The moment my girlfriend realized I was a cuckold

"I've been CHEATING on you!" she screamed at me, tears filling her eyes. She was furious at me, and the threw me the biggest bomb she had. "Thats right, I've been fucking other men!!!!!!" She was hysterical in rage and anger at me.

I just sat there. Stunned. Shocked. Unsure of what to say or do next.

We had been together for just under a year. She was quite a catch, thin but with just the right curves. Small breasts, but legs and an ass to more than make up for it. in fact, except for a few emotional issues, she was way out of my league!

As for the emotional issues, they worked in my favor. This girl was a slut! She loved sex. She loved to talk about it. She loved to fantasize about it. And she loved to do it. Anywhere. I could just tap her on the rear at her workplace when we had lunch, and she'd be fired up when she got home five hours later! Blowjobs any time of the day. She'd try any fetish at least once. She was quite the girl.

But, as time went on we started drifting apart. I had my issues as well. I was a compulsive masturbator, and my fantasies were too deeply rooted to explain to her. I masturbated to wild BDSM fantasies, and fantasies where I was a slave to a strong man or woman. I never told her these feelings because she loved real, normal, strong-guy-meets-nympho-woman type sex. My masturbation usually left me too worn out to fulfill this wild woman! Our different views sent us down different paths.

As the sex tapered off, then the arguments came. We hadn't seen each other in almost a week when I came over to her house to get some things. Something happened, and then it all came out. Everything.

"HELLO??" She yelled. "You have anything to say?? I've been FUCKING CHEATING on your ass!!!!!"

I was stunned at her fury. Her emotion. Her anger. I was normally a pretty passive guy, but this had me absolutely paralyzed. I could not form word.

"Say something your stupid jerk!!" she yelled at me, tears running down her face.

"How many?" I asked feebly.

"Three of them. And they were awesome. They were awesome fucks!"

And then I said something that changed the course of our relationship. Forever.

"Were they better than me?" I said humbly.

She paused. She wiped the tears from her eyes. She sighed a bit. "No, they were not better than you..."

"Were they better than me? Did they fuck you better?" I asked again.

She looked at me. I was staring straight into her eyes. I wanted to hear something specific.

"No, Ken. No one was better than you."

And then I said it. I closed my eyes. "Tell me they were better than me."

She gasped. Her hands went to her mouth. "Ken!"

"Tell me they fucked you better than I ever did."

"Well," she bit her lip and smiled for a second. "One of them was black."

"yes?" I encouraged her.

"He was the only one who had a dick bigger than yours. He fucked pretty good."

"How much bigger was he?"

She held up her hands. She made an estimation of his circumference that was clearly bigger than me. I closed my eyes and sighed.

She came up to me, to kiss me softly. But her hands went down to my crotch.

"You fucking pervert!" she laughed. "You are hard as a rock!" She gasped again. "You like it when I fuck other guys, don't you!"

I turned beat red. IT was true. I was harder than I had been in months. Watching her face when she thought of them. Seeing her bite her lip at the memory. She was sooo hot!

She glared at me and slapped me in the face! "You dick! You fucking pervert! Wait... are you GAY???"

I shook my head no. She stood over me. "You're gay aren't you? Tell me the truth!"

"Fuck him again, tonight," I said.


"I want you to fuck him again, tonight," I said.

She almost fell back into the wall.

"You owe me," I said. "You cheated on me in the first place, right?"

She nodded.

"Then fuck him again. Call him right now. FUCK him again. TONIGHT."

She looked at me oddly.

I dug through her nightstand and handed her her phone. "Call him, right now."

She took the phone, unsure of what to do.

"I have never been more turned on on my life. Looking at you thinking about him makes me so fired up you have no idea. I want you to get fucked by him tonight. Fucked hard. Fucked WRONG! I want to hear you scream. I want to know you are being fulfilled by a big cock... bigger than mine. better than mine."

She didn't hesitate. While looking right at my eyes, she dialed his number and held the phone to her ear.

"Hey baby, its me," she said in a sultry voice. "Wanna get together tonight?"

I could hear in phone a black man's "Daaaaaamn girl!" She giggled as he spoke.

"Tonight," she said. "Yeah, I need some!"

I mouthed the words "RIGHT NOW"

"Actually, I need it right now baby," she said into the phone. Another "Daaaaammmnn"

I mouthed to her "RIGHT NOW!!!!"

"Now baby! I need you right now! I need some of that black dick right now," she said urgently. "No time for that, you gotta come over here right now." She listened. They she said in her sexiest voice ever, "I neeeeeeeeed your cock in me. My pussy neeeeeeeeeeds you baby." Then she smiled. "K, 15 minutes."

She hung up. Our hearts were racing. She jumped on me and kissed me deeper than we have ever kissed. I fell back on the bed. She reached down and felt my hardness under my pants.

"No touching, okay?" she said to me.

"Okay," I mumbled under her lips.

She was undressing on top of me. "You keep that dick hard while I get a real fucking from a black man," she smiled.

She was topless on me, getting wetter by the second as she ground into my crotch. Before I knew it, she was off of me, nude, and in the shower. The door was open so she could keep an eye on me, making sure I wouldn't touch myself. She quickly showered, dried, and was back on top of me.

