My first time...

The first time I had sex I was 18-years old. It was with my girlfriend at the time. She had just came back into the country and had nowhere to stay so my parents decided to have her live with us for a bit. I was a virgin and she had already had sex with mulitple partners which made me a little nervous that I was going to suck when we eventually had sex. Well after fooling around and getting close a couple of time I finally decided that it was time to have sex.

It was a Wednesday and I had just gotten home from college. My parents were at work so we had the whole house to ourselves. She came into my room and we started fooling around. Making out and taking each others clothes off. We got under the covers and continued making out and exploring each other. Well when the time came to have sex I could not get inside of her. She was very sweet and told me that it was probably because she hadn't had sex in awhile and probably my nerves so we laid in bed and held each other.

Well, I was determined to make up for my inability to have sex. So on Friday I get home from school and the house is ours again. We go into my room and start making out and getting naked. We climb under the covers and I start kissing her all over her body. I kissed her neck and then moved down to her breasts and kissed, sucked and licked her nipples until they were nice and hard. We made out some more and I moved back down to her breasts and then I moved down even lower. Now, the other day I did not go down on her but today I was in the mood to make her forget the other day.

So I spread her legs open and I start eating her pussy. Instantly, she starts moaning which is making me very horny. I am licking and sucking on her clit and she can't control herself. Her pussy tasted so good that started devouring her pussy. I started tongue fucking her pussy and flicking her clit doing anything that would make her moan. Then all of a sudden she cums and cums hard and she literally sits up in the bed and she is moaning out of control, grabbing onto the sheets, my hair anything as I continue to orally please her. I remember her pussy being so wet and her being so turned on. I ate her out to another powerful orgasm and then it was time for us to make love.

I get the condom on and I am so fucking turned on. I position myself and unlike Wednesday my cock just slides right in. We start having sex and she is moaning and so am I. I start to fuck her good and she is moaning and I feel her legs wrap around my body. We make out here and there as our bodies move in unison. I remember looking into her eyes and seeing the pleasure I was giving her and it was so fucking awesome. She looked so fucking hot and having sex with her was amazing. I loved hearing and seeing her moan and groan as we had sex. I was know I was enjoying the feeling of my hard cock sliding in and out of her very wet pussy. After a bit I finally came and it was so good to share that experience with someone I loved. We laid in bed and talked and we must have had sex another 5 times that afternoon before my parents came home.

Later on that night I heard her come into my room. She takes off her clothes and she climbed under the covers. We started making out and she told me that she wanted to do something for me that she had never done. She proceeded to kiss my body and she pulled off my boxers and she gave me the hottest most unbelievable blowjob in the world. I remember cumming into her mouth and feeling bad because she had a hard time swallowing my cum. But afterwards we laid in bed a bit and I asked her why she never given any of her previous lovers a blowjob. She told me that she would not go down on a guy unless he went down on her first. I was very happy that I was her first and it was great to share that with her as well. We made out and then she got dressed and left my room. That was the first time I had sex. I was very happy that I waited and I did it with someone I loved and cared about. She was an unbelievable lover and we had some unforgettable and amazing sexual experiences with each other.
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