Vacation changed our marriage!

We had been married for 11 years now. Our marriage was great for an 11 year old marriage. We were very much in love, and had reached that point of "experimenting" in our marriage to spice it up.

One of our spices revolved around male chastity. We played with it on and off. Admittedly, it was my idea and I was always fascinated with the idea of giving my wife full control of me. During a session in chastity, and with a bit of wine in us, we booked an all-inclusive week in Cancun for a bit of fun. We looked forward to it.

During the weeks leading up to our vacation, my wife challenged me to two weeks of chastity. I would be released during our first night on the beach. I dutifully obliged, and treated her to two weeks of obedience and oral sensations!

Finally in the hotel in Cancun, I stripped to my bare body as my wife dressed in her bikini in the bathroom. When she emerged, I fully expected her to release me, and we would have wild sex beyond our imaginations. What happened shocked me!

"Aren't we going to the beach, honey?" she smiled.

I smiled back, looked down at my lock, and back up to her.

She glanced at my cage. "Oh, I almost forgot!" She walked to her suitcase and grabbed and handful of items, one of which was a pair of scissors. I assumed the scissors were to cut the plastic lock she used so I could get through security.

She walked over to me, and my dick was pulsing in the cage, begging for release. Her smell aroused me even more. She sensation of her body near me was intensifying my dick's struggle to grow in its cage. She was so sexy for a 35-something-year-old.

I leaned my head back and moaned as I felt her grab my cage. She was slowly fiddling with it as I leaned it, eyes closed, and smelled her hair. I fondled her ass as I suddenly heard the "click" I was so familiar with. I froze.

Looking down, she had locked the metal lock back on my cage! She was now cutting away the plastic lock as I grabbed her hands.

"I thought we were going to let me out," I asked patiently.

"Today," she whispered softly. "We agreed to let you out today. There is still a lot of time left, isn't there? Why, we just had lunch!"

I reluctantly let go of her hands. A promise was a promise, I thought. And I do love her taking control like this. In fact, this is the most controlling and accepting of this little "kink" she has ever been. It was pretty hot. To play along, when she was finished I whispered a small "Thank You" in her ear. She smiled at that. As she took a step back, I lowered myself to my knees. She knew what I was doing.

"Oh Jim," she smiled. "Why not?"

She walked towards me and filled my view with her crotch. Grabbing my hair, she pulled me in close and buried me deep in her bikini bottom. I dutifully sucked and played with her lips as she puller her bottoms aside and gave me full access to her sweet, soft mound.

It only took her seconds to begin shivering in her stance, as she orgasmed quickly to my face. I love her pleasures. They make me feel so useful when I am chaste for her!

She stepped back and that's when I felt the pain from my cage surge through my body. Two and a half weeks of chastity was taking its toll. I was pent up and desperate to be let out. Tonight was only a few hours away!

I stood up, dressed in swim trunks, and followed my wife out the door. We arrived on the beautiful beach in a few short steps through the crowded lobby. On the beach, we found a couple of beach chairs near a volleyball net. We settled in. Finally relaxing on the beach, I noticed my cage causing an abnormally large bulge on my swimwear. My wife seemed to notice too, as she mentioned I'll probably be attracting a lot of these girls around us. I gave her a small laugh.

And that's when I realized our surroundings. College k**s. Everywhere. Oh no, I thought. Spring Break! As far as I could see, there was nothing but washboard stomached boys and perfect 10 girls. No one was over the age of 25! Breasts were exploding out of bikini tops every where I looked. Jocks with arms the size of logs walked with models in tow. I looked at my wife. Yeah, she noticed them too!

I tried my best not to get an erection at all of the girls around, but it was impossible to avoid. My bl**d flow caused my cage to rise even higher, making it look like I was almost hiding an orange in my pants. My wife giggled "See anything you like hon?" She smiled "Bet that doesn't feel good does it?"

I looked at her, "It's alright. I can manage."