"Lingerie!" she cried excitedly. She jumped back off of me, and ran into her closet. She came back in a super sexy corset she was lacing up the front. Her curves looked so good as she tightened the straps. It was then that I realized the corset had no bottoms. Her bare pussy lips prodded from between her legs, and I knew they were aching to be stretched.

"Babe, come and tie his up," she smiled. I jumped up and my trembling hands tied the knot right over her breasts, which were being squeezed out the top f her sexy corset. I leaned in to kiss her bosom as the doorbell rang. She buried my head in her chest, then pulled me up to her.

"NO TOUCHING YOURSELF," she said sternly. As I nodded, she kissed me as deeply as before and her tongue nearly choked me in the back of my throat. She pulled away, grabbed my hand, and pulled me behind her as she bounded down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs was the front door. Behind that door was a real man. Then man my girlfriend wanted. The man who could satisfy her. I started to walk away to hide, but she pulled me to the door. Before I could speak, she swung the door wide open. I could see her chest heaving as she laid her eyes on him.

He was a tall, muscular black man. Athletic. Young, maybe 25. Clean cut, short hair. Tall. Muscular. Did I mention that?

"Hey baby," my girlfriend cooed as she leaned against the door in a sexy pose. One leg with knees bend, showing off her thighs and pointed toes into the carpet. "Glad you could make it."

"Daaaammmmnnnnn." It was the same Daaammmmnnn from the phone. I can never forget it. He took a step it when he noticed me. He was reaching for her waist when he dropped his hands and starred at me. "Awwwww shit," she said. "Is this your boyfriend?" he asked.

My girlfriend smiled and nodded yes. He turned to me. "b*****r, man you don't understand, she called me up and told me to get over here. Man I ain't trying to start no shit..."

"Shhhhhh...." my girlfriend cooed. She grabbed his hand and raised his fingers to her mouth. She looked him in the eye as she began dragging her tongue across his finger tips. He was immediately silenced. She took two fingers into her mouth. Deep. She closed her eyes and sucked hard as she slowly pulled his finger out of her mouth. She whispered softly "It was his idea for me to call you. He's okay with it." She leaned into him. "He wants to watch you FUCK me."

He looked at me. "You cool with that?"

I nodded yes.

"Daaaaammmmmnnnnn. What, you got a tiny dick or something? You one-a those CUCKOLDS or something?"

My girlfriend and I looked at each other and smiled. I guess I was!

"Listen, I don't do no faggot stuff," he said. "I don't want him watching me do my thang and all, ya know?"

"Can he watch?" she asked him, beginning to slowly suck a few fingers.

"Daaammmn," he moaned. "Make him listen. Make his ass sit outside the door and he can hear me do you right."

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders as if to say "Guess that's all you get!"

Before I knew it, the door was closed, the deadbolt was locked, and she was now towing him up the stairs behind her, just as she was towing me down just a few seconds before. Her nude ass was bouncing up each step with her excitement. Her pussy lips glistened in their moistness, in his perfect view as he bounded up the stairs after her.

As I walked to the stairs to go up, all I heard was a SLAM of the bedroom door, and her giggling. Then silence. I walked up the stairs and knelt near the door. My face must have bumped the door, because I heard his voice say something and then she started laughing. Laughing hysterically. Probably laughing at me! I grew even harder at the thought of them laughing at me.

Then silence again. The silence was killing me. What were they doing. Moaning. Her moaning. She did that when someone was playing with her pussy. I could see her writhing on the bed. I could hear the covers shuffling as the moved around. Every now and then he would all her a bitch or a whore. She always moaned when a man called her a name like that.

SLAP! She cried out quickly and then laughed. SLAP! More cries. She hated spankings. Wait, she NEVER let me spank her. I would have LOVED to spank her sexy little ass. SLAP! SLAP! He cries grew more concentrated. She went from laughing to being quiet between the slaps. Harder now, now I could hear her moan. Not playful moans, but slightly painful moans. She was breathing in through her teeth. He was louder, I could hear him demanding that she say certain things.

He was good. He knew how to handle her. Every now and then I'd hear a big slap and she would yell FUCK at the top of her lungs. Pretty soon each slap had her yelling loud.

Then silence.

More moans. His moans. She was sucking his dick. I heard them moving. Moving closes. I could see shadows of feet under the door. She was sucking him right in front of my face, right behind the door.

"Yeah, bitch, you got it," He'd say. "You are good cocksucker. Hows that cock, slut?"

She would mumble with a cock in her mouth. "Is it bigger than that bitch outside?"


"Is it fatter?"


"You thing that faggot it out there stroking his dick, thinking about my big cock?"


He shoved his cock into her throat, causing her to gag. When she got off of him, she giggled at his aggression.

"Oh baby," she said. "I need this cock right now. Fuck me right now baby!"

I heard them stand up and go back to the bed. Then the pounding. Hard pounding. Wall shaking pounding. Screams from the pounding. But, unlike me, the poundings continued. After a few minutes, she would usually cum and I would cum and that would be the end of our sex.

