Mature holiday goddess

I just got back from a much needed holiday where the sexiest thing thats ever happened to me took place and just had to share.

The first couple of days around the pool there wasn't that many topless women around the pool and to be honest i was a little dissapointed but as the holiday went on they started popping up everywhere! One morning about a week in a gorgeous lady in her mid 40's sat down on a bed with her fella in front of me, she was 5'9" ish just a liitle chubby around the belly short dark hair and lovely tanned skin, but the first thing i noticed was her large breasts the minute she stripped to her bikini, the bikini was white and pink patterned and made her breasts look amazing, she saw me staring so i quickly looked away and buried my head in a book.

A while later i stuck my nose over the top of my book and WOW there she was sitting up on the sunbed also reading a book topless and my god her breasts were amazing gravity had taken little effect even for the large size they were a lovely bronze colour and her nipples were so inviting i was drooling, she had large areola a lovelt dark pink colour and large erect nipples, before i knew it my cock was rock hard and throbbing for this mature goddess. All morning i was just looking over the top of my book staring, wishing, wanting until just after lunch i couldn't take it anymore, and went up to the room for a good wank to calm myself down, which was lucky as the maid saw me mopping up the last of the evidence of what was a great wank and massive load into the sink whilst i watched in the large mirror.

That was how the holiday went for the next few days me staring, me wishing, me wanting and me wanking, again nearly getting caught again a couple of days later. Until the most unexpected thing happened i was sitting at one of the tables near the bar having a drink trying to pretend i wasn't still staring at her when i realised she wasn't at the pool, oh no she couldn't have gone home already surely, just as i hang my head low the chair to my right pulled back and someone sat next to was her!!!

"its rude to stare you know" she said, shit she knew what i had been up to, i just didn't know what to say, "my husband has gone on a boat trip but i told him i wasn't feeling well and would spend the day in the room" i was truggling so hard not to keep looking at her sitting there in her bikini and trying even harder to say something "well come on then" she prompted, "what?" i just about managed "well like i said i'm spending the day in my room i don't want to be alone and i have a hunch you want to keep!!!"

As soon as we got in her room she pounced on me the kissing was fast and furious i had hold of her arse it was lovely not to firm but far from saggy whilst being a good handful and i was getting more than my fair share, i moved my hands up her back and undid her bikini releasing those prize assets my god the looked great at 10 foot but at 10 inches the looked fucking amazing and i was like an a****l possesed as i groped sucked and licked all the while her groans getting louder and louder, i slipped my hand into her bikini bottoms at the same time as she released my throbbing cock from my swim shorts wh stood holding each other whilst she gently wanked my cock against her stomach whilst i rubbed her clit and teased her pussy, it wasn't long until she started tensing up ready for an orgasm as i was rubbing her clit god it was turning me on as she stood right in front of me sweating and moaning.

She caught me completely by surprise when just as she came she let go of my cock and cupped her hand under her pussy as she let out a scream, shuddered with an orgasm and squirted into her cupped hand, i had never seen a woman squirt before but by fuck it was horny and turned me on, a couple of seconds later she took her cupped hand full of her pussy juice and grabbed my cock rubbing it all over my head, balls and shaft, then dropped to her knees and licked and sucked all her cum off my cock....i was ready to burst i had never been so turned on in my life, but daren't cum as i didn't want to dissapoint.

we fucked hard all over the apartment doggy leaning on the dressing table in front of the mirror, she sat on the sink worktop while i drilled away, and several positions on the bed, in which time came again whilst on top of me again squirting all over me belly and chest and again she rubbed it in.
Then another first for me she got into the doggy position and asked me to fuck her in the arse, i was nervous and excited but so turned on i just obeyed. I was glad i did it felt fucking amazing my cock was so wet it slid straight in and the whole time she was groaning she fucking loved it and so did i, i could feel myself ready to cum and there was no way i was going to be able to hold this one back, i'm going to cum i yelled and she just groaned even more begging me too, i held her tight as i pumped her arse with what felt like a gallon of cum, i was shaking with pleasure it was easily the best cum of my life, she slowly slid forward of my cock which was still throbbing reached round and stuck a finger in her arse swerling the cum around before taking her finger out and sucking my cum off it....she was dirty as hell and i was loving it watching her greedily lapping up my cum.

I had 4 more days on holiday but we never spoke or touched again her husband was always by her side, we shared looks and smiles when people weren't looking, i will never see her again but will NEVER forget her!!!!!!
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4 months ago
I wish it was me!
4 years ago
Excellent way to spend a vacation!Quite nice.
4 years ago
excellent story.well done