"I bet you can," she said, rolling onto her stomach. "Now be a good boy and put some lotion on me."

I did as I was told, trying to prevent myself from getting even more turned on as I rubber ever square inch of her body. As I finished on her feet, she rolled over onto her back.

"Reach into my bad and grab your keys," she said, putting on her sunglasses and her sunhat.

"My keys?" I asked.

"Yeah, your cock keys," she said, just loud enough for someone else to hear, but probably not loud enough that they actually could hear. I reached through her bag and found the keys, on a small bracelet. She held her foot out to me, and I instantly realized she was wanting to wear my keys on her ankle. OMG! She had been reading about the cuckolding lifestyle! And anklet, especially one with keys, is a sign to others in the lifestyle. I instantly grew hard in my cage again!

She smiled at her new jewelry. When I sat down, she told me she was on the computer the other night and found out about the whole world of cuckoldry and female led marriages. She was telling me how much it turned her on, and she got off on the idea several times that night. She said that's why she kept me locked up this afternoon. She was getting hot doing things like that.

"You said cuckolding," I said. "Do you know what that means?"

"Do YOU?" she said, rolling over and looking at me from above her glasses.

I paused. "Sure," I said.

"Tell me," my wife ordered with a smile.

"Its when a woman is allowed to find men outside a marriage but the husband stays faithful," I said.

"Is ALLOWED?" my wife remarked. "I'm not sure she needs to be ALLOWED to do anything. Besides, isn't the husband the one who needs permission to do things?"

She had really been reading! "You've been reading about this, huh?" I smiled, my heart racing.

She smile. "I see you have too," she rolled back onto her back and put her sunglasses up. "Go get us some drinks," she barked. Was she mad??

I got up and got drinks for us, and set them down by her. I sat down quietly and started reading a book. A few moments later, my wife barked at me "Oh Jim, cover that thing up!" I dropped my book, and looked at her. A large group of very attractive women were walking directly in front of us. My wife made sure to speak loud enough to catch their attention and cause them to look my way. She reached over to my book, ripped it out of my hands and used it to tent the cage in my pants which appeared to be an erection. The girls giggled, and my wife mouthed the words "I'm sorry" to them and shook her head. When they were gone, my wife looked at me and smiled, "We're going to have fun this week, sweety!"

I went back to reading, and without warning my wife took her empty drink and set it on my chest in my book. "I'm empty," she ordered. I lowered my book and looked at her. She would not acknowledge my look, but again I noticed that she chose to say this in a voice that caught the attention of another group of girls who looked my way. I kinda liked the humiliation game she was playing.

"Yes Dear," I smiled at her, getting up. I returned with fresh drinks, and again she still wouldn't acknowledge me.

"Did I upset you dear?" I asked.

She huffed and pulled her glasses down and glared at me. "You seemed to know what a cuckold was. How many times have you masturbated to that?"

I was shocked! I turned to see if anyone heard. "Honey," I said. I stopped, almost getting angry at her anger at me. "You seemed to know too."

She sat up. "I'm not the one with a little cock locked up?" she said. A few girls were looking this way but I don't think they heard.

"What does that have to do with anything?" I asked.

"Everything," she gazed off. She looked like she was fighting back tears. "How long have you fantasized about me fucking other men?"

"Now wait!" I said. Our voices were rising uncontrollably. "I never said that."

"I know you didn't," she said. She leaned in to me. "I asked you how LONG your dreamed of me FUCKING OTHER MEN!" Yup. Everyone heard that one. All eyes were on us. I was beat red.

"I haven't..." I started.

"Look me in the eye Jim, and tell me you NEVER jerked off to the thought of me FUCKING ANOTHER MAN."

I sat still, shoulders slung. The attention was unbearable.

"I see," she said, sitting back. "So you want me to fuck another man."

"NO!" I stammered.

"ENOUGH," she said sternly. "GO back to the room and wait for me."

I sat still, with eyes wide open. There were three separate groups of people all looking at us now. I couldn't believe she spoke to me this way.

