Awakening Sapna 3

rohit was very pleased with the results of the tryst that he had setup between his wife, and Devon c***ds. A few minutes after leaving the hotel, Devon had called rohit, praising him for his selection of sapna. "Damn she was a fine piece of ass," Devon exclaimed, "she worked my cock all night long, and still seemed ready for more." Devon continued to describe the affair he had with rohit's wife, but rohit barely paid any attention, smiling at himself for his little deception, and the plan that had taken him months to unfold.

The partnership rohit had received four months ago, had been the perfect conduit for his scheme to lead his wife down the path to complete debauchery. sapna and he had a great sex life over the past eight years, or so he thought, but he knew that she was capable of more, if only her hidden desires were unleashed – desires he had discovered by accident a few months ago.

While doing some routine cleanup on the computer in the study, rohit found a folder neatly hidden in a temp sub-directory named ESSEX. Opening the folder, rohit found saved transcripts from online chat sessions, and there appeared to be hundreds of them. The extremely explicit conversations took place between someone using the tag name Adrenaline_Rush, and various other male and female chatters. rohit couldn't believe that his wife would be having affairs on him behind his back, even if they were only cyber. But the folder said it all, and he concluded that ESSEX stood for, sapna Stanos Sex, as Stanos was his wife's maiden name. There was no other explanation that rohit could come up with, since they had no c***dren, and there was nobody in either of their families that visited their home often enough to rack up this many chat sessions, sapna must be the one saving these files.

rohit skimmed through the sexual logs his wife had saved, and as he read through them, his jealousy soon turned to desire – desire to see his wife act out the words she had saved in print. It's not like he had never mentioned the topic of swinging to his wife, he had, but sapna always shot it down with a laugh and a, "Maybe when you get old, fat and can't get it up anymore, I might take a young lover, and ball him in front of you." Yeah he was ten years her senior, but he was hardly old or fat yet, and rohit hoped that he would die before he couldn't fuck his beautiful wife any longer. rohit loved his wife immensely so after a couple of weeks debating it all in his head, he decided to find a way to persuade sapna to pursue her hidden lust. It hadn't come easy though, try as he might rohit could not come up with a strategy short of having his wife tied up and ****d, but then the partnership at his firm was bestowed on him, and he had found his angle.

sapna knew that rohit had been hinting at a partnership for about two years now, but something always seemed to break the deal, and postpone it. Now with his partnership firmly in hand, rohit could get his wife to believe that she could cement the deal by screwing a potential client that his firm eagerly pursued, and he knew the perfect person to do the cementing or to be precise, plaster his wife's hot pussy, and that person was Devon c***ds. The record company that Devon worked for, had been a client of his firm for five years now, but sapna had no knowledge of this, and rohit had been invited to quite a few of the bashes that Devon threw for potential sponsors, artists and radio big wigs. If there were two things Devon c***ds knew how to do, and do well, they were throw a great party, with plenty of booze, girls and any perversion one could dream of - and fuck like a mad man.

"Hey man, if you haven't tried her out yet, you gotta...hey Dave...Dave?" Devon said, still on the phone thinking he lost the connection.

"I'm still here Dev. Maybe I will have a go at her one of these days," rohit replied coming back to himself.

Devon laughed, "Yeah man I know you're married and shit, and more power to ya, but there ain't nothing wrong with a little pussy on the side, as long as you don't get too attached. You know I'm throwing another party for the debut of Sinsae's new album in a couple weeks, you should come. Shit I may even hire sapna to be your date, waddya say?"

rohit chuckled to himself, 'Devon's going to pimp my own wife to me, fuck there isn't going to be any way to keep him from finding out sooner or later. Oh well, it isn't any fun if I'm not going to go along for the ride.' "Yeah Dev, you know I think I will attend your party, who knows maybe I can get my wife to come as well," rohit said laughing.

" gonna bring your wife to one of my raves, man you got to be off, Devon hollered, "If your wife's fine man bring her on, just don't get jealous if she ends up liking what she sees. Devon laughed his ass off for about a minute before rohit could get his attention again. "Hey Dave, I gotta go, give me a call sometime this week...gonna bring his wife and shit," Devon snickered as he hung up the phone. As rohit said his goodbyes he thought, 'I won't have to bring my wife, she'll already be there.'


