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When i was at school i was sitting next to a girl in science class and one day, completely out of the blue whilst in the middle of a lecture she put her hand on my leg, being a teenager and horny 24/7 this meant an instant raging hard on barely contained in my jeans. After a nervous couple of minutes not sure what i was supposed to do i eventually built up enough courage to put my hand on her leg. She simply sighed a bit and smiled. after a few minutes she raised her arm to answer a question and when she put her hand back down she placed her hand much higher on my thigh so that her little finger was touching where my balls was...needless to say this had me throbbing and pulsating and getting very excited.

After a few more minutes i was asked a question and halfway through me answering the question she rather bashfully just cupped my package and began to massage softly....making talking almost impossibly hard, by now being subtle had gone out the window so i slid my hand between her legs and began to rub her love nest with my two smaller fingers...i dont think her intention was to make me cum but my god the excitement and naughtiness nearly had me there.

I was throbbing and tingling so hard and so so close to cumming when the bell went for the end of the lesson, everyone started to get up and as it became obvious we would have to stop she gave me one last good squeeze and that was all i needed, as i let go of her and went to grab my stuff...i shot my load in this day im not sure if she knows i did, but i dont think she realised. luckily it was the last lesson so i could get home and clean myself up.

all the way home i was thinking about what happened and how horny it all was and soon became very hard again. when i got home i ran upstairs to my bedroom to clean myself up. i shut the door and took off my jeans. the whole front of my pants was wet through, i could nt put these in the wash they were going in the bin! As i pulled them forward to have a look i saw one of the horniest sights i have ever seen my semi swimming in what looked like a bucket of cum god it was an awesome sight what a mess...what a horny mess. In an instant i was hard once again and began wanking my hard cock using all that cum as lubricant god it felt good and as i watched my foreskin sliding over my shiny shaft i let out a good moan and came all over my belly, laying there on the end of my bed covered in my own cum.
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