"Jim..." she started. "Go back to the room and wait for me." Her voice was cold as ice.

I stood up.

"Excuse me?" she said.

"Huh?" I asked.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing," I said. Girls around us were covering their mouths and giggling.

"Yes Ma'am is what you said, right?" she ordered. The giggles grew louder and I even heard a few "Oh my god"s!

"Yes Ma'am," I said as I grabbed my towel and went back to the room. I walked past several whispers and giggles as I made my way to the lobby, up the elevator, and to the room. I was pissed!!!!

I sat on the balcony and read and thought about my predicament as I waited. One hour turned into two. Into two and a half. Just before the third hour, I heard the door open.

She sauntered in, obviously d***k. I stood up to give her a piece of my mind. Just as I was about to speak, she jumped on me. "That was so fucking hot, I can't believe it!"

She was kissing me as I muffled "What?"

She looked at me. "OMG, talking dirty to you like that! That's what we need to do more of! I loved it. Was so wet making you my bitch!" I've never seen her smile so big before. Instantly I thought this whole thing was a charade. I began to embrace her and return her advances. I grabbed her ass and pulled her tight. She moaned as she accepted and kissed me deep.

"I thought you were serious out there," I said between making out.

"I was, and I loved it," my d***k wife responded. She pulled me to the bed. She pulled my swim trunks down and sat on the bed. She kissed my cage and took it in her mouth. She sucked my dick viciously, albeit in the cage. I smiled, and erected strongly in my cage.

She teased me for 3 minutes before she fell back on her back and slid up the bed. She spread her legs wide and motioned for me to service her again.

I grabbed her leg with my keys and reached for her anklet. When I touched it, she giggled and said "C'mere Jim."

I smiled and leaned in. She kissed me on the lips, then pushed my chest away, and did something I NEVER expected. She smiled HUGE and SLAPPED me across the face!!! I was shocked, I didn't know what to say!

"You don't touch those!" she smiled. "Only me."

"Okay," I said, reeling from my surprise. "Can you please unlock me. MA'AM!" I said playfully.

She giggled. "Nope. I think one more night will teach you to not touch them... or beg for release."

My heart sank. "Baby, I don't know if I can go another night. I want you now!"

"I know you do," she smiled. "And I love it when you want me. Now be good and show me how much you want me." She pushed my head down to her groin. For the second time today, I finished her good. She writhed and moaned for first time. She groaned and yelped the second time. And then she had a third one, just for fun!

When she finished, she pulled me up to the bed next to her. We cuddled and kissed, as if we just had sex. She did, but I didn't. She was kissing me softly, and touched my body all over. She began to tell me all of her cuckolding fantasies. Controlling me. Making me a slave to her. Keeping me in chastity. She told me all the times she got off thinking about it. She told me how much she loved the fantasy, but that it was only a fantasy, and tomorrow she would let me out and we would have the best sex of our lives. I kissed her deep and told he rI loved her fantasy too.

It was time for a late dinner, and my wife told me to dress up. I put on slacks and a nice pressed shirt, and was STUNNED when she emerged from the bathroom. Never, ever before have I seen my wife so sexy. So provocative. So desirable. So SLUTTY!

She clicked out of the bathroom in six inch platform stiletto heels. Her left leg d****d up he slit in her dress to her thigh, her right leg totally enclosed by the purple cloth. The dressed hugged her hips tight and captured every curve up to her DD breasts. The dress was cut to expose her cleavage, and it d****d down across her right shoulder, across her breasts, to under her right arm leaving her right shoulder bare. Her left breast cleavage was exposed, but her right breast was VERY exposed. Her nipple was almost visible above the dress. She spun around, and I saw her back was cut all the way down to her ass. As she spun, I swear I caught a glimpse of her pussy.

I gulped, "Are you wearing underwear?"

