[CUCKOLD] My cuckold proposal

I writhed in pain. My wrists, bound tightly to the bedposts, were lashed tighter than ever before. Certainly tighter than needed. My hips and thighs ached in pain as my body flexed and twisted away from the bed, but my ankles kept me firmly in place.

And my cock. Rigid like never before. No longer throbbing in ecstasy. Aching in pain. Balls full of two months of not cumming. Clogged. Unreleased. My orgasm begging to come out, and aching after 30 minutes of her "playing" with me. Teasing me. Bringing me to the edge once, then twice, then thirteen more times. Not releasing me. Relentlessly tormenting my aching sexuality. Taunting me and arousing me. Always reminding me that I was her chastised cuckold husband/toy!

And it was then that she whispered the words that would forever me. She leaned in close and bit my ear.

"Marry me."

Those two words stunned me to the core. I stopped my squirming. I stopped feeling my pain and my anguish. She smiled deeply into my eyes. She watched my eyes flow down her face, down her arm, and focus squarely on her wedding ring. The one I gave her 8 years ago. The one she cried when she got. The one she told me was more beautiful than the shining sea at sunrise. The one she showed to all her friends. The one she said "YES!" to when I gave it to her. OUR wedding ring.

She smiled as she watched me put the pieces together.

"You want to ask why I want to marry you... when we already are married, don't you?" she said in a low, hushed voice. I nodded, confused.

"You see, DEAR," she said sarcasticly, "I thought I was marrying a man the day you proposed to me. But I was wrong, wasn't I?" I nodded again.

"Was I wrong?"

"Yes dear," I said cautiosly.

"And why do you think I don't think you are a man anymore?" she asked in a very demeaning way.

"Because I like it when you have sex with other men," I said quietly.

"Fuck," she corrected me. "You like it when I FUCK other men, and when other men FUCK me. We used to have sex, but I FUCK other men."

"Because I like it when you fuck other men," I muttered.

"And..." she egged me on.

"And I like it when you put me in chastity," I said.


"And I like it when you tease and deny me. I like when you take charge. I like when you..."

"yeah, yeah, yeah," she cut me off. "You like it when I don't treat you like a man." She smiled big. "And you like it when I enjoy the company of real men. Does that sound like you are a good husband?"

"No Ma'am," I said quietly.

"Do husbands let their wives lock their dicks up and keep them from orgasming for 6 weeks?" she giggled. "Seriously, how long has it been?"

"7 weeks," I said, not saying aloud the additional four days, and probably eleven hours. But who is counting?

"So. By the way things sound to me... I should be back on the market, shouldn't I?" she said. I was quiet. "But you don't want that, do you? You don't want to lose me." She leaned in very, very close to my face. "You CAN'T lose me! You would be LOST without me, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"And you know what, cuckold?" she sat up straight. "I don't want to lose you either! I still love you, can you believe that? I still want you here, to love me and cherish me. I just want... well... I just want a new beginning, that's all. I want to make it clear, what we really have. I want to make sure we get married as a true Wife and Cuckold."

She began stroking my cock again. This time firmly and with rhythm. My eyes closed. She was taking me close again. I was firm in her grasp and helpless.

"So what do you say?" she smiled from ear to ear. "Will you make me the happiest wife in town? Will you be my cuckold husband??!!"

"I-I do!" I exclaimed, nearing the top of my excitement.

"Awww," she smiled. "I'm so happy!"

I knew at this moment, she was through. She was going to release her grip and let my orgasm fade away like so many other have been lost before. I prepared myself for the blueball to ensure... probably the biggest and bluest of my life.

But she continued... tightening her grip and adding a small twist on the head of my dick that I have not felt in a year since we began our cuckold and chastity relationship. She joined my rhythm with her body, grinding on my leg with each thrust of her hand on my dick. Slowly, she tightened some more... and ground me faster. I was past the point of no release.... I was helpless. All I could do was hope she continued to bring to to a place of immense pleasure... and place I hadn't been in years! She saw my eagerness, and quickly clamped her hand as tight as it could possbily squeeze my cock. She pumped it vigorously.

"Cum for me BITCH!" she explained. She had never called me that before. She never used such profanity in the bedroom with me. The words shocked me. My eyes sprung open at being called a BITCH. I was a BITCH. I was HER BITCH. The thought finished me. My eyes rolled back and my balls sprung forth a load the size of which they never expelled before. But my wife's hand blocked the path. Pumping me harder, she encouraged more release but all of which was denied exit by her firm grip. I looked into her eyes, they were playfully evil as she controlled my most primitive emotion.

And as my balls began to give up the fight. She stopped her motion. There was a pause in the air, the earth was still. All life ceased to exist for that brief moment. And then her hand released me.

And with the thunder of th most violent hurricane, and the f***e of a tsunami, I was allowed to cum. Not a tease and denial cum. Not a 'I have 30 seconds so I can give myself a quickie' cum. A real cum. But not even a manly cum. Not a 'I fucked this bitch and came' kinda cum. This was a thunderous cum. An unnatural cum. This is the kind of pent-up cum that could only cum from a wife dedicated to preserving her husband for weeks and then causing years and years of eagerness and yearning and sexual frustration release all at one glorious time.

I could feel the ripples of the volume of semen course through my dick as my body expelled them with vigor. I shuddered as every muscle in my body thought they were part of the act... even my calfs and toes contracted as if to squeeze every drop of semen from my body, having learned from past experience that the opportunities do not come often.

And after that meeting with the angels, I relaxed. I came to my senses. The world again began to operate normally. I opened my eyes to her. She was more beautiful than I had ever seen in her. I had always loved her, but now it blossomed. Now she had come from heaven to be with me.

She giggled as she reached forward and used a finger to grab cum from the headboard. Not just the headboard, but the wall ABOVE the headboard!

"Quite a show," she laughed. I smiled at her, awash in my love for her. She leaned in to kiss me deeply.

"So," she whispered just an inch from my face. "Will you be my cuckold?"

I smiled big. "Yes Ma'am, I would love to be your cuckold."

"Good," she said sitting up. "And just so you know, what I just gave you was a manly orgasm. Cuckolds don't get those. Ever."

She stood up over me.

"That was the last time you will ever be treated like a man. Do you still want to be a cuckold?"

"Yes," came my response without hesitation.

She smiled proudly. Without saying a word, she stripped her self bare in front of me. She straddled my chest with her pussy so near to me. She inched herself up to my face, and before immersing me in her sex said "Now, this is how a cuckold thanks his wife." With that, she slid forward and ground me until she had her fill of the evening.

Three times.
60% (3/2)
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