Turned Into a Submissive Cock Whore...2

Charlie moved over as I sat down on the bed and said 'Here David, lube that boi pussy up and lay on your back, I want fuck that pussy just like Daniel did'. I trembled as he spoke and laid on my back taking the tube of lube and applying a huge amount to my anus.

Charlie applied a similar amount to his now rigidly hard cock and moved between my legs. Lifting my feet by the ankles Charlie crawled up closer on his knees. Once he was close enough for his cock to touch my anus, he slowly rotated his rubbery solid penis glans around my anal opening.

I wasn't aware but there was a tear that fell from my eyes as Charlie very slowly worked his penis head up into my anal cavity. I grunted softly as Charlie's dick head spread my outer anal sphincter muscle and pushed gently his rigid rubbery head into my anus.

Once the head of his cock had slipped in past his penis ridge, we both moaned/groaned at the same time. I had my eyes clinched closed and gritted my teeth through the pain of being impaled on Charlie's rigidly hard cock.

Slowly Charlie leaned into me and I felt his cock throb. It felt like a log was stuck up my butt, I reached up and gripped his fore arms in both my hands as he worked his cock slowly deeper into me. I could feel each inch of his penile shaft as he slid it farther and farther into my clinching butt hole.

Once Charlie had gotten half his cock into my butt, he started to pull it back out. I gasped and gripped his arms tighter, I looked through my tear stained eyes and saw Charlie, his eyes closed in ecstasy as slid his rock hard cock back and forth.

With each lunge forward more of his cock would enter my rectum, once he encounter my inner anal sphincter, Charlie grind a couple of times than pulled back and rammed forward. My sphincter muscle held briefly than his cock head burst through, Charlie dropped down on my chest and begin to grind hard into me.

My mouth was agape as Charlie worked over my butt ruthlessly, his head nestled into the crook of my head and shoulders as he bit gently into my neck. My knees gripping his sides and the heels of my feet dug into his thighs as he merciless fucked my butthole.

It took Charlie almost forty minutes to finally shoot a load of spunk up into my anal cavity. His rigid cock throbbing with each discharge of baby making fluid. All the while Charlie was grinding into me till he was satisfied and lifted from my sweat drenched body.

Daniel was standing at the bedside stroking his monstrously huge cock 'about time you got off that cunt, I thought that you had fallen in love with his ass'.
Daniel lifted on of my legs up as Charlie crawled off the bed, the baby making juices Charlie had just deposited was starting to leak back out.

'This pussy is just about right for me now', Daniel said as he crawled on to the bed. I could not help but fear what would happen know that Daniel was going to stick his enormously huge fuck tool into my tender anal canal.

Daniel maneuvered between my legs and holding them by my ankles spread me into an obscene "V". I was staring at his monstrously huge penile glans as it bobbed up and down.

Daniel said softly 'David, take my dick and guide it to to your pussy hole'. I looked up at him he said 'take you hand and put my dick in your ass hole'. Like a robot I slowly reached between my thighs and took hold of his large fuck tool.

As I gripped it, his cock jerked and almost slipped from my grasp. Daniel had spread a good amount of lubricant on to his cock knowing that we would more if he was going to enter me.

I looked at his missive cock as I guided it to my crotch, my cock and testicles look so small compared to his. Soon as his gigantic cock head touched my anus I trembled in fear. Daniel hunched forward I tried to hold back this monster of a cock, it slid through my grip so effortless and engaged my very tender butt hole.

My eyes bucked wide as my mind quickly compared this monstrously huge cock head and my small tender anal opening. 'Daniel', I said 'please go slow'. He glared at me and said 'what did I tell you to call me'. Charlie was standing by the bed side and leaned over to hear. I clinched my eyes shut and softly said 'baby, please go slow'.

Charlie said 'hurry up and fuck that bitch I want some more of that pussy right now'. Daniel didn't look at Charlie, he looked directly at me and said, as he crawled closer and pushed his huge cock into my yielding butt, 'this is my bitch, my boi pussy. When we finish I might let you have another go'.

Daniel gave a might shove and his gigantic cock head slipped into my well lubed anal opening. I let go of his enormous snake and braced his stomach with my slippery hands. Daniel continued to enter my very sore butt, I tried as hard as I could to hold him back with my hands.

There was so much KY on them they slipped around his sides and Daniel was now laying on me with my feet pushed back to the mattress, my butt suspended above the bed. I cried out 'NO DANIEL, BABY NOOOO'. It was no use Daniel was now working his gigantic cock in and out of my gripping butt hole.

Daniel lowered his lips to mine as I cried and tried to kiss me, I tossed my head from side to side as Daniel savagely assaulted my anus. I tried to dig my fingers into his back Daniel used his tongued to search for my tongue as my head tossed from side to side.

Daniel didn't stop every which way I turned my head his tongue was there to probe my lips. It wasn't long, with Daniel's enormously rigid fuck snake worming it's way deeper and deeper in to my butt, his tongue searching for mine that lust made it's appearance.

My head slowed it's tossing his tongue found mine, he slowly sucked my tongue into his lips as he pounded my butt with punishing slams of his hips. I was gasping between shallow and shallow breaths as Daniel fucked me with his enormously huge fuck snake. Tears flowing freely from my eyes as Daniel went to work in honest.

I couldn't get my hands up past his midsection, all I could do was to stroke his sides as Daniel savagely ravage my butt hole. I had tossed caution to the wind and was now trying to throw my butt back up to meet his thrust and get more of his fantastically mammoth fuck tool deeper into my anal canal.

I lost track of time as Daniel worked over my butt, I was passionately kissing, sucking, and biting him where ever I could as he sexed me. When Daniel was ready to ejaculate, he rammed as much of the rest of his long huge cock into my bowels and shoot his huge load of baby making juices.

His sperm squirted from the tip of his penis like it gushed from a water hose, It struck the walls of my rectum with such power I thought that he had ripped some thing deep in my butt.

With each movement of his enormous cock some of his and Charlie's spunk would be spewed from around his huge penile shaft that was still lodge three quarters of it's length in my anal cavity.

We laid there for a while kissing and stroking each other till Charlie complained 'Daniel, get off the ass man, I want fuck the bitch again before my folks get home'. Daniel slowly pulled his python of a cock from my anal opening causing me to wench with each inch that he with drew.

His huge cock head was so large that my outer anal sphincter muscle ring contracted around it so tight that Daniel didn't want to exit. 'Damn Charlie, this pussy is so good it's holding my cock inside, look here.

Charlie looked over as I looked down between my thighs and saw Daniel's very huge penile shaft and my anal membrane clinging to it as he slowly pulled his gigantic cock head from my anus.

With an audible pop his penis glans exited my anus and as soon as Daniel was off of me Charlie scrambled on and rode me again like a mad man till he too flooded my anal cavity with another load and collapsed down on top of me.

From my anal opening leaked their combined amounts of come puddling beneath my butt. My body and the sheets wet with the sweat of having been sexed three times and trembling with each throb of Charlie's fuck tool as it emptied it's substance.
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