The Reapers

The Reapers

Friday Afternoon:

They stood in the restaurant lobby.

“ For three?“, asked the hostess.

They were here to set a matter straight.

“This way, Table 1.”

An infidelity. They were here to fill an unfaithful wife with a heavenly gangbanging climactic end.

“Your server will be with you shortly!”, said the hostess as she scurried her tight ass away.

“Can we just fuck her?”
“No, although Id like to.”
“I think we should fuck every person in here”
“Shut the fuck up with that orgy talk!”
“At least the woman.”
“NO! Just her cheatin’ ass.”
The three looked as PipeLayer pointed.

At Another Table:

“God you look good!”
“Shauna?”, Rich mocks her. “What? You look fucking hot!”
“Nothing, you know I just don’t want to draw any attention.”
“ If you act like youre having an affair, then IT LOOKS like you’re having an affair.” an annoyed Rich responded.

Table 1:
The three huddled around the table reminiscing the last black cock beat down they put on a cheating wife.
“She had it coming!”
“They all have it coming, that’s what we do!”

Affair regulators. These three legged bastards were the fuck angels of death.
If you had an affair, they would come for you.

“Her?” Logger pointed. “We fucking her?”
“Yes, why?”, PipeLayer snapped.
“She’s a big girl!”, Logger responded.
“Fool, we packing a 12inch 2pound bat of black licorice. Who gives a shit how big she is?”

PipeLayer couldn’t believe that Logger might have been intimidated.
“You saying we aint packing enough?”, the third voice enters the conversation.
“Gaperiel, Glad you could join the conversation!”
“Me? Oh, yeah that hottie over at the booth has some nice thick ass lips. So…”
“Back at the issue at hand.” PipeLayer demanded.

PipeLayer began to give instruction on the gapping that was about to commence.

“Hi guys, Im Sol and I”ll be your waitress today!”

The three had forgotten where they were as they had been stroking their orifice beaters under the table.

“Can I get you guys something to drink? “

At Another Table:

Shauna a whole lot of woman, standing 6’3” and packing a whole lot of ass.
Status: Married for 3 years.
Reason for Infidelity: Nympho

Rich 5’2” a small guy packing a huge cock
Status: Married for 5 years
Reason for Infidelity: Commitment issues.

“Do you think we’ll ever get caught, Lana?”
“Ugh, I hate when you talk about this. You think Im proud of my condition?”
“Condition?, Ha, you love dick so you sl**p around!”
“Youre such an ass!”
“Excuse me, but youre the ass!!!”, Rich quickly interrupted.
“And youre the cock I suppose?!?”

Table 1:

The three stuttered over their drink order and were literally caught dick in hand.

“Just water!“, PipeLayer ordered, “We wont be long.”

“Long, you passed long, gulp, a lonnngggggg time ago. Long!!!” Sol said, staring in disbelief.

In a daze Sol asked, ”Are those for me?” She seemed intoxicated and week at the knees.

“Its our pheromones, she’s hooked.”
“Im sure the size of our cocks have nothing to do with it.”, uttered Gapriel.
“Shut up and tuck it under the table.”
“Its gonna lift it”
“No it wont its bolted to the ground”
“Dude, our dicks are touching!” Gapriel spat out.
“That don’t matter Im about to be deep in that ass soon.”

At Another Table:

“Should we just go?”
“I guess. Every time I think I can pull it off I fold.”
“Ahhhh, Im sure he knows…”
“Be quite!”
“He does, he has too!”

“There is no way, he knows”, Marlayna says unsure.

“He does, every husband knows.”

“Knows what”, a startled Marlayna asks. “What?”

“You still sl**p with him?”

“What does that have to do with it?”

“Well since you cant answer the question let me break it down for you… Tell me how, I lay a foot of American muscle in you 4 times a week and he doesn’t know. You have a baby arm in you 4 times a week and your pussy will start to show it, babe. He knows.”

“So what? I have needs, so stop making me feel bad or you wont feel my upper lip pressed against the base of your cock!“

“OOoooooo, threatening me with the gage reflex.”
“Fine!!! But you should know that I have sent every single one of my exes to concealing for with-drawls. You’re no different.”

“Ugh, you sex machine how can I be mad at you?”
“That’s what I tought?”, Marlayna sassed.

Table 1:

“So tell me again why are we black guys this time?”, Logger asked.
“Because, the only thing that can destroy a filthy hot white whore is three fat nigga dicks. And that alien bit we did last time didn’t work.”
“It does if you do it right.”, Gaperiel interjected.
“It only doesn’t work because you have no dick control.” Logger joined in.
“Dick control?”, PipeLayer had taken offense.
“Yes every time there is a white woman, you need to do three black dudes.”
“She’s a big one.”, Logger repeated.
“I know that, don’t you think I know that?”
“Its cause the last one almost…”
“But it didn’t.”
“But almost…”
“It didn’t.”