It was 12:15 when sapna finally made it home, and pulled up into her driveway. Turning off the engine, sapna sat for a moment, thinking about what she would say to rohit when she went inside. sapna could feel the old gas jockey's cum trickling out of her pussy, and onto the leather seats of her BMW – the thought of the stranger's spunk still coating her insides made her horny again. Resigning to get the worst of it over with, sapna took off her sun glasses, and threw them into the glove box, then opened the car door and headed inside. As sapna walked into the living room, she found rohit sitting in an arm chair, reading a magazine.

"So your back honey, how did it go?" rohit said looking up from his magazine and smiling.

'How did it fucken go? Is that all he has to say to me,' sapna thought, taken aback, 'I fuck a black man all night long, and then some stranger in a public toilet, and all he can fucken come up with is, "How did it go?" Instead of letting lose on him like she wanted to, sapna composed herself and replied, "Well I am sure you got your partnership rohit," taking a seat on the sofa across from him, "If your wondering how did I like the huge cock that was stuffed into every hole I have, repeatedly, and then cummed all over like a street whore...well...I fucken loved every minute of it." sapna sat back on the couch, not knowing what to feel or say; her emotions were a jumble, a mixture of anguish and loss, but on the edges there still lingered the lust, and the rationalization that it was rohit who had ok'd it all.

rohit started to rise saying, "Baby, I'm so sorry. It's ok. It was only this one time, and we never have to think about it again." rohit knew he had fucked up, and his plan had backfired. Walking over to sapna he tried to console her.

sapna laughed, "No rohit, this was far from the last time. I enjoyed Devon, and I fucked his brains out, over and over – and I didn't want to come home. Do you hear me rohit? I didn't want to come home." sapna pulled up her skirt, showing rohit her swollen cunt, and the semen dripping out onto their sofa saying, "See my pussy rohit, the pussy that had only been yours, up until last night? My pussy's hot rohit, hot with cum from a stranger. Do you like this cream pie between your wife's you rohit?"

"sapna, please...I know about everything that happened last night. Devon called me just after he left the hotel, and he told me's ok really," rohit blurted out, trying to find the words that could smooth this situation over. "I love you sapna, always. I know this was a mistake. I thought you might enjoy it, and....oh fuck," he continued thinking to himself, 'SHIT...I'm done for.'

'Devon had told him everything?' sapna thought shocked, 'He told rohit every sordid detail? Why not, Devon had thought her nothing but a whore bought and paid for. And it is what I wanted right, to come home, and show my husband the cuckold he'd become, all for a fucken job.' sapna stared back at her husband and smiled fiendishly. "So he told you everything rohit? How he f***e fucked my throat, came all over my face, and fucked my ass and cunt all night?" sapna was at her limit, and licking her lips said, "Do you know I fucked a stranger on the way home? Well I did rohit. He was an old guy, with a nice, fat cock, and I even pee'd on him; In fact, the cum dripping out of my pussy is his." sapna spread her cunt lips wider, and like lava the thick semen bubbled out onto the sofa cushion, and then fell to the floor.

sapna proceeded to describe, in great detail, her affair with Ken. rohit felt his cock swell in his pants, as his wife described the adultery that had taken place in the gas station's men's room. sapna noticed the hardon growing in rohit's jogging shorts and said, "Does it excite you rohit, knowing what I did with Devon and Ken, knowing that your faithful wife for eight years is now a complete slut?" sapna said as she sighed, and frigged her clit, "rohit...I'm going to be a whore now...*sigh*. I was going to go work for Devon; did you know he offered me a job as one of his bitches? *sigh *sigh* "But now I think since you made this monster, you should be the one finding her Johns...*siiiiighhhh*"