She click her heels over to me. "Nope." kiss. She spun, grabbed a purse, and walked out the door. I followed as best I could, but she kept a few steps ahead of me. In fact, when I tried to walk beside her, she held her hand out to keep me just behind her.

We dashed down the elevator to the main lobby level. As we walked out of the elevator, I heard a girl say "Hey Sara, looking good!" I spun around to see a gaggle of girls looking in our direction.

"You know them?" I asked my wife.

She was waving at the group. "They were hanging out with me at the beach when I sent you to your room," she said. "They are fun!"

We were seated at the restaurant and quickly our waiter came over, offering us our drinks. We started with a lovely appetizer for two and suddenly found ourselves alone. Before I could speak, she started.

"So how many days have you been locked up now... 19?" she asked.

"18, I think," I said.

"So what does it feel like?"

"Hard to explain." I said. "Most of the time, I just feel a dead weight between my legs. Its like I have something there that subtly reminds me of my predicament. But when I get an erection, its like I have a plastic claw clamping down on my dick, and trying to rip my balls off."

"Aww, baby," she smiled. "Does it make your erection go away faster?"

"Oh yes," I said.

"And what about your libido?" she asked.

"That part is pretty awesome... most of the time," I tried to explain. "It makes me feel totally sexual, all the time. I am always thinking about sex. I am always wanting sex. And I think about YOU. 24/7. Its all you. Its like this causes a connection between me and you. Its like I live to see you smile, to know you are satisfied now."

She bit her lip and sat up straight. "Really?" she whispered. "Then why would I ever let you out??" she smiled proudly.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I guess because when I am locked up, its locked up from you too."

She nearly spit out her drink in a burst of laughter. "Awww, you're a pretty big man to think of yourself that way," she winked at me. I smiled at her diss.

She leaned in close to me, her heavy breasts flowing down. It was impossible not to notice them. "Its so fucking hot when you are locked up. You have no idea. I'm so fucking wet all day long thinking..."

"Senorita y mi Amigo..." the waiter interrupted, setting down a steaming appetizer between us. We slowly ate the wonderful appetizer and ordered our meal.

When we were again alone, she broke the silence.

"So when did you start fantasizing about being a cuckold?"

I nearly choked. "I didn't say I did."

"Jim," she glared at me. "I know you jerked off. I know you jerked off a lot."

My face glowed red.

"Jim, when did you first start fantasizing about me fucking other men?"

I looked around, slouching my shoulders. "Please, lets keep our voices down," I whispered. "We've been drinking and are a little loud."

"Oh Jim," she said. "When are you going to learn. Only you care. Don't be so concerned about other people. Now just tell me. How long has it been?"

"Honey, I didn't"

"JIM!" she slapped her hand on the table. Now that did get some attention. I looked at the other diners, then returned my gaze to my wife. She never looked away from me for a moment. Her stare was ice cold. "I'm going to ask you again, how long has it been?"

"I guess a few years," I said. "Its never been a big fantasy, just a few passing thoughts."

She chuckled. "Passing thoughts, huh?" She shook her head. "So tell me about these fantasies."

I shrugged my shoulders again. "Nothing really," I said. I looked up o see her glaring at me, the same glare she just had when she shouted my name. I didn't want her to erupt again. "Really, Sara..."



"Ma'am," she corrected me sternly. "Tonight, its Ma'am."

I cleared my throat. I looked at her. She was so beautiful. So Solid. So in charge. I leaned in to whisper to her "Sa... Ma'am. When you talk to me like this... THIS is my biggest fantasy."

She leaned back and smiled. "Jim, that's the most honest thing you ever said to me in years." She couldn't hold back her smile. Its like she had a breakthrough with me. She didn't realize I though I was having a breakthrough with her!

"So you want me to be your Mistress..."

"No no no," I said. "I want you to be my wife. A Mistress is sounds like a whips and chains thing. Its a fantasy thing. I want you to be my wife. And I want to make you happy. All this time. Every day. No on and off stuff. All the time. And its YOU. Some men want whips and chains and pay a Mistress to do that. Thats happens then goes away. I want you. Only you, all the time. And want what YOU want. What makes YOU happy. I doubt that is whips and chains."