“Im just gonna say it, you cant handle white pussy dawg,” Gaperiel blerts out.
“Ahh,hahahahahanah, you weak ass nigga. You cant even handle some slave beaters great,great,great,great,great grand daughters.”, Logger finishes.
“Last time we did a whitie you poked me in the ass and I havent been the same since….”

“Yeah he needs at least eight inches in him to climax.”, Logger interrupted.

“Uhhhhhh!!!” Pipelayer was left quite.
After a pause
“Anyway, I figure if I can redeem myself against this dick freak, then I can get back to my old self.”
“Well, Good Luck with that.”
“Lets do this”. The three got up together.

At Another Table:

“So are we staying or not?”, Rich impatiently asked.
“Yes, lets go.”

“Excuse me, Marlayna?”, Logger asked.

“Do you know thissss… ”, Rich asked.
“You can say it fool!”, Gaperiel interrupted. “ Thug, Mule, Tar Baby, Jigaboo…”, Gaperiel went on.

“Person, Marlayna do you know these people.”, Rich finished.
“Well no, but don’t be rude. Have a seat boys.”, Marlayna gestured.
“What is the meaning of this?”

“Chill b*o, you next.”
“Yeah, we just finished wit yo ol’ lady.”

“Nina, how do you know my wife?”, Rich cared.

“Yeah, Hahaha we spent that pussy!.”
“don’t forget the ass, I was balls deep in that shit, well… look at it!”, Gaperiel added.
“and her throat, my favorite!!!”, Logger added.

The three joined in,”Hahahahahahaha”

Then silence.

“We are here to enf***e the penalty of a crime...”

“What the fuck is this?”, Marlayna asked confused.

“The crime of Adultry… and you are now sentenced to death.”

The restaurant seem to pause as the three men stood up and slowly began to remove their shirts. These chiseled fuck machines had a mission at hand and were ready to engage.

One by one they removed their track pants only to reveal the head of their long cocks popping our of there shorts. Logger’s cock was so hard and wet with pre cum that his boner slid his boxer shorts up his thigh revealing “every husbands nightmare“. A Big Black Cock. Logger’s huge cock had now taken center stage. Both men and woman stared in ahhh as no one could comprehend what was happening.

“Well there is no point in being shy now.”, Gapereil announces.

Then all three men remove there boxer shorts by ripping them off as they were paper napkins. There they stood ripped with dripping rock hard cocks.

Marlayna stared with her mouth open.

“What the fuck is this?, a scared Rich asked.
“Marlayna, prepare for the fuck of your life.”, the three said in unison.
“What?”, Marlayna was clueless.

The three men closed in on her as Rich didn’t know whether to run or watch.
“Fuck this bitch, you aint even my wife.”

“Rich, fuck you. Fuck you, you little bastard. “, Marlayna screamed.

Then there were four. The three had now surrounded Marlayna and had cocks pressed against here.

“Don’t move.”, they said.

The three started to remove Marlayna’s close with a simple touch. No struggle. To their surprise and to especially PipeLayer’s she was ready. Marlayna had already begun to stoke their massive meat.

“Marlayna you will be put through absolute sexual heaven…, PipeLayer read.

“Sexual Heaven?”, Marlayna was confused.

“In which you will climax a total number of 27 times.”
“WWait, what?”

“At the end of the 27 orgasms you will receive a pleasure so powerful that you will go into the next life where you will be a sex slave for men with cocks no smaller than 13 inches.”

“13 inches”
Sounds like heaven to me, Marlayna thought.

“OR WHATEVER HURTS!!!”, the three yelled at her sending her to her knees where they immediately shoved their BIG BLACK COCKS into her ear, nose and mouth.

The three anacondas f***efully danced on her face leaving behind trails of glaze all over her face as the fought to be sucked on next.

Marlayna was in black cock heaven. She was in so much bliss switching between cocks and sucking black meat. With a BBC in each hand and one in her mouth Logger grabbed the back of MarLayna’s head with one hand and the base of his cock with the other, and just beat her face with it as she fought to put it back in her mouth.

“uuuummmmm, uhhhhh, put it in my mouth”, she moaned.

As she moaned for more cock PipeLayer and Logger gave her what she asked for as they took turns smacking her face and fucking her mouth.

Marlayna was a k** in a candy shop on here knees.

As Marlayna kneeled enjoying her black cock buffet of Logger and PipeLayer. Gaperiel kneeled down behind her and slid his long hard cock underneath her dripping pussy and with a upward thrust he flopped his BBC all over her wet pussy, making a sound like a single man applauding.

With two more dick slaps and a loud moan Gaperiel entered her f***efully. Trying desperately to get balls deep as quickly as possible.
Marlayna was now standing bent over as Logger and Layer fucked her face and Gaperiel tickled the bottom of her lungs from the inside.

“We need to rotisserie this bitch.”, PipeLayer demanded. “She thinks she such a cock slayer.”
“Fuck you pulling out all the moves huh?”, Logger asked
“White guurrrrrrlllll”, Gaperiel pointing a Pipelayer.