rohit was so excited by the way his wife was talking, the smuttiness, and the lured details that he lowered himself to her snatch, and ate her out. rohit dipped his tongue into his wife's treasure, tasting the slippery mess that Ken had made in her, and his prick throbbed in response. Pulling his cock out of his shorts, rohit started to stroke his eight incher, and scrapped his thumb nail over the head, while he continued eating sapna's cunt buffet. "Come on you fucken cuckold, eat your wife's pussy, and you better make sure you get every drop of baby fertilizer in me, that is unless you want to raise a stranger's brat?" sapna sneered, massaging her clitty between her index and middle finger. "You know Devon shot his seed into me too, he filled my pink pussy so full of his hot soup that I was sure I would explode. Hell I might already be knocked up," sapna moaned, as she continued to taunt rohit, "Are you enjoying your martini baby? Sorry I don't have a cherry for ya, but I'm sure I can squeeze out some more of that male lube inside me" sapna contracted her vaginal muscles, and on command stirred up more of the gunk inside her, spilling it out onto her husband's searching tongue.

A line of male protein trickled out over rohit's chin, and he quickly licked it back up, delighting in the submissive role his wife had him in at the moment. Pulling his wife up by the hips, rohit nibbled on the area between sapna's twat, and asshole, and then dirt dived into her gaping fudge cave. As rohit slurped her ass crack, sapna pulled her pussy lips wide, and worked her hand into her nest, wanting to finish the fist fuck she had started earlier. sapna's dainty hand filled her pink purse, and she worked her fist in and out with a slow grind, as she continued to masturbate her love button.

A thud against the sliding glass doors, brought sapna and rohit to a sudden halt, as both of them looked over to see what had caused the noise. Standing with his face pressed up against the glass, was the pool boy Connor, his gray sweatpants pulled down to his knees, and his choad in hand. Connor, seeing that he was caught, abruptly shoved his tool back into his boxers, and went to pull up his sweats. sapna smiled over at the young man, and with a beckoning finger, motioned for him to come inside. Connor obeyed, as he slid the window open, and stepped inside the living room, his tan face red with embarrassment.

sapna eyed the 18 year old hunk, standing a few feet away from rohit and her, appraising the youth, as if he were a stallion being auctioned off. Connor was tall, with a swimmer's long torso, and a tan that alluded to many days spent at the beach. His sandy blond hair fell down his back, past his shoulder blades, and his big brown eyes watched the couple remorsefully. Connor started to apologize, but sapna quickly cut him off, and in an accusing tone said, "What are we going to do with you Connor? Peeping is a pretty serious offense, and if I'm not mistaken, this isn't the first time you've been caught sneaking a look at something you shouldn't, right?"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Gordon, Mr. Gordon. I...I didn't mean any harm, and I've never done anything like this before," Connor said tripping over his words.

Shaking her head sapna said, "Well rohit, it looks like we'll have to call the cops on our young friend here. First it was Mrs. Riley up the street a month ago, and then the Bolin girl last week, I guess Connor just can't keep his eyes away from invading on the privacy of others, or exposing himself in public for that matter. Conner was definitely flustered, and kept trying to deny his past indiscretions, but sapna cut him off again saying, "And what did it get you Connor, spying on those ladies like you did? Don't deny it; we both saw first hand the erection you were sporting. Were you going to jerk off, till you shot your load all over my clean windows?" sapna was enjoying the position of power she was in at the moment, hand still firmly wedged in her twat, and this handsome young man trying to talk his way of going to jail, while pretending that he wasn't gawking at her cunt. "rohit, what do you think we should do?" sapna asked, with a mocking smile.

rohit looked up at Conner, and answered, "I think we should give him a break honey. I mean, I was his age once, and it's hard when you have that youthful exuberance just bursting to get kind of get carried away." rohit was getting a kick out of his wife's feigned concern over Connor's impropriety. "You know, maybe he just needs to get some of that pent up frustration released, and he'll mend his perverted ways?" rohit concluded, already aware that his wife intended to ball the beach boy.

"Hmmmm...," sapna mused, "perhaps your right rohit, but I can't believe that a gorgeous young stud like this doesn't have every beach bunny waiting in line to scarf that schlong of his." Licking her lips, and renewing her pussy massaging sapna thought, 'No doubt about it, I'm gonna fuck this boy's nuts off, right here in my own living room, and rohit's going to watch.' "rohit, I think you need to record this, just in case Conner doesn't learn his lesson."

rohit grinned, as he jumped up, and headed for the study. "Now Connor, here's the deal. We won't get the police involved, as long as you promise never to spy on anyone again," sapna offered, as Connor nodded, and assured her that he would do anything she asked, "but you've also got to do something for me."

