him as wet as I could, he pulled his cock from my mouth and told me 'hurry up and drop your pants , be quick about it boi'. I followed his instructions and dropped my pants, he twisted me around and pulled a folding chair out.

Opening it he said 'bend your ass over the back of that chair, the chair was turned so that the seat faced away from me and I was standing behind the back of it. I tried to bend over it but the top of it's back was too high, my waist was below the back of the chair.

Gripping both my buttocks, he manually lifted me from the floor, one of my shoes fell off and my pants slipped from that one foot. He pushed me over the back of the chair, I had no choice but to reach out and take hold of the seat of the inverted chair.

I was literately standing on the toes of one foot as the other dangled in the air. 'HHMMM nice ass,' he said as he slid his old cock up and down the crack of my butt. Once his cock head found the opening to my anal canal, he lunged forward, his rubbery rigid cock head parted my outer anal sphincter muscle ring and entered my anal cavity.

I groaned and sobbed through tears of anguish, pain, and fear as that old bastard wormed his old cock into my butt hole 'yeah baby, you know your ass is the tightest boi pussy I've fucked this year. I just new I was gonna get it again'.

The chair started to creek and pop as he continued to sex my young ass, him moaning and me groaning form the pain and discomfort. The old bastard quickened the pace as he fucked me in the butt till I felt him shoot his load into my rectum. But the old fart didn't stop he kept right on banging my butt.

His old cock went semi hard but didn't come out of my butt, after a few slow strokes his cock started to harden again and his again picked up the pace. This time he was ramming into me with lustful abandonment I was afraid that some one would hear or that the chair would brake.

It was some time, compared to his first eruption of come, before he came again, shooting more into me the second time than the first. As he grind his crotch up into the crack of my butt, I could feel his old cock as it twitched and throbbed inside my rectum.

As he pulled his flaccid cock from my butt he said to me 'let me hear you say, thank you big daddy for fucking me'. Whimpering I mumbled 'thank you for fucking me'. He took and rammed four of his fingers up into my anus and as I cried out he said 'that ain't what I said, now say what I told you or I'll push my fist up your ass hole'.

I whimpered 'thank you, big daddy, for fucking me', he said that's better. Than he placed a hand in the small of my back to hold me still and started to slide his hand back and forth going deeper and deeper with each stroke till I felt his knuckles slip past my anal ring muscles.

With that much of his hand lodged in my anal canal he pushed the rest of his hand into my anus making a fist he worked his arm, back and forth till I couldn't take it any more. I cried out begging him to stop and was surprised when from my limp cock came a stream of fluid.

Being satisfied with seeing what had happened he pulled his fist from my anus causing me to cry out in pain again. The old bastard didn't even have the niceness to open his fist, he just pulled it from my butt stilled balled up.
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