She smirk on her face faded. "Jim..." she trailed off. She cocked her head. "Jim this goes back quite a ways, doesn't it," she said. "Jim, I want you to be honest with me from this moment on. No dancing around the issues. No lying. Honesty. This is your moment to tell me everything. Jim, when is the first time you ever imagined me in charge of you?"

I sat for a second.

"No lying Jim. Honest answers only."

"I guess..." I trailed off. "Honestly?"


"The night we met."

Her jaw dropped. "Holy shit Jim! Really?


She sat in an awkward silence.

"I didn't mean..."

"Quiet. No questions right now." she barked. "Jim, when we were married, how often did you masturbate?"

I turned red and looked around at who could be listening. I leaned in to whisper to her to stop this line of questioning, but her glare stopped me. I sat back.

"Be honest Jim, don't fuck this up."

"If I am honest, I might fuck this up," I said meekly.

She gasped. "It was a lot, wasn't it?" I nodded. "Oh Jim, how much? 3 times a week."

I looked down.

"4 times?"

"About that."

"So 4 times?" she asked.

"On a slow week, yes," I admitted.

She leaned in. Her heavy breasts falling onto the table again. She leaned over and stared me in the eyes with the most direct gaze I have ever been given.

"Jim," she started. "How many times did you masturbate to me getting fucked by other men?"

I looked at her. "What will happen if I answer you honestly? How is this going to change us?"

She smirked. "Doesn't matter," she smiled. "We're already changed. Now, bitch, answer my question."

I held up the number 4 with my fingers.

"On a slow week, I bet?" she smiled.

I nodded.

"You filthy pig," she remarked. "C'mere." She motioned for me to lean in.


She smacked me across my face, and it stung! It certainly got the attention of the restaurant. "You fucking pig," she said.

"Babe, are you smiling?" I asked. I swear I could see a faint smile cross her lips.

She looked up and couldn't hold it back. She grinned wickedly.

"Hey Sara!" a voice said. "I though I heard you yelling at your husband!"

"Oh, hi!" my wife replied. "Are you guys here for dinner?"

"Oh, no," she said. Behind her a group of 10 girls gathered. "We're going to a club down the street. I wanted to show your anklet to a friend of mine, she didn't believe me when I told her what it was."

I turned beat red and froze. I wife looked at me out of the corner of her eye to see how I was doing. She smiled from ear to ear.

"Now who doesn't believe?" she asked with a sly smile.

"This is Rache," the girl said, pointing to a girl next to her.

"There is no way," the girl, Rache said to my wife.

My wife smiled big, and held her sexy leg out from under the table. Dangling from just above her sexy high heel were the keys to my 18 day prison.

"Baby, why don't you tell Rache what this anklet means."

I looked at her.

"Jim," she glared at me. "Go on and tell them. That's an order from your wife!" she smiled. The girls chuckled.

I fumbled my words. "Its the keys to my chastity device." I said quietly and meekly.

"Huh?" my wife said, holding her hand to her ear.

"Its the keys to my chastity device." I said louder.

"Whats a chastity device?" the first girl asked? "I thought you said it was a hot wife anklet?" she asked Sara.

"Thats part of it," my wife said. "But Jim will tell you the rest."

I looked at her. "You told them it was a hot wife anklet?" She nodded. "You didnt tell them about the chastity?" She shook her head no.

"But now you get to tell them, Jim!" she smiled. "Go on and explain."

"Yeah Jim, explain!" a girl exclaimed. They all laughed. I was humiliated.

"I wear a cage on my privates," I explained. "It is locked on, and she wears the key on her ankle."

They were all silenced.

"It locks on?" a girl asked. "What does it do?"

"What does it do Jim," my wife said, smiling big.

"It keeps me from getting an erection," I said quietly.