"Anything Mrs. G...whatever you want," Conner stammered, figuring anything would be better than going to jail.

"Get undressed then, because I'm going to give you the best fuck of your life, while my husband films us...just for safe keeping you understand," sapna said seductively, as rohit came back naked, and with the camcorder in hand.

Without hesitating, Conner pulled off his black t-shirt, exposing his chiseled pecs, and six pac abs, and then finished up by kicking off his shoes, and throwing his socks, sweats and boxers into a pile next to the lounge chair. sapna surveyed every inch of the young mans' body, and noticed except for the hair on his head and eyebrows, Connor was completely shaven. rohit started up the camcorder, and went around the couch to stand behind sapna, and zoomed in on Conner's pud, which was stiff as a board. The surfer boy pulled on his rod, making his bronze foreskin slide over his beige cock tip, and reached down to massage his dangling nut sacks. sapna decided that she much preferred men that were uncircumcised, with their thick veiny skin, and glistening heads.

"Come on Conner tell me the truth, you've spied on me before haven't you?" sapna asked, as she watched the schlong in front of her dribble its pre-cum onto her carpet, "You've jerked that muscle of yours, thinking about what you would do if you had me alone, and all to yourself?"

Looking into the horny blonds' green eyes, and breathing heavily, Conner whispered, "Yes. I've fantasized about you...many times Mrs. G."

"Did you come in your palm Conner, wishing that it was my mouth that you were coming in? Did you fantasize that my lips were wrapped around your pretty red lips, making love to your meat; lips that begged for you to drop your load onto them?" sapna panted, driving her hand into her money slot, up to the wrist. Conner nodded yes, as his breathing labored in his chest, and his dong pulsated in his hand. "What else did you fantasize about?"

"I thought about your beautiful blond hair...mmmm...wrapped around my cock...mmmm...while I jerked off all over face Mrs. G," Conner gasped, trying to keep himself from nutting, as sapna's words brought the images to life in his mind.

sapna stroked her ass length blond hair, and beckoned the bronze Adonis over to her, "Here you go baby, wrap my hair around your fucken lovely cock, and jack off." Looking back at her husband for a second sapna said, "Make sure you get all of this on film."

Conner stepped up onto the couch, straddling sapna's face, and proceeded to wrap her golden hair around his pounding bitch beater. The soft flaxen mane glided smoothly over his knob, as Conner used it to masturbate, and the friction sapna's hair created, sent chills all over his body, as if his skin was being pricked by thousands of tiny needles.. sapna raised her mouth to Conner's boner, and lathered the boy's popsicle end with her saliva, making her tongue wallop the tip from left to right.

rohit had gone back to pulling his own pole, and fervently watched his wife being used by the pool boy, making sure that he captured all of it on film. It was better than rohit had ever expected, seeing sapna handle another man enthusiastically, and he could tell by her smile, that she thoroughly enjoyed being the slut – just like she had been in the chat logs she'd saved. Running her long red fingernails lightly across the surfer's gonads, rohit saw the young man's nuts tighten up closer to his body. rohit knew from experience, that the boy would be shooting off pretty soon from his wife's deft manipulations, and focused the camera on sapna's face. Conner's breath came in rapid gasps, as he shucked his choad faster and faster through sapna's hair.

sapna opened her mouth, expecting the hot flood to jet out from Conner's cock at any second. "Come on lover," she coaxed, "let me have all that steamy gravy. I want you to fire that pistol of yours all over my face so Mr. Gordon can get it all on tape." Connor leaned back, and took aim at sapna's yearning mouth, pointing his weapon straight at her. Glancing over at rohit, Connor saw him nod his approval, as he blasted his first string of jizz up over sapna's mouth, to land on her forehead. "Yeahhh!...come on Conner, squeeze that trigger, and gimmie that nut butter!" sapna begged, as she tried to catch the white ropes of sperm with her tongue.