PipeLayer grabbed Marlayna by the shoulders and said” Open up bitch, we about to go balls deep.”
Marlayna waited in anticipation with her mouth open; this worried PipeLayer.

“Don’t worry you got the young studs busting up that pussy.”

PipeLayer began shoving his black midget down Marlaynas throat as a throbbing Gaperiel thrust his cock from tip to base with every penetration making sure his balls slapped against Marlaynas clit with every thrust.

Pipelayer and Gaperiel stopped for a moment and then slowly, for what seemed and eternity for the husband watching, pulled out of Marlayna to allow more bl**d to rush into their already massive cocks.

Then they each based up and looked at one another and said” Balls deep”, as the shoved the remaining inches into Marlayna just as she grasped for air.

Then began the rotisserie and so did the orgasms.

They both fucked the shit out of this girl’s soul as they rotated her on their theeter ball polls.

Since she was going to be fucked to death. By the gods standards she would be made immortal for the duration of the fuck a thon only ending life by the 27th climax.

“Mind if I join in?”, a voice came from behind.

It was Rich, with a huge dripping erection.

“No Infidel you shall suffer another fate.”

The belligerent Rich then shouted, “NO, I DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME, I just want to be with her one more time.

“But then that means we will decide your fate!”, Logger blurted out as his balls smacked Marlaynas fupa.
“Shut up, Logger”, PipeLayer excitedly shouted.
“Gaperiel, what??? Ohhhhh.”

“Sure Rich you can join in, just know we’re filling.”

Ziiiipppppp, as Rich undid his pants.” Shit those nigga sticks aint got shit on my North Pole!!!!”

The three stared as they marveled over their next pry. They tried to warn him, they tried to tell him that they had decide his fate, but he didn’t care.

See Rich had no idea that he had signed a death. The law states if a person joins the **** session going on that person must go out the same way. Rich is soon to witness the same death by black cock experience that Marlayna had already cummed ¾ of the way through.

And he like Marlayna had no idea it was coming.

“Oh, that pink ass in next.”, they whispered about Kris to each other.
“I wonder if he’s a virgin.”
“Doesn’t matter, with cocks like this every hole we enter feels like a virgin.

So it was just a matter of time before PipeLayre, Logger and Gaperiel were destroying Richs prostate gland until his balls ran dry and died.

Marlayna had now reached her 22nd most powerful orgams ever. See it wasn’t just 27 orgasms the you die, no. Each one is twice the strength of the last. Marlayna just experienced an orgam 37,535 times more powerful then her first orgasm in this fuck scene and she still had 5 to go . Crazy.

The unfaithful wife was starting to wear down and with the addition of Rich’s massive white snake her body was completely fucked.

PipeLayer and Gaperiel laid her down on a waist high table just big enough to accomidate her back. Both her head and ass hung off. That didn’t matter, because for 5 more orgasms that bitch was theirs. Logger fucked her throat while PipeLayer did in fact that and went so far up her ass that she actually coughed clamming it hit her in the back of the throat. Gaperiel move his self at home balls deep inside Marlaynas pussy because the addition on PipeLayer was so much that if you didn’t get in before him you weren’t getting in. So Gaperiel had no choice but to rest he cock on top of Marlaynas intestines.

Rich was it tit heaven as he straddled Marlaynas belly machine gunning here well lubbed breasts.


Marlayna wasn’t even concuss as the three stallions bottomed out on each of her holes.

Rich was so into the **** that the three were able to discuss how they were ready to rotisserie him since 26 had just squirted out and 27 was being waved in.

“Hey Rich?”, PipeLayer said trying to get his attention. “Do you want to finish her off?”
“Me, sure.”

“Come on over here then.”


“What?, Marlayna?”
“You fuck me. All three of you guys. At all once. Balls Deep.”

The three even being fuck gods could not resist the excitement and the sensation that tingled through their cocks to fulfill this last request.
They looked at each as the got into position. PipeLayer positioned himself shuffling and lining up to go straight down her throat as the two others go balls deep in her ass and snatch. 3-2-1 Not having discussed how they would proceed to all go balls deep together
The three all at the same time ransacked Marlayns body for all it was worth, ramming every inch in her even bending backwards to not cheat her her final request of every inch. Pipelayer f***efully held onto her chin to not get thrown up. Both Gape and Log, both balls deep, had a finger in each others ass due to the sensation of their balls touching together was getting them hot.

1-2-3 UGGHHHHHH, one final pelvic thrust and she came.

Still trying with all there mights to stuff their victim they all at the same time came to a realization.

“DUde, our dicks are touching… again.”

The three had just fucked the life out of this girl, fortunately for them Rich was so high on pheromones and was too boner to notice.

“PipeLayer, Logger you guys let Rich get in there.”, Gaperiel said.

As Rich moved in to mount the dead Marlayna the three glimpsed at each other as they long stroked a fresh dab of lub on their man beater and nodded.

“Balls Deep!!!”

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