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Kids:No, and do not want any
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About Me
Just a guy. Thank you for asking/looking.

Not here to do much more than look. Isn't that the purpose of porn? LOL.

Am I a "friend collector"? Yes because that is one of the actions one can do on a Social Porn Site. If my friends request bugs you, ignore it.

Do I cam. No, have one but don't really have the bandwidth.

Though I am not hung up on an age difference between a sexual partner and myself ...I know that I am too old for those twenty-something. Young ladies I am not fantasizing about your nubile bodies - you are all very pretty. I don't mind being someone's sugar daddy but not her daddy figure.

I have been into/enjoying porn for about 45+ years, since adolescence when I found some Playboys magazines in the field behind my house and poorly hid them. Mom found my stash and burned them. But I had hidden the foldouts in a separate location. Always remember: "prior planning prevents piss poor performance".

Porn of that era was quite tame by today's standards. Pethouse Magazine showed pubic hair; Playboy did not. And at that time, to the best of my knowledge, woman did not trim their hair in the genital area as the do today. Moralities and taboos vary over time.

To the following women who molded my youth with their beauty: Judy Tyler (Jan `66), Tish Howard (Jul `66), Dianne Chandler (Sep `66), Connie Kreski (Jan `68), Sally Sheffield (May `69), Nancy McNeil (Jul `69),& Claudia Jennings (Nov `69) thank you.

I add photos to my photo favorites to express my appreciation to those who have given me a glimpse of their beauty. Or because I just wanted too.

I am not here to date or hook up. I am not here to bug you with cam request nor will I send you unsolicited photos. Nor, if I send you a message, do I expect you to answer. I appreciate any reply that I would receive - but my time spent here is for my own entertainment; you are not obligate to act in my fantasy.

Humans have five senses and our sexuality is wire into our anatomy through those senses. Porn sites allow one to play with the wiring.

I will post the standard disclaimer message before I upload anything even slightly pornographic.

~//~ ..........[The char string: ~//~ has been part]
...............[of my internet signature since 1994.]
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4 months ago
Great libidos think alike Mr. Tomcat :)
4 months ago
very nice collection you have accumulated...good variety....compliments
5 months ago
Fed Up with the ratings system!. Vote and comment now here: http://suggestions.xhamster.com/forums/59059-general/suggestions/6360880-change-the-rating-system
1 year ago
You're still incredibly good looking and don't look your age...you appear much younger, about 10 years! AND you don't look creepy, which is something that can't be said for other guys on here your age...
1 year ago
Thank you for the kind comment. Yep I was "hot" (IMHO - lol) back in my 20's and through my 30's. Now in my mid-50 ... not so much. At least I still have my hair :)
1 year ago
I agree! :) Keep the glasses! Very sexy! They're dorky/ goofy (in a very good way!). I know dark glasses are popular today, but they don't remind me of the up tight "intellectual glasses" lol They're... hmmm.... playful? lol Like the older guy who knows how to have fun and be young! :)
1 year ago
You were cute! (Not that your not now! lol) love the glasses! Very retro 1950's! Reminds me of my favorite cartoonist; John K (ren and stumpy!!)
1 year ago
hey friend, do you notice how cute and innocent that these young men and ladies here on this site are fun ?
There are a lot of fun but, I still have to be careful with them.
They think that I am smart.
They ask me questions about sex.
I keep reminding them that I am 53 years and don't know anything about that stuff .
I am old enough to be their dad or grand pa !
1 year ago
You are most welcome fellow Austinites.
1 year ago
Thank you for your friendship and adding us !
1 year ago
1 year ago
how's it going? I'm doing well, and filming videos out there :) how's it going? :)
1 year ago
thanks for invite
2 years ago
i like your glasses =)
2 years ago
the consummate profile!....thank you for the invite and its my pleasure to accept!.....
2 years ago
hey, thanks for the add, i like your page a lot, it actually has content! hehe

are those girls you listed porn stars? hmmmm maybe playboy models? I would google but that defeats the point of getting to know you :P

hugs! Kelly :)
2 years ago
Hi thanks for the invite C: BTW I like the way u think
2 years ago
thanks for invite
2 years ago
Thx for your comment
2 years ago
DAmn I Love This Site!! But I Love My New Horny Friends More!! :)(:
2 years ago
Message me
2 years ago
Thank you all so much for accepting my requests.

If you surf this site you may also visit similar others. I enjoyed watching this on one of those: http://www.xvideos.com/video1832461/nvg_-_beth_pink_shirt_skinny_brunette_nice_tits_glasses_merged_by_sinner_netvideogirls
I found the woman's performance very erotic.
2 years ago
thanks :* :*
2 years ago
Thanks for the invite. :)
2 years ago
Thanks for the invite
2 years ago
Thanks for the invite baby x
2 years ago
Thx babe,,,,
2 years ago
Thanks hun I am glad you found me!
2 years ago
Love your comments on your profile and thanks for the welcome and friendship offer.
2 years ago
Thanks for the Invite

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