Surprising Susie

It was a summer warm day as i met Susi at a bus stop.
I was chatting her up. We talked about the area and some nice places to hang and go out. I wanted to see her again as i was attracted to her right away.
I asked her if i would see her again. Her answer shocked me and aroused me at the same time. She replied "Only if you coming naked to my house".
Wow, did she really say that? I was excited and shocked at the same time while i also thought quickly about how i could pull that off!
To get to her house NAKED without being seen or getting into any trouble.
After she told me where she lived, i said "Well, we will see".
She smiled, but in a very sexy and friendly way. It seemed she did mean it seriously. To avoid any silent awkwardness i decided to walk back to my hotel.
Because i was just thinking about it now. And didn´t know of what to say anymore.

The rest of the day i just thought about it and been excited. Should i go or not?
Will she be home alone? Did she mean it for real? Did she saw the outlines of my chest and got curious or why did she say that to me "only if you coming naked"??
I started to google her address to find out if there would be a location to dress of and get unattended to her house.

At around 9 i called a cab. Now, i just switched from being excited to scared.
The cab arrived, i told the driver the address, but made him stop around the corner.
I saw a few spots where i could dress off and could walk to her house.
But now i got scared!! Maybe her parents are home, Susi looked young as she would not live on her own. Sadly i had no phone no. to check if she´s home alone.
Maybe she didn´t mean it seriously. But i do not wanted to pussy out.
It got me aroused thinking of standing naked at her door, while she answered the door or peaked out to see me being naked.
OK, i have to think about a good line to say, when she is opening the door.
After a felt 30min. I started to dress of in a corner behind a quite thick hedge.
Immediately i got hard and horny. I had to wait till my dick got soft again.
I still needed a time to relaxed and i peak a lot to see if anyone was walking down the very same street.

I breathed in and out! And started to walk to her house! My heart was beating hard!!! I thought if my heart stops now, how would they explain my f****y how they found me?!? Which made me grin...
I got closer and closer... Now I stood in front of her house. I looked around if anyone would see me.
I hesitated for a second and rang the bell.
It felt like ages till she answered the door. Meanwhile i got a semi erected as i tried not to get a full boner, when she opens the door.

The door opens, there Susi stood! With her sexy beautiful smile! "Hi, OHhh... i did not mean you should come BARE naked" she said with a cute smile... but not sneering! A sexy sweet smile, which also says -Yes i wanted you naked, but i do not want to admit it straight away- .
` Oh man, whats now `, I thought and replied "I hope you don´t mind".
Susi smiled again and waved to me politely to come in.
In side lights been dimmed. It looked like a warm household.
She walked up to the kitchen without a word and i followed her quietly.
She offered me a seat and asked if i want to drink anything. I saw that she looked at my lap from time to time without being to obtrusive. That made me even harder, seeing her glancing at my dick.
As she turned around to get me a drink from the fridge, i stroke a few times quietly to make it hard. Of course i did not need many strokes till i got rock hard! I pulled back my foreskin and waited.
She turned around and saw my rock hard cock head and smiled so sweet and sexy again. I felt a strong tingle trough my whole body. We both still didn´t talk to each other. She puts the glass next to me on the table and walked back to the fridge and lean at it. "Looks like you enjoying it" she said. Oh god, she is smiling so sexy again... "Yes, how can i not with such a sweet company" i replied with a grinning. I wanted to add "I hope you don´t mind my hard one" as Susi told me to stroke it a little. I straight away stroke my cock and went along my shaft.
She seemed to enjoy watching me. "Wow, he is so big" she whispered. "Do it a little harder" she then added with a teasing voice.
Which i did. "Lets go somewhere else" I suggested.
"About where" Susi replied. "Do you have a bed or couch" i asked. A bed i thought that is quite obvious what i like to do now?!?!
Susi told me to follow her and we went to the couch in the lounge. "Wait a second " Susi said to me as i sat down. And she disappeared upstairs. I quickly checked if someone could see me through the windows and curtains. All good, perfect.
Wow, whats gonna be next? I was soft again, so i had to get it at leased semi again...
Then she came down again and asked me to follow her upstairs, to her room.
I trotted behind her to her room. Her room looked like a normal girlie room. Laundry spread through the whole room, some plush toys, make up bag and some posters. The lights been off and the room was only lighted by the corridor lights.
"Lay down on my bed" she said with a demanding voice now and walked to a side board in front of her bed.
I leaned back with one arm and stroked with the other. She switched from looking into my eyes to starring at my cock. As i wanked away, i asked her what she likes to see to make it a little more exciting as she just watched and i could say if she still liked it. Susi starred at my hard cock and said "I love it if they are really hard and i can see the precum". Amazing! Did she say something about precum? And there it was my precum arrived and my cock started to make some smacking sound. Susi got her hand now between her legs, unfortunately not her panties of! I wanted to fuck her so bad now.
As she had a girlish room i asked her how old she is. And she replied 19.
YES!!! Perfect, that is the perfect age, not too young to get into trouble, not too old to be too educated ;-)))
"Please come a little closer" i begged. And Susi came to the bed, set next to me and started to give me hand job. Wow her hands been so soft, warm and gentle!
It felt like a dream. I leaned back, stretched myself towards her and try to get my hand up to her panties. She then climbed over me and lay down next to me still stroking me.
As i wanted to turn myself to her, Susi pushed me by the hips back on my back. So that i still laying straight on my back and my dick facing hard straight upwards.
(I later found out why she did that)

Now i had one hand between her legs. It was not the est position to seduce her, but at that moment i thought she liked the view or didn´t wanted me to enter her.
She was wet now. I´d love to lick her dry and taste her pussy juice, but obviously she didn´t want me to go down or change my position. Also i was afraid if i lick it of my hand she will be upset. Susi then told me "Mark, you have to come for me now, i wanna see you come. Are you ready to come".
Fuck yes i was ready, i would have preferred to come inside her, but no problem cutie! I came so hard with her soft warm hand on my dick. It flew everywhere a little on her, over her hand, on the bed and a lot on myself.

Susi lifted her hand to her face and looked at my sperm ( i thought she is going to try it).
"Well done, that was hot" she said to me. I heard myself saying "Do you want to taste it"? She looked at me with a curios look on her face and meant "Hmmm... would you try it"? Oh god, that girl is so naughty!! Before i could think about to do it or not, she said "if you try it i´ll do it as well"!
I took her hand and licked it of her fingers. As i saw her being turned on by it, i got hard again.
She then got some sperm sperm from my stomach and asked "Should i give it a try? What do you think, Amber"?

Amber? What?! Who is Amber?!
And out of the closet came an other sexy babe.

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good start
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cant wait for the next bit ... hot story ....