White Wife Black Balled 3

Michelle beamed, "Yes sir, your wishes are my commands. Consider them done. And, yes my husband I will certainly look forward to that event in our bed."

"And, yes my dear wife, somewhere down one of those European rivers, I will knock you up higher than a kite. Also, rest assured, we will have as much fun doing it as we did at that AMA convention." He paused, then said, "Ah, Michelle? I think that I was a bit greedy here. It would seem that I really wanted to have you both. However, it appears that I have always had you and never really had you s****r."

"Yes, my darling Marcus. I think you are right about that. You had me the first time our eyes met. Poor herbie, I think he always knew that I loved you and that he was my second choice. I doubt that he will be surprised to find that the twins are yours, not his."


The evening before Marc and Michelle were to board a plane to Amsterdam, Holland, they met Marc's s****r, Sharon and her husband, Rob for dinner. After Rob had described their meeting with the lawyers and accountant over paying off their house, Sharon asked her b*****r, "So Marc, how did you feel seeing the former Michelle led off into slavery?"

"To tell you the truth, I feel like I just broke out of some kind of spell. But, other than that, as far as feelings for her and where she was going, not a damn thing, s*s. What love I had for her evaporated when I watched her follow that guy Dexter's orders to a "T". We watched on a web cam as she came to the front door wearing only a dog collar and a leash. Unlocked the front door and turned off the alarm. As instructed by him, she had taken off all her jewelry, except her wedding rings. I guess their presence added to his feeling of conquest. They are the rings that are now on my authentic wife's finger." Michelle held up her left hand and the diamonds sparkled in the light from the candle on the table. Marc finished with, "No divorce, no lawyers, no scandal. She doesn't even need a new passport. Besides all that, from an anatomy stand point, mine most likely wouldn't fit in hers any longer, anyway."

They all chuckled in agreement with Marc's last statement. Michelle quipped, "As far as I'm concerned, it fits very well. And, the twin boys prove that it works the way it should." As the other three laughed, she ended with, "Well, I'm quite satisfied and very happy..."

When they had stopped laughing, Sharon ask Michelle, "How are you going to handle that group of doctor's wives that brought your s****r into the environment that got her into so much trouble?"

Michelle smiled and replied, "Well, I won't be seeing them until we get back from Europe. By then, I should be pregnant and we will have the twins at home. So, I will just tell them that I can't drink alcohol, or stay out late at night. That I can work at their charities, but I can't go to dinner or clubbing with them. I might add that my husband found out that I was dancing very close with another man. That the only time I can go out dancing now is with my husband."

Marc said "Yeah, I think the cruise is a good way for Michelle and I to bond, completely. It will allow us to put the recent past into the rear view mirror. There is nothing we can do to change it, so we'll just leave it in there. I'm sure there is a lot more that could be said. But, Megan's gone and Michelle and I have a bright future ahead of us. I feel that everything has worked out quite well. We are all going to be living the way we are supposed to live... Happily ever after."

Rob lifted his drink in "toast" fashion, "For the four of us at this table here tonight, that's the way it appears to be unfolding..."
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