Conner's cock detonations, exploded all over rohit's wife's face, and ran down her cheeks, and neck as rohit zoomed in on the action. rohit tried to keep his hand holding the camera as steady as possible, while he watched his wife being defaced, but it was hard because he was still palming his own fleshy mallet, and he wished he had brought in the camcorder's tripod. Not being able to hold off any longer, rohit laid his fat sausage on top of sapna's head, and launched his own rocket fuel onto her forehead and nose. sapna just had enough time to look up, when she felt rohit's cock vibrate on her scalp, and close her eyes, as a series of white globs rained down onto her cum drenched face. A barrage of jizz bathed the blond, as rohit and Conner took turns spitting their gunk over her, making her face a ruin of genetic porridge.
Milking the surf god's nuts to get every last drop, sapna ran her tongue through the milkshake that ran over her lips, as her husband and boy toy shuddered in their final stages of orgasm. Conner slowly untangled his poker from sapna's hair, to let it dance if front of her mouth, like a band conductor's wand. rohit came around, still filming every nuance, and dangled his willy alongside Connor's. sapna took her left hand out of her snatch, and grabbed a hold of rohit's still hard penis, showering kisses all over the tip. Connor in turn, lifted sapna's right hand up to his package, and made her stroke him to keep his baton ready for action. rohit turned off the camcorder, and tossed it into the easy chair, then took his thumb and wiped off the marinade that hung from his wife's eye lashes, and eye lids. sapna giggled, as she pushed both guy's cock tips together, and took turns nibbling on their sensitive skin.

"Ok boys," sapna said, "it's time for you two to take care of me, cause my pussy and ass are aching for attention." sapna stood up, and had Connor sit down on the sofa, and pulling her ruined black dress the rest of the way off, she used it to clean her face as best she could. Connor pulled on his thin 8" spike, as sapna situated herself, and lowered her dripping sheath over it, wiggling around to get it well up inside. "Let's go rohit, get that thick branch working on my ass."

rohit pulled sapna's heart shaped ass cheeks apart, and used his hand to push down on his curving erection. Placing his bloated plumb at his wife's back door, rohit pushed past her ass lips, and prodded her coal bin. It didn't take only a few seconds for rohit to match Connor's already steady rhythm, and he could feel the other man's cock pounding at his wife through the thin membrane separating her two pleasure ports. rohit hoped that sapna had been k**ding about popping out a bastard, as she had been with three strange men in less that 24 hours, and if she hadn't taken her birth control, he was sure the Russian Roulette her twat was playing would soon lose out. Grabbing a hold of his wife's thin waist, rohit dug into her, and he heard sapna moan from the DP she was receiving. rohit looked around sapna's shoulder, and saw that Connor had his mouth full of plump California breast.

sapna nursed the boy, urging him to bite and pull on her nipples, and Connor was eager to obey, as he pushed her two melons together, and pulled on both pink tits with his teeth. Stroking the teenager's sandy hair sapna said pouting in baby talk, "Conner baby is gonna be good from now on isn't he?" sapna felt the boy nod in agreement, never taking his mouth from her jugs. "Good, cause mommy's gonna keep an eye out for any infraction...but if her little boy is good, he'll get to stuff his peepee back into her, and shoot his puddle again and again. Maybe I'll even let you bring over some of your little friends, and we'll have a slumber party, would you like that baby?"

Conner released his grasp on sapna's udders and responded, "I promise to be good, if you'll let me fuck you again."

A gasp escaped sapna's open mouth, as both men reamed her in unison, "Uhhhhhh...fuck me lovers...oooO. rohit...uhhhh...cram your cock up inside my pussy along side of Connor's...oOo." sapna leaned forward to allow her husband the maneuverability to push his meat up into her cunt. Pulling his dirt digger out of his wife's anus, rohit felt his first male cock, as he laid his prong up against Connor's grinding piston, and waited for the right moment to match the teen's stride. "SHITTTTT!" sapna screamed, as her husband's cocked f***ed its way in, "You fucken bastards...uhhh...drill my fucken hole." The men worked their twin plows in and out of sapna's expanding trench, forcing her to accept their tools. Like laborers at a construction site, rohit and Connor jack hammered their drill bits through the soft flesh, making sapna wince from the mugging her ditch was going through.

