The one that got away...

This happened about 3 to 4 yrs ago, before this girl before she became popular. I was browsing the net on a social site and when I came across this really gorgeous chick. I mean this girl had everything from a gorgeous face, to nice slim body with tits n ass. I thought to myself, y not message her see if I get anything back. Later that evening, surprisingly she did! We exchange numbers, and she called me an hour later as I was coming home from work. I thought to myself again, is this forreal? She had such a sweet voice that I sooo deeply fell in love with. We ended up talking all night which was weird because I don 't usually do that with girls, and we connected pretty quick. I forgot to mention that she lives in MN. Anyways, We talked for about 3 months, I decided to go see her, and my jaw just dropped. She was so happy to see too, it was as if we haven't seen each other in years but reality we've been talking for 3 months. She was gorgeous, and her s****r is also gorgeous. Now me, trying hard not to check out her s****r, I did and damn a f****y full of hot s****rs!
Anyways, as time went on, we did see each other and I took her out with friends. One night, we went to the club n damn she can dance. I knew that this girl can really fuck if she can really dance. Sadly that night, didnt get any action other than making out. The next day, we met up and went out for lunch and then dinner. Skipping to the goodies now. I got us a motel close by her house, since everyone was home, and we were just laying there n talking at first. I made the first move by going in for the kiss, with alot of tongue action. I reached over and grabbed her breast, and felt amazing. She started rubbing my hard cock and started unbuckling my belt. I was nervous at the time, I don't know why, but it's not my first time having sex either. We undressed each other and I started rubbing that pussy. It was wet n juicy and the b*****r wanted in! We started with missionary first, as I slowing put it in her, she started to moan. I loved that voice when she moan and you can say that's what kept me going. I started pounding her harder and she yelled "OOOoooooo FUCK ME HARDER." I smiled and I fucked her harder at the same time watching those wonderful titties bounce. Then I pulled me dick out n started titty fucking her. She was talking dirty and I loved every bit of it. I got off of her n she rode on top n started riding that cock. She loved it n then I got up on top of here again. I spread her legs n she did a complete split. I busted my load on her n then got off of her. Within minutes, she started sucking my cock and we started fucking again. I carried her this time while spreading her legs, holding that ass and just pounded her. Then I lay her down on the bed started fucking her some more and it was an on going process. I told her that I was gonna cum again n then she told me to bring it up to her as she lay there. She just kept sucking til every last drop was in her mouth. We continued fucking again even though I was out of juice but the b*****r was still hard so I kept pounding that pussy. We ended up fucking for about 3 hours before taking her back home since her folks wanted her home.
4 months later, she told me that it's best we stopped seeing each other and she cut off all connections with me. I would later find out that shes in a band, also a model and an actress. Some of the things she wouldn't tell me which I would find out later. One day I was told by another girl who she really was n she wasn't the down to earth type. I kinda knew that when we were fucking already. Every now and then I would still think about her though....
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