Not with him. I heard her cum once. Then twice. This guy was a machine. Every time she came, it took more to make her cum again. But he had it. He could do it. He never let up. She would cum, he would let up and she could catch her breath. I could feel it in the house. He would then fuck her HARDER than he just did. And LONGER. And she would scream louder. She would scream and he would know how close she was. And as she got closer, he would make her go over the edge.

She came a total of four times, by my count. And then it was his turn. This stud didn't cum those first four times. He could hold back. But now it was his turn, so he had to amp it up. He had to give her even more so he could get off. The walls shook again. The headboard beat against the bedroom wall, knocking a clock off the wall in the next room. Suddenly I heard a loud cry from her. A long cry. She was yelling and not stopping. YELLING. A constant yell. Holy crap. It was her FIFTH ORGASM!

I heard them collapse on each other. The breathing. She moaning. The aching. Silence. More silence.

I looked down, and I was drenched in my own precum. One minute led to five, led to ten, led to fifteen.

Then I started to hear then talking. The talk lovers make. The quiet giggles, and the compliments on each others performance.

As I strained to listed, the door flew open.

"Alright Bitch," he looked at me. "She's all yours. Go cuddle with her or whatever you are gonna do. I'll be back this weekend to get more a dat!"

He walked past me, putting his shirt on, and walked right out the front door. Its like he was never there.

But he was. And he left his mark. The room was hot and musty. It smelled lie sex and sweat. The sheets were torn off the bed. Its like a tornado had rolled through. And then I saw her.

Nude. Lying on her back. One hand off the bed, one hand over her belly. I was watching her belly rise and fall with her soothing breaths. Her breasts slightly falling to either side of her torso. Her black hair strewn all over the pillow. One leg up, the other fallen to the side. She was relaxed.

She looked over and motioned for me to come closer.

I approached her, and she whispered "Thank you."

I looked perplexed. She whispered again. "Thank you for understanding that you can be my boyfriend, and still let me have this kinda sex."

I smiled and grabbed her hand. She whispered again, "Now I want you."

I looked at her. My cock was raging for her. I smiled big. I stripped my clothes and jumped up on the bed. I was ready for action! My heart was racing.

I straddled her and slid my cock in between her breasts, and began slowly pumping into her tits. She look unamused, and I slowly slid my dick all the way forward to her lips. Her ruby lips always felt so good on my cock.

"No sweety, no not that," said rolling her head to one side and pushing my dick from her face. "Get off."

I unmounted her. She lowered my hips to hers and grabbed me in a hug. She kissed me softly. So softly. So softly it could almost put me to sl**p. My engorged dick felt her hot pussy lips and instantly I got invigorated. I raised my hips to get an angle that would allow me to penetrate her.

"No baby, not that," she said softly. "I just want you right now." She kissed me again.

Oh no. I was ready. I needed her. I had to have her. What did I do??!!

"Baby, I need you," I said softly. "I need you as much as you needed him."

She smiled. "Oh sweety, its different now. I cant go back to that." she smiled softly. I laughed nervously. "Baby, I just want to have you here. This is what I need from you right now."

I lowered my head and tried to relax. I tried to let myself down, but then I heard her gasp.

"Let me show you something," she smiled. "Get up."

I raised my hips as she grabbed my dick and slowly touched it to her pussy.

"Go in," she said in her sultry voice. "Slowly."

I penetrated my girlfriend as I have done several times before. Only this time I was harder, and gentler than I have ever been.

She breathed in as she took me all in. Then out hips touched, she grabbed my ass and held me there.

"You feel that?" she said in her voice.

"Yes Baby," I said. I began rocking into her. She tapped my ass.

"No moving. Just feel it," she said. "You feel how loose it is?"

I did. She was torn apart. Usually she grabs my whole shaft tightly.

"Thats what a real man does to me," she moaned. "You feel how hot it is?"

Heat was radiating from her crotch as soon as I got in the room.

"Thats from him rubbing me so raw I was bleeding!" she cooed, biting her lip again.

"You feel how wet it is?" She whispered as she bit my lip. Her breath made my dick strain to the hardest its ever been. Ever. I nodded slowly, wanting to pump her full of my cum.

"That wetness is another man's CUM," she smiled.

Instantly I was horrified. I tried to get out, but her hands held my ass tight. We rolled on the bed as I tried to get free, realizing I was in a pool of that stranger's semen.

She laughed. Not just a giggle, but a laugh as I freaked out!

I began to clam down, realizing this had been my dream all along. My dream of submission to her. My dream of humiliation. My dream of being cuckolded. My dream of being aroused and denied. She was my dream.

"There is one more thing," she said softly. "He thinks it would be a good idea to put you in a chastity cage. Its a little device that slides over your dick and locks, and it keeps you from getting an erection or touching yourself."

I looked at her, silently.

She was perplexed. "You know what that is?" she asked.

"I do," I said to her. "I was just about to ask you if we could try that."

Her eyes lit up. Her mouth gaped open. We connected. Earlier we were about to break up. We were yelling and crying. And now we connected like never before.

And she knew all my dirty little secrets!

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