rohit's senses were a mesh of perversions, and seeing his wife being used to entertain Connor and himself just solidified his resolve. Grabbing sapna by the back of the neck with both hands, rohit pulled her towards Connor and himself, and sought to impale her young body on their meaty steaks. rohit closed his eyes, and imagined his wife being a barfly. He saw men slipping her fifty dollars for a quick fuck in the parking lot or a blowjob in a bathroom stall, and after she'd finished with her johns, sapna would only take long enough to fix her makeup and hair, before trolling the bar again for a new sperm donor. After a night's frolic, sapna would come home, and tell rohit about the sexual exploits she'd partook of, while he ate her pussy or fucked her in the ass.

Pulling up his wife's hair, rohit lowered his mouth to her neck and bit down firmly, like a male lion securing his lioness in the midst of rutting on the Savannah. sapna reached back to caress her husband's face, as rohit left his mark on her white skin.

sapna abandoned her body to the pleasures of the flesh, no longer certain who was doing what to her, but only mindful of the sin burning between her legs. rohit, Devon...Ken...Connor, all of their faces became one, while her lust consumed her. The man below her was the embodiment of youth and stamina, the man behind her, safety and comfort, Ken was the anathema of i****tuous yearnings, and Devon the taboo of racial polarization. Men had always been allowed their indiscretions, and extramarital affairs, while women conceded to society's biased dogma of chastity, but sapna was no longer bound by these archaic doctrines. Her desires needed to be quenched, and she needed no justification for her new found lust. The addiction gripped her in its insatiable grasp, refusing to let go, and sapna welcomed the sublime demon with wide open arms. She lowered her mouth to Connor's, and sucked on his lower lip, trying to taste his soul, while her body burned for more. And as the euphoria swept over sapna she thought, 'I'm going to get my pool serviced, and my pipes cleaned, every week by this gorgeous stud...hmmm...I want a whole corral of men, who can satisfy my every desire...hmm. If rohit can't keep up his matrimonial duties, he'll be my garbage man, ahhh...and I'll set him to cleaning up the leavings of my male herd.' sapna felt herself start to spasm, and her snatch grasped a hold of the two beaters inside her, trying to choke the life from them. "AHHH...YESSSS!"

rohit felt his wife constrict around him, which prompted him to thrust forward, and unleash his boiling seed. Connor wasn't too far behind, and also belched up his cock spit. Both men's little baby builders, swirled around, fighting for supremacy inside sapna's incubator. The pussy sap and nut cum danced together, in an evolutionary symphony, as nature fought to override medicine, and bestow its gift in the blonds' womb. Both men pulled out of the battle, and set free the brine corked up in sapna's quim. The triad's consummation splashed out, running down over both men's spent members, and slid down to pool around Connor's testicles.

sapna hoped up, and lowered herself to her knees, and proceeded to scarf up the salty swill. Connor lay back exhausted, while his nut dam was cleaned by sapna's lips and tongue. Filling her mouth full of excitement, sapna crawled over to where rohit sat, and offered the snowball to him. rohit drank the salty sweet ale, and kissed his wife, sharing the life potion.

As the couple kissed, Conner retrieved his clothing and dressed quickly. Not knowing if either of them heard him, Connor thanked sapna and rohit, and quietly left the same way that he had entered. Neither of them noticed, as the young man left, being too consumed in their passionate moment. And as sapna and rohit reveled in each other's embrace, both were aware that their love would be enhanced by the actions of the last few hours.

rohit was prepared for whatever the future had to offer, and if it meant that his wife was carrying another man's baby, then he would gladly stroke sapna's swelling belly, and love the creation that he had instigated. "I love you sapna, with all my heart and soul," rohit whispered, as he ran his finger over the dusting of freckles that painted the bridge of his wife's nose.

"I love you to, and I always will," sapna replied, knowing that her husband was a rare find, "You were my first...and in the end you will be my last." Curling up into rohit's arms sapna closed her eyes to listen to the beat of his heart, and knew that their future would be filled with shared adventures – adventures that would delight their senses, and their flesh.
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