Turned Into a Submissive Cock Whore...

It was about three weeks since I had seen or heard from Daniel, Bruce or Charlie. Not that I wanted to see either of them, I wanted to be sure I did not meet them by accident.

The last time I was with Daniel he took me to his home and sexed me so hard and long that I actually begged him to sex me. Daniel, Bruce and Charlie had made me have sex with them, I had never had sex and only had masturbated a few times. I had no idea that two males could or would engage in sexual relations or make another male submit.

I went to the track and ran twenty laps(equivalent to five miles), I was stretching when I saw a knot of students at the top of the steps on the third level. By the time I had gathered my belongings the gathering had broken up and only two remained.

As I crossed the second level, the sun was setting and I could not make out who the two students were. When I was three quarters of the way across the field my body chilled as I recognized the two as Daniel and his cousin Charlie.

The two of them had clearly made out who I was and even though I could not make out what was being said I knew what the conversation was. Daniel was relating to Charlie how he had sexed me and what I had done and said. Daniel was stroking his massive cock through his jeans and Charlie was stroking his cock also, Charlie gave Daniel a high five and both of them laughed hysterically.

I thought of turning and running, tired and exhausted I had not the strength to run or put up much of a fight. I stopped at the bottom of the steps and looked up at Daniel, Daniel smiled down at me and said 'there's my fuck boi.'

Charlie burst out laughing and said something to Daniel I could not make out. Daniel, in more of an ordering tone, said 'come on up here, you've got work to do'. I stared angrily at Daniel and did not move, Daniel raised up from the railing and harshly spoke again 'I said get your ass up here'.

I started up the steps once I reached the top where they were Charlie took my training bag. Daniel looked at me and said 'we going over to Charlie's house again, this time there will be only the two of us for you to take on'.

Once we reached Charlie's house we went to the basement, Daniel told Charlie 'call your folks and tell them you have some friends over and we will be down stairs, make sure you tell them it's just me and David.

Once Charlie had went upstairs to the phone Daniel moved closer, reaching out his hands he gripped my buttocks and whispered 'don't worry it ain't gonna be like last time, we gonna take it easy as long as you do as I tell you'.

Charlie returned and saw us standing together and said 'let's get this party started'. I spoke them 'look guys, I'm tired and smelly, I need a shower and clean clothes'.

Charlie said 'you do stink use my shower over there, you want need no clothes, when you finish showering we'll be naked and waiting on you'. As I showered I dreaded what was about to happen and took as long as I could only coming out when I was demanded to end my bathe.

As I came into the room Daniel was sitting in a recliner and Charlie was laying on the bed stroking his harden cock. Charlie motioned for me to join him on the bed, I glanced over at Daniel he said 'do what he say'.

Charlie moved over as I sat down on the bed and said 'Here David, lube that boi pussy up and lay on your back, I want fuck that pussy just like Daniel did'. I trembled as he spoke and laid on my back taking the tube of lube and applying a huge amount to my anus.

Charlie applied a similar amount to his now rigidly hard cock and moved between my legs. Lifting my feet by the ankles Charlie crawled up closer on his knees. Once he was close enough for his cock to touch my anus, he slowly rotated his rubbery solid penis glans around my anal opening.

I wasn't aware but there was a tear that fell from my eyes as Charlie very slowly worked his penis head up into my anal cavity...

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