Friends & Lovers 2

In the darkness of her bedroom, in the middle of the night, Tracy put aside all her misgivings about engaging in an affair with a married person and gave in to her desires. Before her was a sensual woman, a needy woman who deserved to be made love to and pleasured like she'd never experienced previously. The woman beneath her was a friend, a person she knew inside and out, a woman she had craved sexually for months. She took her time and prepared to pleasure and seduce Karen until she begged her to stop.

If she had been given the opportunity to prepare, she would have had various toys and things like honey, ice cubes, satin sheets, a blindfold, and maybe even a hot all-girl movie ready. With nothing but her hands and mouth, she set to work. Unsure of how to handle the lactation thing, she decided to proceed slowly and let Karen decide how and where she should go. With that decision, she decided to lick everywhere but her nipples. Methodically, she kissed, licked, and erotically nibbled her way from Karen's collarbone to her belly button and back again, not missing a spot in between.

Every nerve ending in Karen's body felt alive with excitement. She was tense and aroused and nervous all at the same time. She didn't know what to do with her hands so she gripped the sheets tightly and held on for dear life. Tracy took Karen's hands and placed them on her hips. Even in the darkness of night, she could see the contrast in skin tone, feel the softness of a woman's flesh. Her hands began to roam, gently caressing Tracy's curves. Tracy responded, "Mmmmm, that feels so nice. Don't stop. Oh, yeah, feel my tits." Karen froze momentarily and then took a deep breath and did just that. The weight, the fullness, the feeling of those hard, dark nipples in her hands was sensory overload. Something deep inside her, something instinctual made her want those nipples in her mouth. Without saying a word, Tracy knew and lowered her tits to her waiting mouth.

Karen took to making love to a woman like a duck takes to water. She licked and kissed and softly sucked like she wanted to be sucked. She did it the way she knew deep in her gut would feel pleasurable. In that moment she understood what people meant when they said that only another woman knows how to pleasure a woman. Tracy was moaning, rubbing her pussy against Karen's thigh. It was slippery and hot and distracting. "Oh, Tracy, this is driving me crazy. Fuck me."

Tracy responded with a smile. She turned Karen over and proceeded to kiss her way down her back, her thighs, all over her ass, her tongue leaving a wet trail down her spine. Karen had had enough of the tease and wanted more. Tracy grabbed her hips and pulled her to her knees, causing Karen to gasp for air. She gently parted the soft, pink folds of flesh that enveloped all that made Karen a woman and stared. Almost imperceptibly, she took her finger and gently caressed Karen's clit. In that moment Karen was 100% sure John had never touched her so softly, never found her spot so intentionally. She arched her back and let out a hiss. Her breathing was short, raspy. The sensation didn't last long as Tracy's fingertips explored further, softly touching and caressing her soaking wet pussy. The next sensation she felt was that of hot breath on her inner thighs, her ass, her pussy. It was as if Tracy was making love to her pussy with her eyes, not even touching it, just looking at it, examining it in a way no one had ever done before. Karen was chanting, "Eat me . . . lick me . . . fuck me . . . FUCK ME . . ."

Reaching between her legs, Karen started to rub her own pussy but Tracy moved her hand away. She replaced her fingertip with her tongue and began to lick softly. Karen's words now were incoherent, she was speaking the language of supreme ecstasy. From her clit to her asshole and back again, Tracy tasted every inch of Karen's wet slit. She sucked where she was supposed to, licked in just the right spots. And just when Karen didn't think she could take any more teasing, Tracy took her fingers and pushed them inside Karen's dripping wet pussy. They probed and pushed all the right spots. That was enough to send her over the edge but Tracy had other plans. Flipping her over, holding her legs back, Tracy started licking her again. This time her focus was solely on her clit, she was going to bring her to orgasm with the flicking motion of her tongue. Karen grabbed Tracy's head and held it close as she sputtered profanities and practically screamed how good it felt.

Just as Karen was about to reach her special moment, Tracy stopped. She climbed up Karen's body and kissed her again, letting her taste her own juices. Karen sucked her tongue feverishly. She felt out of control. She was caressing Tracy's body now, begging for release. She felt uninhibited, unrestrained by the fears and apprehensions she previously possessed. Then, there, it was about feeling good, nothing more, nothing less. She held up her tits to her friend. "Here, suck them." It was a symbolic gesture, symbolizing a closeness and a bond that the two friends shared. It was representative of giving her sexuality to a woman in a way that most would never share.

Tracy needed no further encouragement and lowered her mouth to the hardened nipples. Softly, she sucked. It wasn't about her pleasure, it was about the intimacy, connection, and passion between the two friends. As her mouth filled with the sweet, warm liquid, she heard Karen's gentle moans. Her own pussy was flowing freely now as her friend humped her thigh against her mound. She slid her fingers inside Karen again, this time, intending to give her an earth-shattering orgasm. At this point, Karen was so wet, the entire room was filled with the sounds of her being finger fucked.

Both women were moaning, groaning, chanting, cursing. At the last minute, Tracy slid her body around and placed her pussy against Karen's. It was soft and wet and unlike anything Karen had ever felt before. They fucked each other. They rubbed their clits against one another, pink against pink, holding on to each other for dear life until they both felt the waves of impending pleasure overtake them.

Karen slid out of bed in the early morning hours. She needed to get home to the k**s before they started moving around. She softly kissed Tracy goodbye and whispered that she would call her later that afternoon. Tracy's heart dropped. She felt terrible about breaking her own rule. Karen comforted her as best she could under the circumstances, assured her that their friendship was important and she was unwilling to let it go. Tracy wasn't sure exactly what the future held for their friendship but she willing to face the consequences, come what may.
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