"And..." my wife continued.

I slouched down. I couldn't do anymore. I began to tremble a bit.

"Jim here, wears a device on his little manhood," my wife said, making a small sign with her hand as she explained. "Jim asked me to put it on him and lock it because it keeps him from masturbating. He used to masturbate too much."

"Sara!" I exclaimed.

"Jim, no talking," she replied quickly.

"Ooooooo," a couple girls echoed.

"Yeah JIM," another girl said.

"Jim can't touch himself, and he can't have a 'release' unless I unlock him," she continued. "It makes him very docile, and loving. He's kind of like a sex slave now. And girls, he is HORNY!"

They all chuckled.

"This cage keeps him from getting erect, so when all you beauties walk around in your bikinis in front of him, he is straining in is ittle-bittle cage!"

"Awwwwwww," one girl cooed.

"Awwwww, poor Jimmy!" said another.

"He probably needed to go up to his room today," another said.

My wife nodded. "You know, you're right. He probably needed that. Maybe tomorrow we'll keep him out by the beach!"

"Yeah!" they exclaimed.

"Sara, we are going to go to this hot club tonight. You have to come with us!" the first girl said. "You look HOT!"

"I would, but Jim needs me tonight," she booed. "See, he's been locked up for almost a month now."

"Awww, Jim won't mind," one girl said.

"Yeah Jim, c'mon," another said.

"Ladies, you don't understand," Sara said. "He needs to be 'let out.' He's about to explode after 18 days.

"Ewwwww," a couple of them said.

"I know," Sara said, smiling at me.

"He can wait one more night," the first girl said. "You should come out with us. I bet he won't mind."

Sara looked at me. Gawd she was hot in her dress! "Well?" she asked me. "Should we go?"

I glared at her. I was humiliated. I was horny. I had been promised a release and hadn't gotten it. I had spilled my guts to my wife today and I wasn't sure how she was taking the news. I just wanted to go upstairs, take this cage off, and move on with cleaning up the mess I made of our relationship.


"I really don't want to," I said.

She shrugged at the girls. She stood up, and walked in front of me. She pulled my chair out from the table. She stood directly in front of me. This goddess in a purple dress, screaming sexy from head to stiletto toe, was standing inches from me. She put her bare leg up, and stepped firmly on my chair, nearly crushing my caged dick. Her knee was at my chest, and her dress had fallen away from her leg. Her thigh was exposed alllll the way up to her hips. There was only one small fold of fabric covering her sweet pussy from everyone's view. She leaned over. Way over towards me. Way over. Her breasts fell from her heavenly body, nearly touching her thighs. I was in awe.

"Jim, I want to go," she said to me. She reached her hand out and lifted my chin to look up at her. "'I' want to go."

I looked at her. The girls were silent except for a few 'oh my gods.' "Babe I really..."

"Ma'am," she interrupted. A few girls snickered.

"Ma'am," I repeated. "I really don't want..."

"Jim," she interrupted. "I'm not going to say it again. I want to go."

I got it. It wasn't up to me. It was up to her. I nodded.

"Okay, we can g..."

"Yes Ma'am," she corrected.

I looked at her eyes. She was a fox!

"Yes Ma'am," I repeated.

"And you are not giving me permission," she said. As she spoke, she slid her foot under my 18-day-engorged balls. I sat up and the dull pain this induced. "You are honoring my desires," she smile. "I don't need your permission... after all, I'm wearing the keys!"

The girls laughed at that.

"Yes Ma'am," I said.

"Good," she smiled, kissing me. "Girls, you don't mind if Jim comes with us, do you?"

"ummmm," one girl hemmed.

"We we're planning on that," the first girl said.

"I know he's a drag, but he's great to have at a bar," Sara said. "He's great protection, he is a savior when a lowlife hits on you," she explained. "And he loves buying drinks for pretty girls like you all!"

They instantly agreed to let me join in.

"Oh girls, we are going to have some fun tonight!" Sara said.
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